Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Look! Look back!
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Xu Yaoguang knew that the board had to be re-designed. He was still in the Student Union and would only hand over his role in the next semester. Tomorrow morning, he was going to rate the scores with several members of the Student Union.
Xu Yaoguang looked at the stick figure on the blackboard. The lines were simple and smooth, and cartoon characters were being drawn. They looked vivid and remarkably true to life on the board.
Xu Yaoguang felt that the characters looked quite familiar, but he couldn’t figure out who it was yet.
The other party drew very quickly and seemed familiar with it. The characters were sketched out almost instantly.
The coloring was also very bold.
This was based on real painting skills.
Xu Yaoguang never thought that he would see this level of painting in the poster.
The person drawing was facing away from him. She was leaning sideways, wearing black headphones on her ears, and the headphone cord swayed slightly as she moved.
She took a step back and seemed to be observing her painted characters.
Xu Yaoguang stood at the entrance of the classroom for a long time. When he stepped back, he saw her turn her face.
The other party was absentminded and played with the headphone cable in one hand while she held the chalk in the other. She admired her painting cynically.
Her slightly squinted eyes were light and slow.
Xu Yaoguang’s heart trembled a bit.
It was Qin Ran.
Most of his understanding of Qin Ran was that she had poor grades and didn’t like to study. Her words looked like elementary school students’ and during class, she was either lying on the table or holding an extra-curricular book.
She read everything. Fiction, foreign books, and magazines.
These were well known in class 3.9.
Xu Yaoguang took a step back, pursed his lips, and looked at Qin Ran as she turned to look for chalk. Instead of going in to get his coat, he glanced at Qin Ran and walked back down without a word.
“Why did you take so long?” Xu Yaoguang found a black car on the side road next to the school and got in. They came to En Yu Hotel and Principal Xu looked at him sideways.
Xu Yaoguang turned back and whispered, “I went back to get something back in class.”
Principal Xu nodded and stopped speaking.
He didn’t sit down first but looked at Cheng Juan and Lu Zhaoying, who were sitting next to President Xu. He was stunned for a while before saying slowly, “Master Juan? Young Master Lu?”
Cheng Juan held the teacup in his hand, and his long fingers squeezed the lid of the cup to let go of the floating foam, lazy and casual.
Lu Zhaoying didn’t like drinking tea and was slightly surprised to see him. He raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t know that Young Master Xu was also in Yun Cheng.”
Cheng Juan wasn’t old, but he was the eldest son of Old Master Cheng and had very high seniority in Beijing, so everyone who knew him called him Master Juan.
“I suggested that he transfer here.” Principal Xu let the waiters serve the dish and smiled slightly.
There was probably some internal affairs, so Cheng Juan just nodded and didn’t probe into their personal matters.
After half of the meal, Cheng Juan leaned on the back of the chair and put his hands on the table. “Elder Xu, I hear rumors from the school that you approved a recommendation for a little girl.”
“Yes, I did.” Principal Xu laughed and looked far away. “More than one.”
“More than one?” Cheng Juan played with the cup and raised an eyebrow.
“Let’s not discuss this matter.” Principal Xu shook his head, apparently not wanting to say more.
Cheng Juan didn’t ask much, but Lu Zhaoying couldn’t help it. He took a sip of wine and asked, “Elder Xu, who is the good successor you were talking about last time?”
Elder Xu shook his head at this and didn’t speak.
Lu Zhaoying felt like his heart had been scratched by a kitten and was full of curiosity, but since Elder Xu didn’t want to reveal it, he didn’t force him to either.
Xu Yaoguang had been eating and couldn’t participate in their dialogue.
Only when Lu Zhaoying mentioned his successor, he looked up suddenly at Elder Xu. He pursed his lips in disbelief, his fingers white and his knuckles raised.
After the meal, Elder Xu and Young Master Xu left first.
Lu Zhaoying stayed with Cheng Juan for a while.
Manager Wang took a food container and Lu Zhaoying took it. The two men took the elevator down.
At the door, Lin Jinxuan entered with Feng Ci. The two wanted to talk about something. It just so happened that Lin Wan and Lin Qi also wanted to invite Feng Ci for dinner.
As an investor of Lin Jinxuan and the son of Mayor Feng, it was enough to make Lin Wan and Lin Qi cautious and respectful.
Mayor Feng’s style had always been very positive. He didn’t easily go to have meals with others, and the Feng family members were not easy to get close to either. With this opportunity, Lin Wan and Lin Qi both attached great importance to it.
Feng Ci saw the two and was slightly shocked. He paused and greeted. “Mr. Lu.”
As for the two titles “Young Master Lu” and “Master Juan”, he wasn’t in the Beijing circle, so he didn’t dare call them that.
Cheng Juan was used to prestige in Beijing, and he didn’t speak at this time. Only Lu Zhaoying answered him with a smile.
He wasn’t very familiar with him either, so they just left after saying hello.
When they had left, Lin Jinxuan said, “The two just now…”
“Beijing’s Cheng family and Lu family.” Feng Ci lowered his voice.
Lin Jinxuan took deep breaths for a long while before regaining his breath calmly and expressing his understanding.
He had been to Beijing before and knew that the city was full of tigers crouching for opportunities. The person walking casually on the road could be someone you couldn’t afford to mess with. The Lin family was not worth a mention in the city.
This was one of the reasons why Lin Jinxuan insisted on starting a business.
“Brother, Brother Feng.” A light voice sounded. Qin Yu was waiting upstairs and she went downstairs to hold Lin Jinxuan’s arm and thoughtfully looked out the door. “Who did you just talk to?”
She had just got off the elevator and had only seen the two’s back figures.
Feng Ci also bent slightly, quite respectfully.
That was Feng Ci, the Mayor’s son, the person even Lin Jinxuan had to be careful of.
“Two acquaintances.” Feng Ci didn’t say much to Qin Yu and just smiled.
Qin Yu followed the two up the elevator and couldn’t help turning back.
Upstairs, when he saw Mrs. Feng sitting next to Lin Wan, Feng Ci was stunned. “Mom?”
Mrs. Feng rolled her eyes at him before smiling at Qin Yu. “Yu’er, come here, come sit with me.”
She obviously really liked Qin Yu.
Lin Wan and Lin Qi looked at each other in surprise.
The next morning, in First Middle School.
As soon as she entered class 3.9, the sounds inside were almost exploding. It was early reading time, but the windows and doors of the class were surrounded by many people, mostly girls.
Qiao Sheng frowned. He kicked the door open and was very annoyed. “It’s so noisy.”
“Oh, you, Master Qiao, you’re finally here!” His deskmate turned over and was very excited.
“What?” Qiao Sheng glanced over and touched his hair.
During the conversation, more and more people gathered by the window door.
The boy raised his chin to the back, his face flushed. “Look back, look back!”
At this time, members of the Student Union were taking their books to inspect the posters one by one.
Starting from the senior grade.
“President, what’s going on in your class?” Someone whispered to Xu Yaoguang.
Qin Yu seemed to be in a good mood. She smiled and followed behind Xu Yaoguang. She saw the buzz in class 3.9 and smiled. “Maybe the poster was drawn well.”
She took the book first and walked into class 3.9 through the crowd.