Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 40

Chapter 40: She Is Qin Ran
Qin Ran was very popular in school.
She was individualistic and replaced Qin Yu as the campus belle the moment she arrived at First Middle School.
Qin Ran was pretty and news of her looks didn’t just travel across First Middle School. Even students from the surrounding schools nearby, Experimental Middle School, Sixth Middle School, and Zi High School all skipped lessons to come and see her.
HD pictures of Qin Ran were sneakily posted everywhere in school. Even so, there were still praises about her outstanding beauty.
Qin Yu used to say that she didn’t like anyone paying too much attention to her, but now that all of them were discussing Qin Ran, and even her status as the campus belle had been taken away, she was in a bad mood.
What did Qin Ran do to deserve this?
She didn’t study well and loved to fight. She had a bad attitude and exhibited everything that bad students had.
Qin Yu was very clear about the progress report of class 3.9’s poster. She had come to find Nie Fie yesterday night, so Nie Fei didn’t have time to draw anything.
Almost everyone in Class 3.9 had their heads tilted or were leaning against their chairs, looking back.
The smile on Qin Yu’s mouth didn’t have time to expand. She saw the contents on the rear board and was dismayed.
The people behind laughed and wanted to ask her why she didn’t continue walking when they saw the bulletin board and their eyes widened as well.
Xu Yaoguang went to the student council early in the morning and convened the representatives of various departments for a meeting, and then inspected each class.
Yesterday, he was in a hurry and had left without seeing the complete process. Qin Ran had painted two very alive cartoon characters, one of which was colored.
He didn’t see the full version until now.
Lin Siran divided the poster into four parts. She copied two poems and wrote a few high school senior inspirational quotes, leaving a blank space in the middle, which was the countdown to the college entrance examination.
The remaining four blank spaces each had a cartoon character.
There were four in total, from right to left.
The first was in a white shirt and black slacks. Her hair was shredded, her face blushed, and she had a pair of beautiful and expressive eyes.
The second was wearing a T-shirt, holding a microphone and looking far away.
The third was wearing a cotton jacket with a bandage on his arm.
The fourth was a punk outfit, with overhead sky spotlights.
It was like a growth history.
The most shocking thing was that the entire blackboard was painted like a stage effect. The various chalks exactly depicted the spotlight and all the famous poems and characters were perfectly embedded in it.
In the bottom row, there were countless little white figures, probably only one finger high, holding light boards.
Even though he had taken a glimpse yesterday, Xu Yaoguang was still shocked by this grand scene.
The student union was silent collectively, and no one spoke.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s Yan Xi! It’s the process of his debut, and the last one is the costume he wore during the latest concert!”
“My Yan Xi! He’s so! Handsome!”
“Oh my God! I’m transferring to class 3.9!”
Yan Xi was the craze now and was absolutely the top three in the entertainment industry.
The sound outside was endless.
Almost all of them came out to take photos with their mobile phones, tweeted them, and posted them in school.
“Nie Fei, you turned out to be a hidden fangirl! Impressive! I didn’t realize it before, but you are my goddess from today!” Nie Fei of Class 3.9 was also surrounded.
Nie Fei had made a poster for the Student Union last night, and she just entered the class. She was dumbfounded. “No, no, no… I was in the student union last night, you… you can ask Siran and Qin Ran…”
Those people went to find Qin Ran and Lin Siran instead.
Qin Ran was lazily crouching on the table, flipping through a book. She was always in a bad mood when she got up in the morning.
The look on her pretty face was cold.
Class 3.9 knew her temper, so no one dared to ask her anything. But that didn’t prevent them from mentioning Qin Ran.
Qin Yu saw Qiao Sheng kick off his chair and sit in Qin Ran’s front table. He tilted his head and seemed to want to ask her something.
“No fault, no fault at all.” The Head of Functions waved his hand and was the first to announce this.
Qin Yu glanced at Xu Yaoguang again and saw that he had his head lowered and was writing very seriously. She gripped her pen tighter.
“Qin Yu, you are too impressive.” The head of functions gave Qin Yu a thumbs up. “How did you know that the board of class 3.9 was this good, and you even wanted to come here first?”
Qin Yu: “…” Her face was completely ashen.
Class 3.9 was really noisy.
Qin Ran put on her headphones expressionlessly, her eyebrows furrowed.
What was going on with this group of students?
She was wearing her school uniform, and her pure white face lifted slightly as if looking out the window. The irritability at the bottom of her eyes burst out, determined to soar into the sky.
“Ran Ran.” Lin Siran didn’t cover her heart and reluctantly pulled her eyes from the poster on the back until the teaching director came to maintain order. She looked at Qin Ran. “Who was this, who could have drawn this? Who was it?!”
Lin Siran regained her senses and looked at Qin Ran, unable to contain her excitement.
“I don’t know.” Qin Ran laid down on the table impatiently.
Lin Siran whispered “Oh” and then said again, “Ran Ran, you didn’t do any paper last night.”
She was very attentive and took her papers to Qin Ran to copy.
Qin Ran got up again and held a pen with her left hand. She copied the paper, her eyes narrowed and cold and her expression irritable.
Class 3.9 became famous for this matter.
Few people studied seriously and all looked in the direction of Lin Siran and Qin Ran, whispering.
Xu Yaoguang was flipping through his English books, and everyone around was discussing who painted it. He couldn’t help looking at Qin Ran. She was silent and indifferent. He wrote with his pen in his left hand very slowly.
Xu Yaoguang’s hand paused. He remembered very clearly that she had used her right hand last night.
Early morning classes were short.
There were many people in class 3.9. Xu Yaoguang went out to buy breakfast. Qiao Sheng looked at Qin Ran lying on the table. She seemed to think it was noisy and covered her head with her school uniform.
He touched his nose and went out with Xu Yaoguang.
After early reading, more people came to Class 3.9, and there was no crowding in the corridor.
They were either discussing the bulletin board or who painted it.
Qin Yu was waiting for them downstairs. She glanced at Qiao Sheng walking beside Xu Yaoguang, but Qiao Sheng didn’t look at her and continued talking to Xu Yaoguang.
“I don’t know who it is,” Qiao Sheng whispered. He put his hands in his pockets and cursed with a smile. “Qin Ran is always sleeping and ignoring me. I gave her a can of candies for nothing.”
Xu Yaoguang was silent. He had always been indifferent. Few people knew what he was doing at home, and nothing seemed to attract him.
At the mention of Qin Ran, he raised an eyebrow.
Qin Yu stood aside and pursed her lips. Both of their reactions bothered her.
She pretended to be relaxed. “This person is very impressive and probably isn’t from our school. Otherwise, someone would have come out to claim it.”
That poster had indeed not been claimed, and Qin Yu couldn’t go against her conscience and say that it wasn’t nice.
“The person who painted is a student in our school,” Xu Yaoguang suddenly said.
Qiao Sheng and Qin Yu were both surprised. They stared at him: “…”
Xu Yaoguang’s eyes were complicated. “She is Qin Ran.”