Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Master Juan: Good Girl
Both Qin Yu and Qiao Sheng couldn’t contain their expressions.
Qiao Sheng scratched his head and chuckled lowly, except that his voice was a little bit floating. “Ah, don’t joke around.”
Qin Yu clenched her fingers. Subjectively, she didn’t believe it at all, but this was Xu Yaoguang she was talking about. Other people might joke around, but he wouldn’t.
Xu Yaoguang’s eyes were still and he looked very calm. His lips were pursed and he didn’t speak.
Qiao Sheng was speechless now.
Even Qin Yu knew that Xu Yaoguang wasn’t joking, so how could he not know?
At the cafeteria, he bought a box of soy milk, inserted the straw into it, and said after a moment, “Is it really her?”
“Yeah.” Xu Yaoguang bought a bowl of porridge, his expression still cold.
Qiao Sheng was completely speechless at this moment. Qin Yu sat beside them and was ignored for the first time. She was even more confused in her heart.
How could it be Qin Ran?
How could it be her?!
The disposable chopsticks in Qin Yu’s hands were almost deformed. Who the hell was Qin Ran? Her studies were bad and she didn’t have any expertise other than fighting.
In the past, besides the violin, she didn’t even attend any other interest classes. She had a weird personality and not many people were willing to play with her.
How could she draw? And so well too?!
Qin Yu always felt that Qin Ran was under her control like she knew everything about her, but today Qin Yu found that after having not seen Qin Ran for so many years, her knowledge of her was blank.
Thinking of it, the disposable chopsticks tightened again.
She looked up and smiled casually. “I’ll go practice the violin.”
“Young Master Xu, I’ll go find Qin Ran.” Qiao Sheng stood up suddenly.
Xu Yaoguang nodded, his eyes cold. “Sure.”
A group of people was gathered in class 3.9 and Lin Siran went out to buy breakfast.
Qiao Sheng was sitting on Lin Siran’s stool. Qin Ran was still sleeping. He reached out, poked her arm, and turned his head carefully to say, “Did you draw it?”
“Qiao Sheng.” Qin Ran was still covered in her school uniform. Her voice was a little hoarse, and her tone was low. “Don’t make noise.”
She was reluctant to say more, and Qiao Sheng remembered that usually when the class was noisy, she would frown. Thus, he immediately zipped his mouth.
As soon as he turned, there were more and more people in the class. It was like a vegetable market, so noisy that it caused a headache.
He kicked the table across the aisle.
A very rough and harsh sound.
The crowd quieted, and Qiao Sheng put a hand on the table and looked at them sideways. “Be quieter.”
Subsequently, their voices gradually decreased.
It was already a convention between these students not to provoke Qin Ran.
Qin Ran lay down for a while, and the noises in her ears disappeared, so she took the school uniform over her head and took a breath of fresh air. She sat on the chair with her knees on the table, leaning against the back wall.
“That drawing…” Qiao Sheng glanced at her.
At this angle, he could clearly see her thick and dense long eyelashes, and Qiao Sheng thought to himself that the students were right to give her the nickname “eyelash essence”.
“It’s me, but don’t say it out.” Qin Ran thought about it and frowned again. She could imagine just how long she would be watched like a monkey every day if those students knew.
“… Shit.” Qiao Sheng was silent for a moment, then he stiffened and said, “Why did you draw Yan Xi, do you like him?”
“Who likes that stuff, it was Lin Siran.” Qin Ran hugged her arms and leaned against the wall. She looked annoyed at the noise and was dispirited, but even that didn’t hide her delicate face.
“I understand.” Qiao Sheng laughed.
In First Middle School, 7 out of 10 were fans of Yan Xi.
It was the first time Yan Xi had been referred to as “that stuff”.
The person who had drawn the board still wasn’t known. The forum and Weibo had been discussing for two days to no avail.
No one came out to claim it, and no one could identify who it was.
But it didn’t hinder Qin Ran’s popularity in the slightest. Lin Siran had been responsible for the board and class 3.9 could see how attentive Li Siran had been to Qin Ran for the past two days.
Because of this, Qin Ran’s popularity in class 3.9 and in the school rose to another degree.
Not only did it spread all over the third graders, but even the freshman also knew that there was a legendary campus belle called Qin Ran. They all wanted to see her, but they didn’t dare come to the third graders’ building.
Qin Ran left school in the afternoon and took her thermos cup to the school hospital.
“What’s going on with the students these days? Forget about it if the girls are probing their brains about this kind of thing, but even the boys too?” Lu Zhaoying’s ear studs reflected light. “Master Juan, is your charisma irresistible to the boys now, too?”
Cheng Juan didn’t speak.
The young girl was slender under the sun, and she was stopped by a boy who seemed to hand her a letter in a pink cover.
The girl received it politely. The boy didn’t leave and stood outside the school doctor’s office, staring at Qin Ran’s back.
Lu Zhaoying burst into laughter and said, “Oh, so it was for Qin Ran. I finally met someone who could compete with you.”
There was no expression on Cheng Juan’s face.
He wore a shirt and casual pants that outlined his long legs. It was a very sexy pattern. He had a pair of black and white eyes, and the corners of his mouth casually curled up coldly.
Qin Ran put down her things and went to the kitchen to take a look.
She saw Cheng Juan staring at her and paused. “What’s wrong?”
Master Juan retracted his gaze and was restless. “The senior year is very important. I think it’s important to study hard and not be distracted by other things.”
Lu Zhaoying: “…?”
Qin Ran nodded solemnly. “Thank you, I think so too.”
Master Juan was surprised at her obedience.
Qin Ran went in.
There were still people hanging around outside, and Master Juan leaned casually on the sofa. “Lu Zhaoying, close the door.”
In the Lin family.
Qin Yu was sitting absentmindedly at the dinner table.
The joy on Ning Qing’s face was undisguised as she whispered, “I heard that Mrs. Feng likes you very much?”
“Yeah.” At the mention of this, Qin Yu’s mood improved and she cheered up.
Ning Qing’s eyes brightened and she was happier. She gave Qin Yu a piece of meat. “Get along well with Mrs. Feng, that Feng Ci…”
The Feng family had power in Yun Cheng, and it was too difficult to make friends with them.
After so many years, it was the first time that Lin Wan had treated her with a good attitude.
Ning Qing looked at Qin Yu, her eyes softening.
She lowered her voice, using only a volume that Qin Yu could hear.
“What’s wrong?” Lin Wan, who was sitting opposite, also saw that Qin Yu wasn’t in a good mood.
“There’s a parent meeting on Saturday.” Qin Yu turned back and smiled. She would never mention that Qin Ran had painted the board so well, but it really did make her think of something. She seemed hesitant to speak. “The entire third grade has it. Sister is also in the third grade. Mother, you should go to her parent meeting, and let brother or father attend mine?”