Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Qin Ran’s Brother
Ning Qing had been smiling at her previous sentence, but at the last sentence, her smile faded slightly. She thoughtfully said, “I’ll take care of this, don’t you worry.”
After hearing Ning Qing’s words, Qin Yu’s lips froze slightly.
She lowered her head and ate.
Seeing Ning Qing’s posture, it was apparent she didn’t intend to talk about this at the dinner table.
After dinner, Qin Yu specially watched Ning Qing’s movements and saw her go outside to call someone. After thinking about it, she followed her.
Ning Qing made two phone calls to Qin Ran, but she didn’t pick up. She frowned and called a third time.
Qin Ran finally picked up. Her voice was somber and concise. “What?”
“You have a parent meeting on Saturday, right?” Ning Qing said, pressing her temple. “I’m going to Yu’er’s. Call your aunt and ask her to attend your parent meeting.”
The parent-teacher meeting was linked to the student’s performance and attitude. Ning Qing had gone for several parent-teacher meetings for Qin Yu. At that time, they had all been in the same class. Li Airong had even named the parents whose child had bad grades.
She didn’t say anything serious and only criticized a little, but in the adult world, it was shameful.
Thinking about Qin Ran’s daily habits and grades, Ning Qing would definitely not go for her parent meeting.
She was also Qin Yu’s mother. Qin Yu performed well in school and was very popular. When she walked with Qin Yu, she could even hear people discussing if she was Qin Yu’s mother.
Every time she had a parent meeting for Qin Yu, she received the attention of other parents.
Out of these two options, Ning Qing would definitely choose Qin Yu.
Qin Yu stood at the door, and when she heard the words, she pinched her fingers. To be honest, rather than Ning Qing, she hoped that Lin Qi or Lin Jinxuan would attend instead.
Unexpectedly, Ning Qing didn’t even consider Qin Ran.
Qin Yu was depressed. At this time, she even hoped that Qin Ran wasn’t so lousy.
Qin Ran hung up Ning Qing’s phone impatiently. She heard her mother’s words and laughed.
Both of her aunt’s children were in school and her uncle was also in the hospital. Aunt usually took time off to visit grandmother. Qin Ran hadn’t even thought of asking her to come for her parent-teacher meeting.
She walked to the classroom with her thermos cup filled with water. Her eyes were somber and her face cold, exuding a chill all around her.
This didn’t affect those looking at her or whispering about her.
Within a few days of coming to school, Mu Ying felt Qin Ran’s popularity. Whether it was a post on the school or on the road, the topic was about Qin Ran. Instead, Qin Yu wasn’t much discussed.
These days, especially, people mainly talked about the mysterious bulletin board.
After all, Qin Ran was a new student and her looks even surpassed Qin Yu’s. Qin Yu was also very good-looking, but they had seen her for two years and were aesthetically tired, especially when they could now look at Qin Ran’s appearance and compare them.
Mu Ying was a freshman and was still in military training. After dinner in the evening, she continued to train. The task of their class today was to clean the playground.
A group of people walked on the road and unexpectedly saw Qin Ran.
“Mu Ying, look, your campus belle cousin!” Li Yuhan held Mu Ying’s arm and whispered, her expression excited.
As soon as Mu Ying looked up, she really saw Qin Ran. She immediately waved and yelled, “Cousin!”
Just after finishing a phone call with Ning Qing, Qin Ran wasn’t in a good mood. Mu Ying called her not far away. She looked up and her face slightly softened.
She nodded slightly and glanced over. “How are you adapting to class?”
“The new classmates are all very good,” Mu Ying smiled and spoke. She glanced at the cup in Qin Ran’s hand. The cup lid was also inlaid with a circle of diamond-like decorations, shiny, delicate and beautiful.
She couldn’t help but glance at it one more time.
Qin Ran nodded. Because she had stopped for a while, the sight around her became more apparent.
“Qin Ran, wait for me.” Not far away, Qiao Sheng ran over with a basketball. He walked to Qin Ran and grabbed the hem of his clothes to wipe his sweat.
Because he liked to play basketball, his abdominal muscles were obvious.
He was handsome and was a well-known rich second generation in the school. There were more people glancing here and Mu Ying even hard people say “Qin Ran” and “Qiao Sheng” together.
Of course, Mu Ying knew who Qiao Sheng was. She couldn’t help but stare at him. He was indeed an outstanding campus figure.
“Bring me a cup of Coke.” Qiao Sheng instructed his younger brother, and then tilted his head and asked Qin Ran, “What do you want?”
Qin Ran shook her head.
“Okay.” Qiao Sheng weighed his basketball and smiled at Mu Ying. “Do you know each other?”
“Yeah, she’s my cousin.” Qin Ran put her hand in her pocket and glanced at Mu Ying. She said lazily, her expression slightly arrogant, “I’m leaving, come and find me at class 3.9 if anything happens.”
“Yes, cousin, come to me too.” Qiao Sheng followed Qin Ran while holding his basketball. He grinned at Mu Ying before following Qin Ran quickly.
He wasn’t even annoyed that Qin Ran had kicked him aside.
Unexpectedly, Qiao Sheng and Qin Ran were close. He seemed much closer to her than to Qin Yu.
“Mu Ying, are you a relative of the campus belle?” The boys in Mu Ying’s class looked at her in surprise.
The girls in the class also looked at Mu Ying with envy, and she was surrounded by people quickly.
Mu Ying remembered the logo on Qin Ran’s cup. When she was picking up trash on the playground, she took out her mobile phone and searched the Internet. The cup that looked very beautiful turned out to be a luxury brand.
She didn’t find the one that Qin Ran had, but she saw that this brand’s cups were at least 4,000 yuan.
It was almost Ning Wei’s one month salary.
Didn’t she hear that the Lin family didn’t like cousin? Then why did they buy such an expensive cup for her?
In the quiet alley by the school.
Feng Ci looked at the girl on the opposite side and pressed her eyebrows. “Why did you move out of the Feng family?”
Pan Mingyue bowed her head and whispered, “I want to study hard for senior year.”
“Study hard?” Feng Ci raised his eyebrows. “Don’t just say it to please me, okay?”
Pan Mingyue looked up, glanced at him, and turned to leave.
She was pulled by her wrists, and he wrapped his hands around her waist. The man leaned on her shoulder and conceded. “We haven’t seen each other for several months, yet you’re still so cold to me.”
“Senior year…” Pan Mingyue opened her mouth.
Feng Ci interrupted her. “You want to study hard, right? Your results are already good enough for Peking University.”
Pan Mingyue sighed. “Brother Feng, I’m really not a genius.”
Not far away was the voice of students talking. Pan Mingyue was the top student and was quite famous. Feng Ci let go of her reluctantly.
“What relationship do you have with my father?” Feng Ci stared at her and pinched her cheeks. “Don’t tell me you’re really my dad’s illegitimate daughter?”
Pan Mingyue had never mentioned her parents. Feng Ci had investigated it before to no avail. It was as if someone had covered it up deliberately.
Pan Mingyue had wanted to explain the parent-teacher meeting. At the mention of this, she swallowed her words and lowered her head, her eyes dim.
The parents’ meeting was on Saturday.
The students also had to be present for the meeting, but they were either standing in the corridor or at the back of the classroom. The parents sat on the corresponding student seats in the classroom.
Ning Qing wore a set of new seasonal outfit today and took Qin Yu out of the car by the arm.
The black BMW wasn’t much noticeable behind a Cayenne.
High school seniors with their parents were everywhere on campus.
Ning Qing maintained her expression.
She had come for such meetings for Qin Yu before, once a year, and every time she brought Qin Yu here, she would receive lots of attention.
She walked into the school gate with Qin Yu. As soon as she smiled, she heard a voice not far behind. “Oh, Qin Ran’s parents didn’t come. Mom, I wanted you to bring you to see my future father-in-law or mother-in-law!”
“Dad, Qin Ran is our campus belle I told you about. Later on, you can take a look at class 3.9’s board, she found someone to do it!”
Then, the crowd surged, and another student pushed Ning Qing aside, holding her mobile phone in his hand, shouting excitedly, “Is this really Qin Ran’s brother? Her brother looks like that?”