Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Qin Ran’s Popularity Is Too Strong
There were many high school seniors and their guardians. They rushed over enthusiastically at the same time.
It was just that their voices weren’t as Ning Qing had imagined. In First Middle School, the students either had good grades or had good families, and all had excellent conditions.
It wasn’t easy to be outstanding amongst these people. For a long time, Ning Qing had been the mother of the child other parents compared their kids to.
In the past, when she came to First Middle School, she and Qin Yu were the targets of other people’s attention, but now, Qin Ran was chanted in all of their mouths.
Ning Qing was a bit uncomfortable.
“Mrs. Qiao.” She saw a familiar figure in front and subconsciously called.
“Mrs. Lin.” The speaker was wearing a long blue dress. She looked gentle and spoke softly and swiftly, not like the handsome and dauntless-looking young man beside her.
Qiao Sheng squinted and glanced at her, but his eyes didn’t stop wavering. “Mom, hurry.”
Mrs. Qiao said sorry to Ning Qing and walked sideways with Qiao Sheng.
She could also hear her whisper to Qiao Sheng, “What are you anxious about, Qin Ran and her brother can’t possibly run away, right?”
Qiao Sheng’s family business was accomplished in Beijing and abroad. Although Father Qiao was a startup, he was indeed a business genius. In Yun Cheng, legend had it that Mrs. Qiao was Beijing’s most prestigious lady.
Ning Qing didn’t know much about these high society things, but she knew that everyone in Yun Cheng was afraid of the Qiao family.
In the past, because of Qin Yu, Ning Qing could barely say a few words to Mrs. Qiao, so they weren’t very close. Qiao Sheng was mischievous and was difficult to approach as well.
But now, Ning Qing listened to the two of them talking about Qin Ran as if they were old friends.
“Yu’er…” Ning Qing had rarely been scorned so much in Qin Yu’s school and was more surprised than offended. She hesitated and asked Qin Yu, “Is there another person called Qin Ran in your school?”
Qin Yu lowered her head slightly and didn’t immediately answer.
She also felt depressed. Recently, Qin Ran had been too popular. She was cold and proud and not only did the boys all like her, but the girls were also her fans.
“It’s almost time, mom, let’s go to the class first.” Qin Yu avoided Ning Qing’s question.
“Ah, ah, I see him. Qin Ran’s brother is so handsome!”
“Oh my god, they’re really a goddess and a god, I love it!”
“…” The surrounding voices came, and Ning Qing was visibly upset. She didn’t even notice that Qin Yu had answered her.
Qin Ran had no knowledge and skills and couldn’t do anything to excel in this group of heavenly pride. The prestigious families in Yun Cheng had many senior students and Ning Qing recognized a few of the ladies.
This was why Ning Qing hadn’t wanted to go for Qin Ran’s meeting.
At first, the director of teaching was unwilling to accept Qin Ran, so Ning Qing was in a complicated mood. It was probably someone with the same name. She didn’t believe that Qin Ran would be so popular with the students.
The parent meeting was nothing more than emphasizing the high school seniors.
“Mom, my seat is there.” Qiao Sheng stood on the window, pointing to his seat in the classroom, surrounded by many girls.
“That’s Qin Ran’s brother.” Qiao Sheng pointed to Qin Ran’s seat but didn’t see Qin Ran.
He glanced around trying to locate her.
Mrs. Qiao smiled calmly as she walked towards Qiao Sheng’s seat while looking at the girl’s seat.
The girl had surfaced frequently in Qiao Sheng’s house recently. Qiao Sheng was always talking about her.
She saw a lazy, beautiful man sitting on the seat.
Mrs. Qiao’s footsteps shook and her complexion changed at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, and she could barely stabilize her footsteps.
There were many people looking at him, but Cheng Juan could still distinguish Mrs. Qiao’s gaze. He glanced at her slightly and saw Mrs. Qiao.
It wasn’t someone he knew.
Cheng Juan retracted his gaze, leaned back, and spun a pen around his hand. Under the light obliquely shining through the window, his bones were clear, his features smooth and his complexion glowing.
His long legs awkwardly rested under the table.
The middle-aged woman at the front table pulled the chair too quickly and accidentally hit the table.
There were so many things on the little girl’s table that it couldn’t withstand the force.
Cheng Juan lowered his head. The floor was full of letters. There were pink letters, baby blue letters, white letters with red hearts… There were dozens.
“Siran’s deskmate is so popular.” This was Lin Siran’s father.
He saw that Cheng Juan was so young and touched his head and said, “You’re Siran’s deskmate’s brother or uncle…?”
Cheng Juan picked up the things on the ground expressionlessly. He raised his head and looked upset but was polite. “I’m neither.”
Cheng Juan repeated patiently and calmly, “I am not her relative.”
His tone was very approachable, but Master Juan had a strong aura and it was obvious at first glance that he wasn’t an ordinary person. The people in the room were even afraid to meet eyes with him.
The parents in the class were discussing with each other about Master Juan. The parents sitting beside him were very quiet.
Cheng Juan was slow and thoughtful as he tidied the letters
Very good, there were thirty-two letters. It looked like she had only collected them from last night.
He confiscated them all.
Master Juan was very cold.
Gao Yang doesn’t criticize the students and mostly gave them encouragement. He wrote an observation manual for each student and distributed it to the parents one by one.
The development on his side was slow, but the parent meeting of the first class was very fast. Li Airong gave a few typical compliments, and then picked a few typical retrogressive students to criticize. The parent meeting ended early.
Qin Yu’s studies were good and she was also busy with the school’s anniversary. Li Airong praised those key points.
These years, people gathered together either for their husbands or their children. Ning Qing was obviously very used to it and her hesitation disappeared.
“I heard that Yu’er is going to study in Beijing with a famous teacher. Mrs. Lin, you’re blessed.” A familiar little sister praised.
Ning Qing laughed. Qin Yu had always been her pride, so of course she was happy to hear someone boasting about Qin Yu. She was about to say something.
She saw a commotion in the corridor.
“What are they looking at?” Ning Qing glanced over.
The little sisters around also gathered together and laughed. “Look, it’s Qin Ran. I heard from my daughter that she just transferred over this semester and even has the same surname as your daughter. But this child is really so beautiful, no wonder she’s so popular… eh? Isn’t that the Qiao family beside her?”
Ning Qing turned away from the crowd and looked downstairs.
The girl’s back was cold, her eyes narrowed, and she was indifferently arrogant.
The boy beside her was holding a few bottles of water for her.
It was a well-known face. Ning Qing snorted inwardly, her head blank.