Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Ning Qing’s Doubts, Master Wei of Beijing
Qiao Sheng had to ask several students before realizing that Qin Ran had come with her brother. Then, he went to the store.
He saw that Gao Yang wasn’t going to end anytime soon and went to find Qin Ran.
“Your brother…” Qiao Sheng had thought that Qin Ran’s brother was Lin Jinxuan, but he saw that it wasn’t.
He had never heard Qin Ran say that she had an older brother.
“Hold your water properly.” Qin Ran glanced at the second floor and saw Ning Qing in the crowd at one glance. She casually retracted her eyes, raised her eyebrows, her tone indifferent.
Qiao Sheng scratched his head and remembered that Ning Qing had come with Qin Yu in the morning. He thought of how they both had the same mother and lowered his head in silence.
He followed her step by step.
“That’s Qiao Sheng, right?” Ning Qing’s friend whispered.
Qiao Sheng looked spoiled, but after all, he was the Qiao family’s master. Other than towards Xu Yaoguang, it was rare to see him having such a good temper.
Ning Qing naturally saw him as well. The boy downstairs followed behind Qin Ran casually, holding water in his hand, and often tilted his head to talk to the girl. The girl was lazy and didn’t like to speak, but the young master didn’t mind.
He was still smiling.
“I’m going to the bathroom.” Ning Qing’s mood was a little complicated and she said absently.
She didn’t hold a parent-teacher meeting for Qin Ran because she was afraid of being shamed. She was afraid that people would look at her with strange eyes and criticize her. “Look, that’s Qin Ran’s mother.”
But now…
Ning Qing turned on the tap and patted water on her face.
The parent meeting of Class 3.9 was almost over.
Gao Yang left Cheng Juan alone to speak in the office. He handed Cheng Juan a small observation diary and said, “It’s not that Qin Ran isn’t smart. If she works hard, it’s not impossible for her to go to college. She needs the cooperation of her parents to guide her. If you have time, you can show more concern about her life. There’s no such thing as letting a child be…”
Facing Cheng Juan, Gao Yang felt some inexplicable pressure that he didn’t feel in front of Qiao Sheng’s parents.
He was obviously very tepid but was also very elegant.
Cheng Juan flipped through this small observation diary. It didn’t have many pages, but it was very meticulous. He even wrote down the books Qin Ran read.
“Thank you, teacher.” Cheng Juan closed the observation diary. Normally, Master Juan wouldn’t even listen to others, but today, he listened very carefully to the teachings. “I will guide her well.”
After speaking, he went out to where Qin Ran and Qiao Sheng were. He turned and followed Mrs. Qiao.
“You are Qin Ran’s…” Qiao Sheng thought that Cheng Juan was Qin Ran’s cousin or something, and he even sighed in his heart that their genes were indeed very good.
Cheng Juan didn’t say anything. He just shoved the manual into his pocket and looked at Qiao Sheng calmly.
He was a handsome man, but Qiao Sheng’s voice was inexplicably tight.
“I’m not her brother.” Cheng Juan looked down. His eyes were dark and seemed to have nothing but Qin Ran in his eyes. His voice was smooth and husky.
“Then…” Qiao Sheng was kicked by his mother before he could say another word.
Anxious and fierce.
Qiao Sheng swallowed back his words.
Qin Ran also went to see her grandmother. When the four of them arrived at the school gate, they parted ways.
After Qin Ran had left with Cheng Juan, Qiao Sheng rubbed his legs. “Mom, why did you hit me?”
“Don’t be such a busybody.” Mrs. Qiao looked at the departing Volkswagen and the Beijing sign on the back. She was finally certain. “Next time, to Qin Ran…”
“Forget it.” She wanted to say something but still held back. She glanced at the direction in which the car had just left. “Let’s go back.”
The black car with the Beijing license plate stopped at the hospital door.
“When you come down, just give me a call in advance. I’ll be in the building opposite the inpatient department.” Cheng Juan put his hand on the steering wheel.
He looked sideways and opened the door for Qin Ran.
The space in the car wasn’t small and Qin Ran was deep in her own thoughts. When she came to her senses, Cheng Juan had already opened the door.
His face was close to her.
She could clearly see his features, delicate and beautiful, and his mint cold fragrance surrounded her.
It only lasted a few seconds before the door opened.
Qin Ran got out of the car. Cheng Juan stared after her back, shrouded in sunshine, thin and arrogant.
He smiled slightly.
Cheng Juan didn’t get out of the car. In fact, he didn’t have anything to do today. He slowly took out the observation diary that Gao Yang had just given him and looked at the suggestions written in it.
For a long while, he lowered half of the car window, took out a cigarette and smoked.
His eyes became clearer.
Qin Ran didn’t tell her grandmother about the parents’ meeting. She came late today, so she made an excuse at will and her grandmother never doubted her.
Ning Wei and Mu Nan were both here.
Mu Ying and Mu Nan just ended military training yesterday. Both of them were tanned. Mu Nan was still fine, but Mu Ying had gone one shade darker.
Visiting grandma together on Saturday morning had become a convention.
After a while, Ning Qing arrived.
She seemed to be thinking of something complicated.
“Did Yu’er not come today?” Chen Shulan was not in a good state of mind. Her hair was gray and she was sick.
Ning Qing took a look at Qin Ran, put away her complex thoughts, and smiled. “Yu’er went back to practice the violin. Her aunt found a famous teacher in Beijing, a world-class palace master. Yu’er has been working hard recently for him to accept her as his apprentice.”
Speaking of Qin Yu, Ning Qing had a strong smile on her face. Qin Yu’s presence was indeed her pride.
“Second cousin is amazing.” Mu Ying was surprised.
She didn’t know much about these, but hearing about the master surprised her.
“Yes, her teacher has been touring around the world recently. When he comes back to Beijing, Yu’er will go and see him.” Mu Ying brought Ning Qing a chair, and Ning Qing sat down.
She talked as if he was already Qin Yu’s teacher.
“That’s good.” Chen Shulan couldn’t help but look at Qin Ran, who was cutting her apple slowly and seriously.
The sharp fruit knife became a toy to her.
Chen Shulan sighed and turned her head. “Which teacher is Yu’er going to worship?”
“Master Wei Lin.” Ning Qing held up a glass of water and took a sip. “You must have never heard of him.”
Wei Lin was a professional palace-level master. His reputation had spread to the upper classes, and Ning Qing also only knew of him recently.
Just after she finished speaking, she saw Chen Shulan freeze.
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?”