Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 45

Chapter 45: First Vest
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Ning Qing felt that Chen Shulan’s reaction was strange.
Chen Shulan looked up and hesitantly said, “This teacher Wei Lin, sounds familiar…”
Qin Ran had peeled the apple’s skin and cut it into small pieces. She squeezed a piece into Chen Shulan’s mouth and said blankly, “Grandma, eat the apples.”
Chen Shulan’s words were trapped back into her throat.
Ning Qing put the teacup down and didn’t pay much attention. “Oh. I think it’s probably one of your mahjong friends that has the same name. It’s a typical name.”
“Maybe,” Chen Shulan said vaguely. Her teeth weren’t good now, so she chewed very slowly.
Qin Ran finished cutting the apple. She put it on a plate and inserted a few toothpicks into the slices.
Chen Shulan kept looking at Qin Ran silently. Qin Ran sighed silently, lowered her head and said warmly, “I’ll go back to school first?”
She still had to do her part-time job at the bubble tea shop.
“Go and study hard. Grandma is waiting for you to enter university.”
Qin Ran lowered her head slightly and seemed to be smiling, but she said solemnly, “Yeah, I will.”
She turned around and went out. Ning Qing remembered the parents meeting this morning and went out as well.
On the hospital bed, Chen Shulan looked at Qin Ran’s back, her eyes murky. She had indeed heard the name “Teacher Wei Lin” before.
Wasn’t the teacher who had come from the capital to their Ninghai Village and stayed there for a whole month, wanting to accept Qin Ran as his apprentice, also called Wei Lin?
Outside the door, Ning Qing overtook Qin Ran in three or two steps.
This was a VIP ward and there weren’t many people in the corridor.
Ning Qing lowered her voice. “Why didn’t you let your aunt go to your parents’ meeting today?”
“My aunt is busy.” Without grandma’s presence, Qin Ran looked impatient. She glanced at her, her pretty eyebrows a little cold, still looking sloppy.
She raised her hand and pressed the elevator door. “Anything else?”
“Then…” Ning Qing’s mind was still full of what had happened in school. She asked, “How are you getting along with your classmates in school? Are you used to studying? Have you made any friends?”
After so many days of school, this was the first time that Qin Ran had heard Ning Qing ask about her learning.
“It’s okay,” she said patiently and succinctly. “I’ll go first.”
Ning Qing also wanted to ask if she was familiar with Qiao Sheng, but Qin Ran didn’t want to talk to her anymore. She could only watch as the elevator door closed slowly in front of her.
Her expression was complex.
Qin Ran went downstairs. She had a bus card and didn’t plan to call Cheng Juan. Bus 12 went directly to First Middle School, which was particularly convenient.
As soon as she got out of the hospital gate, she hadn’t even reached the bus stop opposite when a black car stood in front of her.
The window was lowered. Cheng Juan tapped the steering wheel with his pretty fingers, leaned on his side, raised his eyebrows, and said slowly, “Get on.”
The car drove directly to the school medical office.
Qin Ran noticed that the school doctor’s room door was open. She paused. Didn’t he say that Lu Zhaoying had matters to attend to today?
She was just thinking about it.
She saw a man in black coming out of the school medical office.
He was wearing short sleeves and the cyan tattoo on his arm was faint. He was full of a fierce aura and didn’t look good to provoke.
“Master Juan,” the man in black said when Cheng Juan got out of the car, respectfully and cautiously. “The investigation…”
Before he finished, he saw another person getting out of the car with Master Juan.
It wasn’t too surprising that another person was in the car with Master Juan, but the fact that it was a woman… the man in black was stunned.
“Let’s eat first.” It was hot outside, and Cheng Juan reached out and unbuttoned a button on his neckline. He thought of something and said in a low voice, “Did you bring the things?”
“… I did.” The man in black regained his senses.
But he couldn’t help glancing over at Qin Ran.
When the three entered the house, Qin Ran saw a stack of books on the empty table in the school medical office.
It wasn’t an exaggeration to describe it as “stacks”.
“Drink water.” Cheng Juan took the cup and poured a glass of warm water for Qin Ran.
He went over to the stack of books on the table.
After picking and choosing, he drew five books and handed them out to Qin Ran.
Qin Ran glanced casually at the book. “…”
College Entrance Examination Review Step One.
“Mr. Gao asked me to make sure you’re studying.” Cheng Juan turned and poured himself a glass of water. His voice was lazy and he narrowed his eyes.
“I picked it out, it’s perfect for you.” Cheng Juan came over holding the water. While she had been visiting her grandmother in the hospital, he had come up with a review plan for her.
He walked over, pointed at a book with his finger, and lowered himself to Qin Ran’s height. He lowered his head and wanted to introduce these review materials to Qin Ran.
Qin Ran picked up a book, blinked, tilted her head, and slowly said, “… I don’t need it.”
The eyes of the two inevitably met. A strand of hair was slanted across his eyes, mouth, nose, and forehead.
This distance made even his slight breathing sound obvious.
Qin Ran was usually indifferent, cold and unconcerned.
Cheng Juan couldn’t stand it. He stood up straight, took a step back and said seriously, “Mr. Gao said that you’re very smart. As long as you’re willing to study, it’ll be easy for you to get into college.”
Qin Ran tilted her head and focused her attention on the book, only to find that she had never seen the information on the book.
She took all five books. One of the above books had a hyperbola drawn and seemed to have a bunch of messy numbers. The next book was a review of physics…
Qin Ran paused and then said, “Thank you.”
Today’s meal was still delivered by the hotel, and the man in black tried hard to make himself invisible.
He refrained from looking at Qin Ran.
Qin Ran returned to her bedroom after eating.
This weekend, there was no one in the bedroom. Wu Yan had gone to self-study and Lin Siran had gone home with her father. Qin Ran put the books on the table.
Then she took out the computer and turned it on.
The computer turned on quickly, she reached out and quickly pressed a few keys, and a voice popped up.
A voice from the man over there said, “Are you finally contacting me?”
“Talk.” Qin Ran went to the bathroom and took a towel to wipe her face.
She turned on the voice changer, and her voice was blurred.
“Everyone else is anxiously asking me if you’re starting to accept orders.” The man paused, grumbled and complained. “Master, you said that you were in a bad state and wanted to take a break, but you know how long you have gone without any orders? One year and four months.”
Qin Ran sat on the chair, flipped the book with her other hand, and laughed. “Chang Ning, I remember taking a 10 million order just a few days ago.”
If someone who knew about this matter was present, his expression would definitely change instantly.
Chang Ning, the founder of 129 Detective Office, didn’t know whether this detective office was linked to the dark web, but everyone knew that even if it was cross-border, as long as there was money involved, there was no information that 129 couldn’t find and no case they couldn’t solve.
“So, are you in a good state now?” Chang Ning asked seriously.