Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Lone Wolf, Ran Ran Studying
“Ah,” Qin Ran said casually. She looked at the title of the information book with great care. “Last time the order was an accident, but my state is better.”
“Really?” Chang Ning had only asked casually as a joke, but after hearing Qin Ran’s answer, he was stunned instead and shot up from the sofa.
“Let’s start next month.” Qin Ran put the book aside, picked up another one, and spoke slowly, “I’m not in a rush.”
“Oh my God, even if you start next next month, I won’t have any opinion.” Chang Ning walked a few steps in his room, unable to hide his excitement. He finally couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “As long as you’re willing to come back. Do you know how scared I was that you’ll stop taking orders after disappearing for one whole year?”
As long as Qin Ran didn’t quit, Chang Ning was at ease.
Qin Ran wasn’t surprised by Chang Ning’s attitude. There were many members in the 129 Detective Agency. Even if an external psychological criminal detective was only an ordinary member, once placed in the outside world and producing his information, he was more useful and had more work experience than being in an inspection team for one year.
It was too difficult to join 129.
Qin Ran was a lone senior wolf in 129. As long as she took the order, there was nothing she couldn’t do.
She was also a veteran of 129. Because the headquarter was in Beijing, Qin Ran had never met the members of 129. Chang Ning knew her real name was Qin Ran but didn’t know her age.
Qin Ran had joined four years ago. At that time, her voice had been slightly immature, so for the convenience of work, she had used a voice changer.
She had used it until now.
“Then you’ve worried too much. I’m short of money.” Qin Ran leaned against the back of the chair casually.
“It ‘s good to be short of money.” If she was short of money, she wouldn’t resign. Chang Ning grinned. If the people in Beijing saw that the steel-face and selfless director had such a side to him, their jaws would probably drop. “You said you could come to Beijing this year. When are you coming?”
Before other forces could find the lone wolf, Chang Ning wanted to tie her to 129.
“Something went wrong.” Qin Ran looked down at the book and her focus drifted off. “I can go next year.”
Chang Ning paused. “What’s up?”
Qin Ran was very generous and casual. “The college entrance examination.”
“…” Chang Ning froze for a moment, then said again, “If you don’t want to say it, I’ll just spread the news of your return first.”
Qin Ran hung up. She swore that from beginning to end, she had never lied.
Her heavy black cell phone that had been put aside lit up again.
“I really didn’t find it. I’ll take you to scan next time.” Qin Ran slammed the phone onto the table.
The phone “buzzed” and vibrated a few times again. Seeing that Qin Ran really didn’t care about it anymore, it wasn’t very happy and quietened again.
“Pan Mingyue, why didn’t your guardian come again?” Li Airong looked at the student in front of her, frowning. “Forget it, give me your guardian’s phone number.”
Pan Mingyue pursed her lips. She lowered her head so that her face couldn’t be seen. “Teacher, my uncle is busy and has no time.”
“However, the college entrance examination is very important. Don’t delay your college entrance examination because of these things.” Li Airong was the class teacher of Pan Mingyue. She naturally knew that her parents had died and that she was staying with her relatives now. “Last time, your results fluctuated. The dorm is too noisy and has affected your studies. I hope to talk to your guardian and let you continue to study well.”
“Teacher, I promise I can do better next exam,” Pan Mingyue only said simply.
In the end, Li Airong didn’t say anything and just frowned unhappily.
She couldn’t find the phone number of Pan Mingyue’s guardian on the file, nor did she know what was going on at the school. How could such obviously flawed files be included?
Pan Mingyue was stopped at the school by a middle-aged man before returning to the class. “Mrs. is looking for you.”
She followed him in silence.
Not far from the school gate, a Porsche was parked.
She sat in the driver’s seat, and the graceful woman in the back seat finally raised her head. “Pan Mingyue, who are you showing off to?”
Pan Mingyue froze. “Aunt …”
Mrs. Feng sneered and said, “Uncle Feng isn’t here, so you don’t have to be so fake and call me. You had a parent meeting today, right? Pan Mingyue, I know about you. Don’t think that you can influence anyone by doing this. I’ll tell Feng Loucheng the truth today.”
Pan Mingyue got out of the car and watched the Porsche drive further and further away.
The sun was shining above her head, but she felt cold all over.
Lu Zhaoying strolled around and finally went back to school at 12 o’clock.
There weren’t many people in the school. When he walked to the school hospital with his mobile phone, he saw a somewhat familiar figure squatting on the edge of the path.
The other person had her head burrowed between her knees.
He looked for a long while, but the other party didn’t look up.
He knew who it was by her short hair.
“Classmate, aren’t you Qin Ran’s friend? What’s wrong?” Lu Zhaoying’s hand froze and he stuck a hand in his pocket. He crouched down in front of her.
Pan Mingyue looked up, her face pale and her eyes red.
Lu Zhaoying looked at her, thought about it, and went to the milk tea shop next door to buy a cup of hot milk tea. He handed it to her. “Qin Ran’s favorite.”
Pan Mingyue glanced at Lu Zhaoying for a long while, not knowing what to think. She took it and suddenly laughed. It was only for a moment and she was sullen again.
She whispered “Thank you” and walked around him.
She was timid.
Lu Zhaoying looked at her. She was clearly wearing a pair of trousers, but she showed her fair ankles because of her shortness.
She and Qin Ran were really friends.
They were both so poor.
Master Lu always had no interest. With a wave of his hand in Beijing, women would stick to him like sticky notes. He looked at Pan Mingyue sideways as she left, not even turning back. After half a moment, he raised his head and chuckled.
Qiao Sheng laid on the table and looked at Qin Ran’s direction. She wasn’t reading those extra-curricular books today and had a review material in front of her. He had never seen that book before.
Qin Ran wore headphones and sat sideways on a stool, propping her legs up casually. In this direction, most of her side face could be seen, and she was looking at a question in the book, frowning and seemingly very annoyed.
“Young Master Xu, you didn’t come yesterday, so you don’t know.” He had heard that Qin Ran just started studying and reading today and was in a bad mood, so Qiao Sheng didn’t dare to provoke her at this time. He poked Xu Yaoguang’s shoulder. “Qin Ran’s brother was here.” He paused. “I don’t know what relationship they have, but anyways, their family genes are really good.”
Xu Yaoguang’s family never came for the parent-teacher meeting, yet he had always been first in school, so the school had no opinion on it.
Xu Yaoguang heard the name Qin Ran and moved his eyebrows but didn’t raise it.
“Young Master Xu, go and get the Physics paper.” Due to Qiao Sheng, most people called Xu Yaoguang Young Master Xu.
Xu Yaoguang put down his pen and went to the office to get the paper.
Qin Yu was also there. She was slow and when she saw Xu Yaoguang coming, she paused and came out with him casually. “This time, the paper is really difficult. I heard that only the passing rate is 50%.”
“Did you complete the last question?” Xu Yaoguang picked up the paper. Chemistry had always been his poor subject.
He had answered all the other questions, but he couldn’t solve the last question.
“No,” Qin Yu shook his head and spoke again. “I scanned through the papers and Pan Mingyue didn’t solve it either.”
Xu Yaoguang nodded. He quickened his pace to head to self-study.
Qin Yu’s hands were tight behind her.
When Xu Yaoguang was handing out the papers, he froze at Lin Siran’s paper and said, “Lin Siran, how did you do this question?”
He pointed to Lin Siran’s last physics fill-in-the-blank question, his gaze sharp.
Lin Siran was working on a math paper. When she heard him asking her, she was stunned. Then, she patted Qin Ran. “Yeah, Ran Ran, how did you do it?”