Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 47

Chapter 47: What a Fairy Deskmate!
Listening to Lin Siran’s words, Xu Yaoguang looked at Qin Ran, who was holding her head irritably and spinning a pen around. He was such a calm and composed person, yet even he couldn’t react in time.
“I couldn’t do this question. But when I was submitting it, Ran Ran helped me fill it in.” Lin Siran seemed to see that Xu Yaoguang was surprised and tilted her head to explain.
Physics wasn’t the same as Chinese, especially when filling in the blanks. This question was impossible to even start solving and time was tight, so Lin Siran had just given it a glance and skipped it.
When she handed in the paper later, Lin Siran didn’t even do many big questions, so how could she worry about filling in the blank questions?
Lin Siran felt that Qin Ran had obsessive-compulsive disorder. She filled the paper up every time and didn’t leave any empty blanks, and couldn’t even bear to see her leaving an empty question down.
She had taken her pen to fill it in for her.
Knowing Qin Ran’s rate of correct answers, Lin Siran had just let her write it. Unexpectedly, this time, she got it right.
Lin Siran shook Qin Ran’s arm again. “Ran Ran, Ran Ran…”
“Are you a pig?” Qin Ran pressed her temple, placed her pen on the book and leaned back against the chair. She propped her legs and scanned over the question.
If they couldn’t even do this question, how could they go to Peking University? Qin Ran glanced at Lin Siran.
As the highest academic institution in the country, Peking University ranked among the top universities in the world. Most of the people in First Middle School were expected to enter Peking University.
“This question,” Qin Ran raised her chin and cleared her throat. “I did it randomly.”
Did it randomly—
Five-half times the number 11.
Who was so bored to write down such a complicated answer randomly?
The average person would guess a 2, or a root number 2.
Lin Siran and Xu Yaoguang obviously didn’t believe it.
“That’s it.” Qin Ran sat casually and knocked on the table with one hand, motioning for Lin Siran to take the math paper out from under the table.
Lin Siran took it out inexplicably and didn’t forget to observe Qin Ran’s expression.
Qin Ran’s face was still casual as she narrowed her eyes. “I tried to solve this question for half the day and got this equation. Since it was wrong, I just copied it onto your answer sheet.”
Lin Siran and Xu Yaoguang looked down.
Qin Ran’s first big question was indeed filled in with the equation.
The first major problem in mathematics was basically divided into sub-questions. The correct answer was 36. Except for those who made careless mistakes, probably only Qin Ran in the whole school could give such a messy answer.
Since she had worked so hard to figure it out for the first time, it made sense that she would keep it in her mind.
Without Qin Ran explaining it, Lin Siran provided the reason for Qin Ran’s brain.
“Oh, that’s why.” Lin Siran nodded.
Xu Yaoguang heard the words and furrowed his eyebrows, but didn’t say anything more. He put down Qin Ran’s paper and glanced over at the workbook that Qin Ran was doing.
The book had a blue cover.
It looked familiar.
Xu Yaoguang stepped forward.
One more glance at that material and he saw that it was indeed the exercise booklet of the High School attached to Peking University. This exercise book was an exercise book produced by the Middle School itself. It wasn’t difficult, but it required very comprehensive and logical thinking training.
Xu Yaoguang had done it himself.
This exercise book was only sold in the Beijing area. Other provinces and cities had no idea that there was such a review material.
He had yet to see anyone use this exercise book in Yun Cheng.
Xu Yaoguang couldn’t help but take another look.
Qin Ran put on the headset again and began to draw on the exercise book with a pen.
She was still left-handed and wrote slowly, but didn’t stay on the paper for long. Occasionally she drew on a piece of draft paper. Even though she was slow, she didn’t stay and her writing was smooth.
Within a minute, a blank question was written.
Xu Yaoguang glanced to the side. Qin Ran tore off the answer behind and pressed it under her arm.
He looked away indifferently.
He had been willing to remind her last time, but this time, he didn’t even want to mention it. He distributed Qin Ran’s paper and left directly.
After writing a few pages of questions, Qin Ran turned the music’s volume up and laid down on the table to sleep.
Before going to sleep, she reached out and drew a few questions on Lin Siran’s paper. “I don’t understand this, this, and that. Listen carefully, and tell me after class.”
When Li Airong came to the class to explain the exercises, she saw Qin Ran sleeping again and frowned. She really didn’t know what the principal and Gao Yang were thinking.
Placing such a person in the class simply affected the learning atmosphere.
Qin Ran sighed. What kind of fairy deskmate was she to worry about her deskmate’s studies?
Principal’s office.
Principal Xu was holding a book in his hand. He didn’t read it and only held his glasses. He was surprised to see the person sitting in front of him. “Young Master Cheng, what’s the matter?”
“Do you have the files of Qin Ran?” Cheng Juan held a cup of tea and asked. His eyes were deep and his long fingertips reflected against the porcelain teacup.
“Yes…” Principal Xu froze and didn’t quite know how to react.
“Change her emergency contact phone number to Lu Zhaoying’s temporarily.” Cheng Juan paused and said again, “It seems that her family doesn’t care about her. She is a high school student working in our school medical office.”
The Lu family did charity for everyone in Beijing.
Principal Xu didn’t expect that Lu Zhaoying had such kindness?
Cheng Juan reported a string of numbers.
Principal Xu noted it down. After Cheng Juan left, he looked at Cheng Juan’s figure thoughtfully.
It stood to reason that as the principal he shouldn’t do so. The emergency contact was originally Ning Qing’s number, which had never been changed ever since the primary school file.
Principal Xu looked at the direction where Cheng Juan left. He still changed the number in the end.
It was only when looking at this number did he realize afterward that Lu Zhaoying’s number seemed to end with the number 8. Was this number the wrong one?
“Principal Xu, someone is looking for you outside.”
“Who?” Principal Xu returned to his senses.
“It’s the Lin family.”
When Qin Ran went to the school medical office, Lu Zhaoying was prescribing medicine to a student. Cheng Juan wasn’t in the school medical office.
She went straight into the kitchen.
After a while, the big man in black who she had seen before pushed open the door of the school’s medical room and came in. His face was stiff and his body was full of anger.
“Where is Young Master Cheng?” he asked in a sigh of breath.
He noticed someone in the kitchen and hesitated. It was the girl he had seen at noon the day before yesterday. The man in black lowered his voice subconsciously.
“He went to find Principal Xu.” Lu Zhaoying handed the medicine to the student, and when the student left the school’s medical office, he turned his head. “What’s the matter?”
“The Jiang team has found news—” When he said this, the man in black paused. He took a look at the kitchen and had some reservations.
“There’s no need to check anymore.” Lu Zhaoying didn’t avoid Qin Ran. He threw his pen on the table.
The man in black didn’t hold in his surprise. “Why?”
“We’ve found LW.” Cheng Juan pushed open the door and came in. The wind blew against him and his voice was low and lazy.
The man in black was anxious and wanted to argue, but after hearing this sentence, his brain hanged and he didn’t react. He just froze there.
In the kitchen, Qin Ran’s hands slipped and a glass cup fell by her feet —
Cheng Juan looked over there. “Are you okay?”