Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Is That Principal Xu’s Car?
Qin Ran squatted down and picked up the cup, emotionless. “I’m okay.”
Cheng Juan came in to help her clean up the glass fragments on the ground.
Qin Ran waited for him to walk out to talk to Lu Zhaoying and the other man before stopping. She stood there with her eyes lowered, thinking of something, a little stunned.
The black cell phone had been set aside by her. After Cheng Juan went out, it lit up.
Two minutes later, it brightened impassively.
Qin Ran came back to her senses and saw that it was desperately lighting up. She turned her head away expressionlessly and stopped looking at it.
“Cheng Mu.” Outside the door, Lu Zhaoying put his legs on the table and his chair rotated 180 degrees backward. He spun a pen in his hand. “I sent an email last time to Jiang Dongye, but I can’t reveal the specific details.”
Cheng Mu was still stunned.
After a long time, he found his voice, cleared his throat, and said, “Master Juan, how did you do it?”
LW, Lone Wolf, was No. 1 in Detective Agency 129.
Because it docked internationally, people from the outside world had given this nickname.
Although Cheng Mu was also the leader of the SWAT team that year, he didn’t pass the exam three times and wasn’t even an ordinary member.
From criminal investigation to criminology, there wasn’t anyone who had never heard of that genius in 129.
Cheng Mu looked at the direction of the kitchen again, deliberately lowered his voice and said shakily, “I heard that he hasn’t taken any orders for more than one year. How did you make him…”
As he talked, Qin Ran came out with a few bowls.
Cheng Mu immediately shut up and stopped the conversation.
Thinking about it, Cheng Mu felt stupid again. There was no need to be so careful. The girl was wearing a school uniform and was a student. Even if she heard it, how would she know what he was saying?
While eating, Cheng Juan first introduced the man in black to Qin Ran. “This is Cheng Mu. When I’m not around next time, you can find him.”
Qin Ran glanced at Cheng Mu and nodded.
Then he started to ask about the few exercises he had given her. “Have you started doing them?”
“… Yeah.” Qin Ran was sullen.
“Okay…” Lu Zhaoying smiled unconsciously and said, “Qin Ran, don’t tell me you saved all the trouble and just copied the answers? Do you know what Master Juan did for that set…”
Lu Zhaoying didn’t finish speaking before Cheng Juan put his hand on the table and glared at him.
Lu Zhaoying immediately waved his hand and put a chain on his mouth, indicating that he would shut up.
He looked at Cheng Juan and sighed.
Half a month ago, just when Cheng Juan was called here to do hard work, Lu Zhaoying never would have thought that he would encounter such a thing.
Master Juan actually made such a big fuss over study review materials…
Maybe those people in Beijing thought they were in such a hurry for some important files…
Cheng Mu didn’t dare to talk from start to finish, and he didn’t have dinner with the two of them.
After eating, Cheng Mu watched Qin Ran and Cheng Juan go out together. His frowns were slightly hesitant. “Young Master Lu, that girl…”
“Don’t mess with her.” Lu Zhaoying leaned on the back of the chair. He had wanted to wash the dishes, but since Cheng Mu was here, he let him wash it.
He smiled again. “Our Master Juan cares about her a lot.”
Cheng Mu stared at him, thinking what was it with this girl.
There were a lot of women chasing Master Juan in Beijing, and even his own goddess was chasing Master Juan. How could they all not compare to a senior year student? It looked like her results weren’t even particularly good?
Oh, but she sure was beautiful. No one in Beijing could look better than her.
Military training for high school had ended, and there were no freshmen wearing camouflage clothes to grab a meal in the cafeteria these days.
Qin Ran was sitting on a chair, still fighting with the exercise book.
She had on her black headphones and the volume was already very high, but for some reason, the classroom was still really noisy.
Qin Ran only felt like her brain was being squeezed and was buzzing.
Her eyes were also slightly red.
Her fringe slipped over her forehead and she threw her pen with a slam. She supported her chin in one hand and tapped her fingers on the table.
After so many days, Lin Siran knew almost all of Qin Ran’s personality and habits. She leaned over and whispered, “I heard that the school bully… that Wei Zihang just transferred to our school.”
Lin Siran didn’t finish when she remembered that Qin Ran knew Wei Ziheng well. “He’s here as a sports student.”
Wei Zihang wasn’t from First Middle School, but his fame here wasn’t lower than that of Xu Yaoguang. To a certain extent, it was even higher.
He used to be in Zi High School and, although the students of First Middle School were afraid of him, it wasn’t too big a deal.
But now the school bully was transferring over to First Middle School. In their eyes, it was tantamount to putting a wolf in the middle of a group of sheep.
“Oh.” Qin Ran nodded, continued to pick up the pen to start the question, and turned up the volume of her headset a bit.
Fortunately, the class bell rang, and these discussions disappeared.
After school at night, Qin Ran waited for the other students to leave before packing up.
“Ran Ran, let’s go out and buy some materials first.” Lin Siran closed her book and waited for Qin Ran.
Li Airong had arranged a new review information book and had asked them to purchase it at the bookstore next to the school to use in class later.
At the same time.
Outside the school gate.
There weren’t many people on the road, but because school had just been dismissed, there were actually quite a few people walking together.
“Aunt, are you here to visit Principal Xu?” Qin Yu said hello to Xu Yaoguang and went towards them, holding a book.
A few people who had yet to notice Xu Yaoguang paused when they heard the words “Principal Xu”.
Xu Yaoguang had always been proud and had never taken the initiative to greet someone.
Lin Wan didn’t pay attention to Xu Yaoguang and shook her head slightly. “I saw his assistant.”
How many people in Beijing wanted to meet Elder Xu. In Beijing, she might even have to take a queue number.
“Principal Xu has always been difficult to see.” Qin Yu wasn’t surprised. She lowered her head again.
The group was very eye-catching, especially Lin Wan, who had her own nobility.
She was about to get in the car.
“Aunt, second cousin, why are you here?” After cleaning up and coming out late, Mu Ying saw them and quickly loosened Li Yuhan’s hand and trotted over.
Mu Ying wasn’t wearing a school uniform today, but a new skirt Ning Wei had bought for her in the mall. It was a little too long.
Ning Wei had to raise a family, and there was even a family member in a vegetative state. How could she have so much money on her hands? She just bought new clothes for Mu Ying, but the pattern and colors were all discounted goods from last year. It was cheap but unfashionable.
Lin Wan had been in Beijing for a long time, and she was used to judging people.
Mu Ying was a little uncomfortable.
She pinched her skirt and saw the figure walking away not far away. She beckoned for her quickly. “Cousin, Aunt is here!”
Qin Ran was too lazy to care about them. She rolled her eyes and turned up the volume on her earphones.
A jeep stopped slowly beside her, honking its horn and lowering the window.
Lin Wan noticed that it was Beijing’s license plate. She suddenly said in shock, “Isn’t that Principal Xu’s car?”