Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Disobedient
There was a certain distance between Beijing and Yun Cheng, and the license plate number of Beijing was mostly rare.
They knew that in the whole school, only Principal Xu was from Beijing.
That was why Lin Wan had exclaimed that.
It was just that it was difficult to see Principal Xu and nobody knew what car he drove.
Ning Qing and Qin Yu both shook their heads slightly.
Qin Yu pursed her lips and said nothing, but Ning Qing looked at Qin Ran with a frown. “I don’t know if it is.”
“Qin Ran.” The window lowered, and Principal Xu was in the back seat, sitting sideways.
Qin Ran let go and looked slightly positive. She called, “Principal Xu.”
Principal Xu looked at Qin Ran and thought of when Cheng Juan had come to find him. He knocked on his knee and was a little strange. “Are you going out to eat? Get in, let’s go together?”
His eyes were very mild and pure like a kind elder.
His tone wasn’t mandatory and was more like a polite question.
Qin Ran shook her head. “I want to buy books with my deskmate.”
The two said a few more words and the jeep drove away. Before they went far, Lin Siran was already standing beside Qin Ran, staring at her.
When the car drove away, she still wasn’t back to her senses and had to be dragged by Qin Ran.
Qin Ran dragged Lin Siran with one hand, put on her headphones again with the other and adjusted the volume. Her eyes were still slightly red and she looked impatient and cold.
She directly passed Ning Qing and Lin Wan.
As if she didn’t know them.
Ning Qing and Qin Yu didn’t speak to her, nor did they call her.
Lin Wan glanced at the window as the car passed by. The window was anti-peeping and she couldn’t see who was inside.
She knew that Qin Ran’s recommendation letter had been written by Principal Xu. This was always something she just couldn’t figure out.
This was the first time Lin Wan had met Qin Ran and she had to admit that she was beautiful. No wonder Lin Qi’s attitude towards Qin Ran was better than she had expected.
Lin Wan looked up and down Qin Ran again and examined her.
When she judged people, she was always condescending.
Qin Yu noticed Lin Wan’s gaze and smiled. “I heard that my sister was originally in our class, but our headteacher was afraid that it would affect the learning in our class, so she didn’t want her.”
Lin Wan retracted her gaze. She hadn’t really seen Qin Ran’s resume, but she had heard about it. When she stayed in the Lin family’s house, Aunt Zhang had told her a lot.
She was deep in thought and looked away.
She glanced slightly past Qin Ran, moved away, and said, “Let’s go.”
From beginning to end, she didn’t talk to Mu Ying.
Lin Wan looked very powerful and Mu Ying had wanted to call Qin Ran, but after seeing how Ning Qing and the rest didn’t even call her, she was stunned and didn’t say anything.
Ning Qing said something to Mu Ying and then kept up with Lin Wan.
Mu Ying stood behind them, watching Lin Wan get on a black BMW.
Her eyes lingered on the driver’s hand. The driver had just picked up Qin Yu’s backpack, and it was obvious that there was a delicate and beautiful pink cup hanging on the edge of the backpack.
This pink cup wasn’t the same as the one Qin Ran used.
Although it was also good-looking, it didn’t have a logo and didn’t look like a luxury item. It looked like the cups that Mu Ying often saw in boutiques and wasn’t expensive.
Mu Ying suddenly felt a little cyanotic and a little bit confused.
The Lin family had bought such an expensive cup for Qin Ran, but why didn’t they buy it for Qin Yu?
“The school sent so much information, and the English teacher also asked us to buy extracurricular books.” Lin Siran finally regained her senses and went to find the books with Qin Ran.
Li Airong taught several English classes.
The English materials here were sold out.
The manager asked them to come back tomorrow morning for a new batch.
The bookstore was relatively quiet. Qin Ran’s headphones were still hanging around her neck, but she didn’t stuff it in her ears. She leaned against the bookshelf and found another foreign book. She held it with one hand and her voice was relaxed. “Let’s go back.”
Lin Siran was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to buy the books tomorrow, so she asked the bookstore owner to leave her two copies and paid the deposit before leaving.
This bookstore was bigger than all the rest. In the alley, there were many people reading books in the bookstore.
As a result, the sound coming from the end of an alley seemed a little clear.
It was the voice of a few teenagers, and Qin Ran saw the corner of their clothes. It was red and black, not First Middle School’s nor Zi High School’s uniforms.
They were noisy and loud.
Qin Ran shoved the earphones around her neck into her ears.
Lin Siran was also a bit scared and she pulled on Qin Ran’s sleeves. “Ran Ran, let’s go back to school first.”
The group of teenagers in the alley seemed to stop, and one of them suddenly laughed. “Ah, isn’t this our classmate Pan? Yo, she’s still wearing her high school uniform. Are you still in First Middle School?”
His tone was very discomforting.
Lin Siran frowned. She dragged Qin Ran and wanted to tell the security guard about this when she went back to school.
Within a few seconds, the annoying voice spoke again, “Pan Mingyue, you harmed me last time and you can still attend First Middle School as if nothing happened? You’re impressive, eh?”
Several First Middle School students trotted out of the alley in a panic.
Lin Siran froze. She dragged Qin Ran’s hand and said in a tense tone, “Ran Ran, that’s Mingyue?”
She took out her cell phone, called the police first, and then went to the guard.
“Haha, Brother Xu, you’re too much. Be careful, it’s not good if the knife strikes the girl’s face. Her face is really white.” Several bursts of laughter sounded.
“Take it for me.” Qin Ran handed the book in her hand to Lin Siran, then cracked her head and loosened the neckline of her uniform shirt. “I’ll take a look.”
Lin Siran looked at her calm face, told her not to mess around, and then ran to the school to find security.
The police would surely take a while to come.
Qin Ran always kept in mind that she wanted her grandmother to spend a comfortable old age and not to worry about her. So she had refrained from making trouble in Yun Cheng.
Until now, she watched Pan Mingyue leaning against the wall, her glasses pulled down. She was cruelly thrown aside and her eyes enlarged like a thread puppet.
Looking closely, there was panic in those eyes.
The teenager with silver hair called “Brother Xu” held Pan Mingyue’s face in one hand and a knife in his other hand, making a gesticulation at her face.
“Bang”. From the moment she arrived in Yun Cheng, Qin Ran’s tight nerves were finally broken.
Someone noticed Qin Ran.
A person with purple hair took the lead to notice Qin Ran. “What are you looking at—”
“I promised my grandmother to study hard and be a good person…” Qin Ran whispered.
She seemed to be in breach of her grandmother’s agreement and couldn’t be obedient.