Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Exam Script
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Lin Qi had looked through Qin Ran’s profile before.
This girl was simply a mess. Her grades were the worst in the school, she’d gotten into fights countless times, and the gap year she took was out of no valid reason.
First Middle School was very particular about the promotion rate of their students. Qin Ran’s study history was simply too horrible, Director Ding couldn’t bring himself to accept her.
He knew that Qin Ran wasn’t the most favorable choice, but didn’t expect her to fall short by this much that Director Ding wouldn’t take her in.
He thought about finding a private school instead.
But things were getting odd now.
Qin Yu stifled laughter as she turned to Qin Ran. “You said… you have a recommendation letter from our Principal?”
First Middle School had been a renowned elite school for the longest time. Anyone who could work his way up to become the principal was certainly somebody with a powerful background.
Even Lin Qi had only looked for Director Ding.
Qin Ran’s background was no secret. How could a girl like her with no social network or achievements be able to get in touch with the principal of First Middle School?
“Yes.” Qin Ran looked up and responded succinctly.
She leaned backward, reached into the bag hanging off her seat and felt for the white envelope.
“Enough!” Ning Qing slammed the table and yelled, “Who taught you to lie? Don’t you find yourself an embarrassment?!”
She’d subjected herself to shame by asking Lin Qi for help regarding Qin Ran’s matters, not expecting her daughter to go overboard.
She was still worthless and nothing had changed indeed.
“Mom, watch your health.” Qin Yu turned around and patted her mother on the back. She hesitated before saying, “Maybe Sis really has our principal’s…”
Ning Qing scoffed. “She’s done so many ridiculous things before, don’t you speak up for her!”
Ning Qing never got over the fact that Qin Hanqiu had threatened her to take Qin Ran along back then.
Lin Jinxuan came back and sensed the odd atmosphere. He smiled. “What’s going on?”
Qin Yu went to Lin Jinxuan and briefly told him about it.
It was a pretty absurd matter.
Qin Ran finished her porridge, held the letter in her hand and carried her bag. She got up. “I’m going to school.”
She was in a loose-fitting, plain white t-shirt.
And she walked out of the house without a rush.
She practically didn’t give a hoot about what had just happened at home.
Ning Qing was left fuming.
“Where’s Sis going?” Qin Yu said, “Actually, she just has to admit her fault, it’s no big—”
Lin Jinxuan suddenly said, “She’s not lying.”
Lin Qi, Qin Yu and the rest did not quite understand him.
Lin Jinxuan recalled the seal on the envelope as he rubbed his temple. “That was Principal Xu’s personal seal. I’ve seen it before when I was in the Student Union.”
Everyone went silent.
Lin Qi had not said a thing, but he was stunned as well.
Ning Qing was in shock as she tried to process what he was saying.
Before she fully calmed down, Lin Qi asked, “Ran Ran knows the principal of First Middle School?”
Qin Yu grabbed her bag and mumbled something under her breath, before heading out the door for school. Her expression was unreadable.
At First Middle School.
In the Principal’s office.
A bespectacled elderly man was sitting at his desk. His clothes were neat and tidy, and behind those glasses were the eyes of a deep man.
A woman and a slightly older man entered the office. The woman politely greeted. “Principal Xu.”
Her brows were messy, her eyes dull, and her slips curving downwards at the tips. She looked pretty unpleasant and was evidently a curt woman.
This was the teacher-in-charge of Class 3.1, Li Airong. She was the only female teacher-in-charge in the whole of First Middle School.
Principal Xu put his pen down and looked at the girl sitting in the corner with her leg propped up rudely. “Teacher Li, this student over here, I’d like her to join your class.”
Principal Xu put it very succinctly.
It was rare to see students join the school only in Year 3.
Li Airong received the two sets of information and narrowed her eyes when she saw the previous result slips.
“She’s going to be a full-time student here? And her grades are going to be entered into the school system?” Li Airong was firmly against it. “You’re just tossing crap into my class, she’ll ruin the entire class atmosphere. Principal, you’ve got to be kidding me.”
“Teacher Li, there’s a student present here, watch your words.” The middle-aged man beside her frowned.
The man was slightly plump and had small eyes. He always seemed to have a smile on his face.
This was the teacher-in-charge of Class 3.9, Gao Yang.
Gao Yang figured out that the girl sitting in the corner was probably the student they were discussing.
It wasn’t nice to be called “crap” so openly.
“Teacher Gao, you’re in charge of a mainstream class, of course it’s easy for you to talk. What if we put her in your class instead, would you be this calm? If you’ve got spare time on your hands, you’re better off thinking about how to improve your students’ grades.”
The class she took was the special stream, they were all the top hundred students in the school.
Li Airong wanted to be awarded as one of the “10 Most Outstanding Teachers in the Province”, and there was only one slot for their city. If she had to take in a student that would potentially pull her class down, it’d lower her chances.
“If this was my student, I’d definitely be responsible for her.” Gao Yang had always been disapproving of the way she treated students differently based on their aptitudes.
Principal Xu remained silent in his seat.
He simply glanced at the girl in the corner, as if sounding her out.
Qin Ran looked up at him expressionlessly.
She looked so unfazed by everything and was practically unreadable if one could not detect the hint of rebellion and stubbornness.
Principal Xu looked away.
He propped his glasses up and gestured for Li Airong to hand the documents to Gao Yang. “Teacher Gao, would you be willing to take this student?”
Gao Yang skimmed through her history and felt a spark inside him.
He wanted to save this lost girl!
Seeing that Gao Yang agreed to it, Li Airong heaved a huge sigh of relief.
Qin Ran carried her bag and followed behind Gao Yang, a slender figure shadowing the slightly plump man. When he asked her a question, she acknowledged briefly.
Her tone was calm and unbothered.
What an obedient and pleasant-looking student! Gao Yang thought to himself.
Li Airong walked in front of the two of them, her heels clicking away. She did not look at Qin Ran, but rather, swept a glance at Gao Yang and sarcastically said, “No wonder Teacher Gao hasn’t been making much progress even after 20 years in this career.”
To that, Gao Yang simply smiled at Qin Ran. “Qin Ran, don’t give up. There’s one more year, everything is possible.”
Qin Ran nodded.
“Pfft—” Li Airong side-eyed Qin Ran, barely concealing her disdain.
Gao Yang must’ve gone mad.
With that, she strutted off.
“Teacher Li is like this all the time, she teaches our class English…” Gao Yang furrowed his brows and tried to ignore Li Airong as he took Qin Ran to get her uniform and books.
Qin Ran asked him where the school doctor’s office was.
The two of them conversed as they walked.
Gao Yang was genuinely worried; her grades were simply too poor, he had no idea how to start helping her.
“Teacher Gao, please wait.” Principal Xu’s voice could be heard from the back. “I have an exam script here, please have it marked.”