Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Looking for Death!
A man with purple hair took the lead to notice Qin Ran. He was holding a cigarette and said with a vile voice, “What are you looking at—”
Every scene flashed through her mind. Screams, explosions, blood soaking through the earth…
Qin Ran took off her headphones and uniform and tossed it aside. She looked up at the person called Brother Xu coldly and evilly. “Xu Shen, do you remember me telling you to stay away from me?”
She stepped forward, reached out, and grabbed the dagger in Xu Shen’s hand.
Blood ran down the palm of her hand, scaring the group of young people. The originally fierce teenagers calmed down at this moment and all looked at her.
Xu Shen was startled and took a step back.
He stared at her as her expression darkened, and a savage and aggressive look passed by her face.
He loosened his dagger and gestured a Taekwondo posture.
Qin Ran released his hand in a hurry. The dagger fell to the ground and shook it a bit.
She took a step back, widened her distance, and turned around to make a round kick in Xu Shen’s chest.
The person was taken down. The others reacted and rushed up. Qin Ran raised her other hand and pressed someone’s hand, kicking him in the stomach at the same time.
“Qin Ran!” Xu Shen supported himself off the ground and spit out blood. He tried to climb up but failed to.
The siren sounded not far away.
Qin Ran squeezed her right hand, put on her uniform and stood beside Xu Shen. She lowered her head and didn’t pull her zipper, so her white coat was stained with bright red blood.
She squatted and stepped on Xu Shen’s hand. Her pretty eyes narrowed slightly and she stretched out a white finger, then pressed Xu Shen’s throat. She dragged out her tone, her tone pleasant. “Why didn’t you listen to me?”
Not far away, Qin Yu was originally walking with Ning Qing and Lin Wan, but she couldn’t get the materials that Li Airong had wanted.
She let the driver stop at the intersection.
She had come down to buy the books and the driver had first sent Ning Qing to the hotel not far away.
Seeing this, Qin Yu took a moment to look around and didn’t go to the bookstore. Instead, she took out her phone and called Ning Qing.
“Mom,” Qin Yu watched the police car parked not far away. “Sister seems to be fighting with someone and went to the Public Security Bureau.”
On the other side of the phone, Ning Qing’s expression changed.
She took a step outside the hotel and, after making sure that Lin Wan and Lin Qi couldn’t hear her, she whispered, “What the hell is going on?”
Qin Yu was also unclear, so she just said a few words in a vague manner.
“Don’t tell your dad and your aunt about this. I’ll go to the police station first.”
Yun Cheng Police Station Branch.
The young policeman held a pen and sat opposite Qin Ran with a pen. “Qin Ran, tell me your parents’ contact information, and why you hit them.”
Qin Ran leaned back to the chair and pinched her right hand. The blood leaked out and stained her uniform.
She had no expression on her face and her eyebrows looked good under the lights. She didn’t look at the policeman, but she played with her fingers on her left hand and propped her legs up. She said casually, “I don’t like the sight of him.”
The dispatch was near the school. The police had seen all kinds of offensive students here before, and with just one glance at Qin Ran, he could tell that she was a common offender. “You beat him up just because of that? Young lady, you’re pretty impressive, eh?”
Soon, a list of injuries came out.
At first glance, the police determined that the most severely beaten Xu Shen had to stay in the hospital for a few days.
He patted the table. He had seen many cases like this, but he had never seen anyone who showed no signs of repentance after hitting someone. He sneered and was a little disgusted. “Fine, You’re from First Middle School, right? I’ve already informed your school. At this rate, you will have to be detained. I’ll wait for your parents to come!”
Someone knocked on the door outside. “Xiao Li, their family is here.”
Officer Li went out and happened to see Ning Qing. A policewoman was handing out a list for Ning Qing to fill in.
Seeing Officer Li, Ning Qing squeezed her bag. This was the first time she was here and she felt uncomfortable all over. “Police Officer, I am Qin Ran’s mother.”
Officer Li looked at Ning Qing and sneered. “Common offender?”
Ning Qing’s face became embarrassed instantly. She was stiff and she spoke anxiously, “Officer Li, where is she?”
Officer Li glanced at her and took the list. “She’s under interrogation inside. How did you teach her as her mother?”
Ning Qing was embarrassed about being educated by the police officer and she stood there stiffly.
Everyone in the police station looked at her, but she didn’t want to care about it for a moment.
But Lin Wan was still in Yun Cheng. So many people in the Lin family knew the existence of her eldest daughter and were waiting to gossip about her. If she didn’t care about it now, news of Qin Ran being detained in the police station would surely spread to the Lin family.
Xu Shen was taken to the hospital because of serious injuries, and the police took statements from others.
Several other teenagers gave their statements.
Only Pan Mingyue did not speak.
She kept her head buried in her knees and didn’t listen to anyone.
“Your daughter is still inside, she is very stubborn and doesn’t admit wrong or cooperate with us. She can only be detained if this goes on.” Officer Li threw the list on the table.
Ning Qing’s brain froze and she said, “Officer Li, let me in to persuade her!”
A smartly dressed old lady came in from the gate and groaned as she entered. “Who? Who hit my grandson? Where is my grandson? Where is he?”
When Ning Qing saw the old lady, she was stunned. “Grandma Xu?”
She had previously found a violin teacher for Qin Ran, and this grandma was exactly that teacher’s mother.
The old lady was anxious about her grandson. She heard Ning Qing’s voice and narrowed her eyes to look at her. It took her a while to recognize her.
“Grandma Xu, let’s discuss things slowly. How much do you want…” Ning Qing lowered her head and murmured in a low voice.
Her brain crashed. Would she go to jail?
Then criminal records would be left behind! No way!
“Who wants your money,” said the old lady with a sharp tongue. She called her family again. “What are you still looking at? Your son has been beaten and sent to the hospital! Call the Officer at once!”
She was really looking for death!
School medical office.
Lu Zhaoying looked out of the door again and touched his ear studs. “Why hasn’t Qin Ran come yet?”
Cheng Juan glanced at him and said nothing.
He continued reading his medical book in his hand with his head lowered. His knuckles were obvious and he wrote in the book. Lu Zhaoying watched him sullenly.
He would see how long he could stand it for.
Five minutes later, Cheng Juan raised his head, put the pen aside, and closed the book in his hand.
He took out his phone and glanced at it.
There was no new message displayed on it. It was still the text message sent by Qin Ran ten minutes ago. [I have matters to settle, I’m taking leave.]
The sentence he had asked behind was like a stone sinking in the ocean.
Cheng Juan furrowed his brows. He only received a call from the school when he was about to start eating.
He rose suddenly.
Lu Zhaoying was holding his chopsticks and was stunned. “Master Juan, where are you going?”