Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 556 - The End

Chapter 556: The End
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Hao Dui was feeling helpless about Ouyang Wei’s situation.
Beijing and China were now biased towards Ouyang Wei’s situation, and all the rules wouldn’t hurt her at all.
Cheng Juan and Qin Ran had both used their connections.
But the situation and policies still stood in the way.
Even Hao Dui was helpless.
“Captain, I’m going to mobilize the information.” Hao Dui’s subordinate put down the files and looked at him. “I want to head over to where Mr. Cheng Tu is.”
However, Hao Dui was motionless.
“Captain?” He called again.
Looking up abruptly, Hao Dui remained silent, but directly called Qin Ran.
Qin Ran was already standing in front of the mourning hall at this time. People came and went, and she stood in the midst of the crowd, quietly looking at the black and white pictures of Elder Xu.
There was a long silence before she finally answered Hao Dui’s call.
In the video call, Hao Dui’s heart rate quickened at the thought of the document he had just seen. “Miss Qin, what you just sent me… It’s an arrest warrant from the Border Heavy Duty Prison?”
“Yeah.” Qin Ran’s eyes were still fixated on Elder Xu’s picture.
“How did you manage to obtain it?” Hao Dui came from a military academy and was very well versed in the law. He knew that they had no connection to the Border Heavy Duty Prison.
They only had connections internationally.
All those locked up there were important international criminals.
The copper and iron walls in the prison were impenetrable, and no one had escaped since its establishment 28 years ago.
“I’ll tell you the details later.” Qin Ran’s eyes were cold. “Someone will come to hand it over about half a day later. You can send a few people to follow them.”
“I understand.” Hao Dui nodded. He paused for a moment and continued, “Then… Can our team sign a contract with them? It’s usually too difficult to catch those cross-border fugitives.”
Cheng Juan had been around to settle such matters previously. But now that he had retired from the criminal investigation team, it was getting increasingly difficult for Hao Dui.
He didn’t want to let go of this opportunity.
“I’ll help you ask,” Qin Ran replied lightly.
“Thank you, Miss Qin!” Hao Dui immediately exclaimed.
Qin Ran hung up.
At the same time, Cheng Juan also received a message. He glanced at the content and paused before looking at her.
“Young Master Xu, my condolences.” Not far away, people had come to mourn in endless streams.
Xu Yaoguang had mentally collapsed for a few days, but his condition had stabilized now.
After Lu Zhaoying and Jiang Dongye paid homage to Principal Xu, they took a step back and looked for Qin Ran and Cheng Juan in the crowd. They spotted them but didn’t go forward to disturb Qin Ran.
Mother Lu was also here, but she didn’t dare to look at the bodyguards surrounding the Xu family’s house.
“What on earth does the Xu family do?” Mother Lu retracted her gaze and lowered her voice thoughtfully.
She was asking Lu Zhaoying.
Many people in Beijing were familiar with Qin Ran and Lu Zhaoying.
Upon hearing their conversation, they all glanced over.
Previously, everyone had thought that after Cheng Juan’s downfall, his life would continue spiraling downwards, and many would come to suppress him. However, he was still alive and kicking…
As for Qin Ran and the Qin family, not only were they alive and kicking, but Qin Hanqiu had directly taken back the main control of the personnel.
Xu Shiying’s incident had occurred too suddenly. So many of the Xu family had turned their backs on each other.
But today, the black-clad bodyguards standing in rows were terrifying. It was difficult to even find someone with such similar auras in the four major families.
Lu Zhaoying hadn’t paid much attention to the four major families’ affairs and was a little out of touch with Qin Ran.
He shook his head speechlessly.
On the contrary, Jiang Dongye said thoughtfully, “It doesn’t look like Master Juan’s subordinates. Maybe it’s Miss Qin’s friends…”
Jiang Dongye had seen Cheng Shui’s men. The people in the manor now were too different.
They exchanged a few words and then exchanged glances silently.
Beijing was becoming really interesting.

The Qin family’s house.
At Fourth Master Qin.
He was no longer the first shareholder of the Qin family. Hence, he didn’t dare to go to Elder Xu’s funeral.
At this point, he was prancing around in his study.
With his wits, he could estimate the situation in Beijing currently, and he already expected Ouyang Wei’s demise.
After all, Ouyang Wei had been the one to abet him and had kept a lot of things from him.
“Fourth Master Qin, don’t be afraid of Qin Hanqiu and Qin Ran.” His subordinate glanced at him. “It’s at such a time that you must express your sincerity to Miss Ouyang. If you avoid seeing them now, you’re only giving up the opportunity to Qin Hanqiu and Qin Ran! The situation we finally won back has all been disrupted by them! How can Miss Ouyang trust you in the future?!”
Everyone was aware that without Ouyang Wei, Fourth Master Qin’s branch family couldn’t possibly overthrow the direct bloodline.
“Yes, Fourth Master Qin…” His other subordinates sang the same tune.
They all knew Ouyang Wei’s identity. Let alone the Ouyang family, Ouyang Wei herself was extremely powerful.
She even had connections from 129.
Staring at them, Fourth Master Qin shook his head.
The Xu family’s incident was getting increasingly more complicated. He could also guess that Elder Xu’s accident… must have something to do with Ouyang Wei.
But… he really didn’t dare to go up against Qin Ran.
Fourth Master Qin paused. “Wait for a little more.”
“What are we waiting for?” asked one of his subordinates impatiently. “You know who is behind Miss Ouyang. You know the Xu family’s fate for offending her…”
At this moment, there was a knock on the door.
Fourth Master Qin glanced outside. “Come in!”
It was his confidant.
“Fourth Master.” The confidant walked in and immediately knelt on one knee. “Miss Ouyang has just been arrested!”