Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Encounter
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Gao Yang was the leader of the Mathematics Group of First Middle School.
He had taken the Year 1 students to a math competition last year.
“Principal,” Gao Yang pushed the door open, his chubby face hesitating before asking, “What exam script do you want me to check?”
Principal Xu opened the first drawer and took out a book.
It was “Kite Chaser”.
There were dark red marks on the side of the book that looked like dried blood.
Principal Xu reached out and brushed the cover.
He lowered his head slightly, and with his fingers on the book cover, a paper was drawn out of it. An insignificant desolation seemed to linger between his fingertips.
“Look at it.” Principal Xu passed the paper to Gao Yang.
The paper rolls were neatly folded and somewhat old.
After being opened, there were slight uneven wrinkles on the rolled surface, as if it had been rubbed into a ball before.
Gao Yang looked at the paper and was very surprised.
This was last year’s International Olympics test paper. Gao Yang had taken the Mathematical Olympiad class last year and had done a lot of questions. He had referred to the answers three times before he figured out this test paper.
At first glance, he saw the words, their postures vertical and leaning on each other. The ink changed in thickness freely and the words were an unrestrained vigor of strokes.
It was a form of willfulness and lack of restraint from the inside out.
Even across a paper, Gao Yang could almost see how the person who had written the paper held the pen. That person was cool and wild with an unrestrained madness, smiling at him remotely.
The Mathematical Olympiad was a question from last year’s International Mathematical Olympiad and was not available online.
Gao Yang had studied this set of papers last year and hence, he scanned through it quickly. A large part of the problem-solving answers was different from the solutions he had read before, but the general direction was right.
There were not many questions on the paper, but Gao Yang looked at it for a long time.
“I don’t know much about the Olympiad, so I want you to help me look at how that kid is doing.” Principal Xu poured a cup of tea for Gao Yang and passed it to him.
Gao Yang took the cup and didn’t drink it immediately. He just held the paper and looked at it for a long time.
“Principal Xu, who did this? A student in our school?”
Principal Xu did not answer. He took the teacup and asked softly, sighing, “Was it done well?”
“It’s more than good,” Gao Yang said, with a regretful tone tinged with curiosity. “If I had seen this student two years earlier, the gold medal would have been ours.”
Principal Xu smiled and did not answer.
Gao Yang could not help but ask again, “Is this person from our school?”
The best students in math were Xu Yaoguang from their class and Lin Jinxuan, who had graduated earlier. However, they couldn’t even compare to the person who did this paper.
If this person was in their school, they would be able to hit a new high.
But it didn’t seem possible, as he couldn’t have not known about it.
School medical office.
A very simple pure gray door frame was half-opened.
Not far away, a group of girls in physical education class frolicked with each other and looked at the school medical office.
There seemed to be some treasure there.
Lu Zhaoying touched the shining studs on his left ear. He smiled and dismissed the 23rd girl this morning before smirking at Cheng Juan, who was lying on the sofa. “Your market price is just as in the past…”
Cheng Juan pulled the blanket over his face.
“Shut up, don’t make noise.”
Lu Zhaoying mimicked a zip over his mouth.
He looked up. “This girl looks good!”
Lu Zhaoying quickly changed his position and made a pose.
He held his black gel pen, said hello lazily, before saying rudely, “Little sister, where are you uncomfortable?”
Qin Ran looked over him at the medicine in the cupboard. “Is there a sleeping pill?”
Her voice was neither cold nor warm.
“Sleeping pill?” There had been many girls who had asked for medicine just to see Cheng Juan, and she was the first one to come here sincerely for medicine.
Lu Zhaoying felt that it was very rare. “The sleeping pills are prescription drugs, I can’t give them to you…”
A sudden low voice interrupted him. “How many?”
Lu Zhaoying turned his head suddenly.
Cheng Juan’s long, clean fingers stopped on the box containing sleeping pills and looked up at Qin Ran.
“Ten tablets.” She looked at the box of pills.
Cheng Juan nodded. He counted ten pills, wrapped it in white paper, and handed it to Qin Ran.
Qin Ran took it.
He didn’t expect the transaction to be so smooth, so she held the medicine, paused, and looked at Cheng Juan again. “Thank you.”
She slowly put the medicine away. Her face was so beautiful but there was no expression, and her delicate eyebrows couldn’t conceal her perverse personality.
Her eyes were a little bloodshot and were clearly not so purely white. It was hazy but still looked a little wild and fierce.
She was wearing a pure white T-shirt and her collarbone was revealed near the collar. Her skin was dazzling white and her pale cyan blood vessels could be seen.
Cheng Juan looked at her sideways and suddenly smiled.
“You’re welcome. Prescription drugs need to be signed,” he said.
He pushed a list over.
Qin Ran held a pen with her left hand and signed on it.
Cheng Juan looked down at the written name—Qin Ran.
When she left, Lu Zhaoying asked, “Do you know her?”
Cheng Juan narrowed his eyes slightly and smirked. “Thin waist.”
Cheng Juan stopped talking.
“Is there something on?” Lu Zhaoying stroked his chin and smiled wretchedly.
Cheng Juan looked at the ugly handwriting on the medical record and said lightly, “I’m a doctor in the school. This is my duty.”
Lu Zhaoying: “…” You only remember now that you are the doctor here?
A group of girls pushed the light gray gate open.
Lu Zhaoying looked at Cheng Juan.
Cheng Juan turned back.
Then, he said three casual words, “Don’t make noise.”
Lu Zhaoying: “…”
He looked in the direction where Qin Ran was leaving. Other than being especially pretty, he couldn’t see anything special in her, and her handwriting was so ugly it was a little cute.
Master Juan couldn’t possibly throw away all the noble ladies chasing after him in the city and fancy that girl, could he?
In class 3.9, the fishes and dragons were mixed together.
In the last row.
A juvenile leaned on the table and whispered, “Young Master Xu, I’ve inquired around. The Campus Belle Qin was unhappy in the morning because of her sister. Who on earth is Uncle Lin thinking? How could he put her in First Middle School and make Campus Belle awkward?” He rubbed his chin and said, “I heard that she took a year off school for fighting. Just how bad is she?”
There were also female school bullies in First Middle School, and most of them had very fierce images. Compared with the beauty of normal aesthetic girls, the difference was great.
The juvenile chuckled. “It seems like she just came to Yun Cheng and wants to enter First Middle School because of Campus Belle Qin.”
Xu Yaoguang took out his notebook and threw it on the table with a slam. He said lightly, “A painting of a tiger turned out to be a dog.”
The school bell had not yet sounded.
Gao Yang came to the class with the lesson plan in advance and was beaming with joy. “Today, we have a new member joining us in class 3.9. Everyone, welcome her!”