Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Irritable Sister
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Immediately after his words fell, silence fell over class 3.9.
The juvenile sat down, took a book and poked on Xu Yaoguang’s back. “What a coincidence, she just happened to be assigned to our class?”
Xu Yaoguang leaned on the back of his chair with his hands crossed.
He was born handsome, and when he frowned, his expression looked a little unhappy.
“Why, Qiao Sheng, do you know the new classmate? Is it a girl or a boy?” Qiao Sheng’s deskmate came over and asked, full of interest.
At the beginning of the senior year, the teachers of each subject were strict on them and they only had a few interesting things happen.
Upon hearing this, a bunch of people in the back row came up to them.
“It’s a girl, but don’t anticipate her.” Qiao Sheng rested his hands on the table and grinned.
He didn’t mention that this new classmate was Qin Yu’s sister. Qin Yu was a person who was drawn to their circle by Xu Yaoguang, and it was no secret that Young Master Xu fancied her.
“Why?” At the mention that it was a girl, everyone grew excited.
“She is repeating a year and is from Ninghai Village.” Qiao Sheng shook his head. “You know, Ninghai Village is one of the three major poverty alleviation places in the province.”
After hearing this, the minds of a group of teenagers suddenly paused.
Immediately in their minds came the appearance of those frail, yellow-skinned children that they had seen in the news.
There was no expectation for the new classmate.
“Darn you, Qiao Sheng, why are you like this? You’re not giving room for my imagination.” A teenager next to him spread his long legs out.
Gao Yang was about to say something, but he saw that Qin Ran was still not inside, so he tilted his head and said with a gentle expression, “Qin Ran, come in quickly.”
Qin Ran was still outside the classroom, holding a set of school uniforms and a few books.
She held the book with one hand, and the school uniform was on the book.
She held her phone in her other hand and looked at it.
It was news of Gu Xichi. Qin Ran took one glance at it before arbitrarily shoving her phone back into her pocket. When she heard Gao Yang’s voice, she took the book and school uniform and walked into the classroom.
Qiao Sheng lowered his voice and said while spinning a pen, “Young Master Xu, do you think she got scared? I searched and found out that Ninghai’s education isn’t good. She’s really damn brave to come to First Middle School.”
Xu Yaoguang looked down at his phone, then he pulled his chair and stood up. “I’m going to the auditorium for Qin Yu’s violin lesson.”
Xu Yaoguang first saw Qin Yu because of her violin performance at the opening ceremony. Qin Yu had attracted him with her beautiful violin melody.
Xu Yaoguang went out through the back door.
He just happened to walk past Qin Ran.
“Tsk, I’m so jealous of him,” Qiao Sheng said. He wasn’t as bold as Young Master Xu and said in a depressed tone, “I also want to see Campus Belle Qin play the violin. What’s there to see about a new student.”
He kicked his legs at his deskmate’s table, hoping to find an accompaniment in complaining.
But his deskmate didn’t speak, and the classroom fell into a weird silence. All the whispers disappeared instantly.
They were all staring at the podium, the silent classroom marking their astonishment.
“I’m Qin Ran.” Qin Ran switched her hand and held her book with her right hand. She used her left hand to write down her name on the blackboard with a chalk.
She was obviously very polite.
She even had a sort of disagreeableness in her that was carefully hidden.
But her careless and casual movements clearly and yet undistinctly brought a sort of wildness.
No one in Class 3.9 spoke.
It was very quiet.
Gao Yang pointed to a vacant seat and smiled. “You can sit there. Lin Siran, introduce the campus to the new classmate after class.”
The girl with a ponytail regained her senses. She blushed, then stood up and let Qin Ran walk to her seat.
Qiao Sheng and a few boys in the back row had not anticipated this new student, but they had probably already sketched out her image in their hearts.
According to the news, those who had their face to the ground and their back to the sky must have bad skin, rough and dull. Furthermore, their temperament and grace definitely couldn’t be compared to Qin Yu.
But now all these imaginations of theirs had been overturned.
After Class 3.9 was quiet for two minutes, there was a loud inhalation.
The words on the blackboard were written in a single stroke. They were crooked and not rigid. Although they were not good-looking, they were full of personality.
Just like her.
She had long hair that fell over her shoulders, her skin was extremely white, and her legs were long and straight. Her apricot eyes were looked down, black and bright.
She was full of free-spiritedness.
And she was even icy-cold.
Everyone in the classroom was watching her.
Her delicate eyebrows gathered a bit of evil between her eyes, the corners of her mouth were arched casually. She was definitely an impressive sister.
Her aura was strong, and wherever she went, all the boys retracted their feet that had been stretched to the middle of the aisle.
“Damn! This girl is wild and terribly pretty. Qiao Sheng, your news was wrong!”
“What a hot deal, the campus belle is going to be changed!”
Lin Siran wanted to talk to the new classmate and take her on a walk around the campus, but she was already sitting on the table with one hand propped up, looking away.
She was ostentatiously unbridled.
She had such a big boss aura that Lin Siran didn’t dare say a single word.
After one lesson, Qin Ran put her school uniform on and asked Gao Yang for an accommodation form. She also asked for leave.
Forty minutes later, inside the Lin family’s house.
“Why is Ms. Qin back again? School isn’t finished yet, is it?” Aunt Zhang opened the door and frowned when she saw her. Her gaze was harsh and judgemental.
Qin Ran raised her eyebrows and said concisely, “Get out.”
Her eyes were not purely black and white, but were also slightly bloodshot. Her originally cold eyes shot up with fierceness.
Aunt Zhang’s heart tightened, and she stepped back subconsciously.
Qin Ran went straight upstairs.
Aunt Zhang finally reacted and pursed her lips.
If it weren’t for Qin Yu, would Mr. Lin have agreed to bring her to the Lin family? She really thought she was all that?
Upstairs, Qin Ran found Ning Qing’s door.
The door was half-open, and the sounds inside could be heard.
Qin Ran’s footsteps paused.
It was Ning Qing’s voice, aggrieved and irritable. “You’re calling me biased, but what can I do? After a few days when the little aunts from the Lin family come over, how am I supposed to explain to them when they ask?”
Chen Shulan was very ill and very weak. “What?”
“Do you want me to tell them that Qin Ran dropped out of her school due to her rebellion and has come to Yun Cheng to repeat a year?” Ning Qing said, almost resentful. “Say that she’s still in the senior year even though she’s nineteen, and is in the same year as Yu’er? How could I possibly say such a shameful thing? The little aunts in the Lin family already don’t like me, do you think it’s so easy being the wife of a rich man?”
Ning Qing admitted that she was biased towards Qin Yu. Qin Yu had been clever since young and brought her pride outside.
She was having a hard time in such a prestigious family. Lin Qi had already said that they would not have a second child, so she had devoted her life to Qin Yu.
Qin Yu did not disappoint either. She was not only excellent but had also won the favor of Lin Qi.
Qin Yu was her hope, so it was not realistic for her to not be biased.
Outside the door, Qin Ran raised her foot and kicked the door open, fierce and irritable.