Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered
Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Untitled
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The few youths surrounding the single person looked roughly 18 or 19 and had cigarettes sticking out their mouths.
He swept a glance across her long and slender legs before shifting his eyes to her face.
Cheng Juan furrowed his brows. “You go over.”
Saving a damsel in distress was something Lu Zhaoying wouldn’t mind doing.
He rolled his sleeves up a little and styled his hair, but before he was done, someone kicked him on his calf.
He turned around and saw Cheng Juan with both hands in his pockets, looking at him with utter despise. “Hurry up, what’re you fiddling with?”
Lu Zhaoying hurriedly walked towards that girl.
“Little girl, you’re a good student from First Middle School? Why are you out here playing truant at this time?” The leader of the youths puffed a ball of smoke in Qin Ran’s face and chuckled.
He looked like a mean person.
Qin Ran responded rather seriously, “No, I applied for leave.”
The few youths seemed a bit stunned. This wasn’t a response they’d ever expected.
Qin Ran took a step back.
She placed her backpack on the pavement.
Lu Zhaoying was not there yet.
Qin Ran then removed her school jacket, revealing a plain white t-shirt inside, and then her fair and thin elbows, and finally her slender fingers.
Cheng Juan watched her from where he stood.
When she put her bag down, she seemed to have glanced at him for a split moment.
It was brief eye contact, and all Cheng Juan could see were how pretty her eyes were, and in them, the rebellion of a teenager.
His brows were knitted together slightly as he heard that rather pretty girl say, “I’ll give you guys a chance.”
One of the smokers’ eyes landed on her elbow, and he reached out to touch her. “Whoa, how about let us give you a chance instead, accompany us and…”
Qin Ran took one more step back and sent a strong kick into that guy’s stomach.
Fast and furious.
He staggered backward for a few steps but was supported by his underlings. He bent over in agony.
One of the underlings stepped forward quickly, seeking revenge.
But he’d to get ahold of her first.
Qin Ran swiftly turned her body and avoided his grip. Before he knew it, she’d grabbed his collar and punched him hard in the face.
He fell backward and reached to touch his nose, and all he saw was blood.
Qin Ran did not stop there.
The last youngster tried to punch her in the stomach, but she outsmarted him and grabbed his wrist before shoving her whole body weight at him.
The scene was pretty quiet.
Even Cheng Juan had not fully reacted to the situation.
The four hooligans who were at least half a head taller than Qin Ran were now heaving and catching their breaths.
One was on the ground, another was bleeding, and yet another was puking bile.