Mai Kitsune Waifu

Mai Kitsune Waifu

Mai Kitsune Waifu
Chapter 50 Demonic Power Formation

That star jade is the “Kang” star jade, which was also dark.
But this “Kang” star jade was quite different from the other star jade. This star jade was having a slight flare as the result of those red and white streams of qi that were wound up on it.
This proves that this star jade will bursts open at any time. As long as Liu Yi has the opportunity, this star jade will be lit.
Lin Tong looked at her own immortal cultivation’s universe chart.
In this pitch-black universe there were only four lonely star jade that were brightly lit.
A red light was connected to this four star jade and then dissipated somewhere in its effort to establish the fifth star jade.
‘Ai, this is so unfair.’ Lin Tong lament in her heart.
Human really were the darling of the Heaven, their immortal cultivation were much more efficient than the demon.
The six beings were: Buddha, Devil, Immortal, Demon, Human, and Ghost.
Among these six, human were the true gifted one, their immortal cultivation rate is the fastest!
After Human cultivate to a certain extent, they will enter the world of immortals.
In addition to that, human can also do the Devil and the Buddha cultivation!
If that human were to die and their vitality was to linger, they can become a vengeful ghost and enter the Asura path cultivation to become the King of Ghost.
As for Demons, they have to strive really hard to be able to enter this cultivation path.
But their cultivation pace were many times slower!
But that is not to say that Demon were useless because they can absorb the essence of the Sun and the Moon, which human can’t do.
Since the ancient times, humans cannot cultivate the Demon Cultivation, because the body structure of Human and Demon were completely different!
Unless a human die an unnatural death, become a vengeful ghost and then possessed a plant or an animal, and re-cultivate to become a real demon.
But Liu happens to be the most special existence!
There were the immortal and demon powers that interacted inside his body.
So to said, he, as a human, can absorb the essence of the Sun and the Moon.
And also, as a demon cultivator, his 28 star jade were already inside his universe chart of the immortal cultivation!
‘So, what the hell is he?’
The unique advantage of human and demon were all possessed by him!
And so on!
When Lin Tong was feeling envy, jealousy, and hatred, she suddenly understand about something.
The white power of the immortal….
The immortal power…came from the upright and integrity of the heart!
The more firm and persistent the heart is, the more formidable is the immortal power.
And Liu Yi always has a righteous heart!
As long as his righteousness doesn’t dissipate, his immortal power will always be greater than his demonic power!
If Liu Yi doesn’t have any uprightness, his immortal power will immediately wither away.
By that time, Liu Yi will be reduce to a mere demon and become that black belly Liu Yi.
Lin Tong suddenly began to worry.
To be honest…she doesn’t like the black belly Liu Yi…
‘Although Liu Yi usually looked like a fool…but…he kinda cute!’ Lin Tong thought.
‘Pei, pei! What am I thinking!’
The black belly Liu Yi was obviously more scary. Perhaps he will realize Lin Tong’s intention and then seal her forever, never letting her slip from his control!
The silly Liu Yi was easier to cheat on and more obedient!
‘Right, that’s it, that’s exactly it!’
‘Therefore, I can’t let Liu Yi’s demonic strength grow to fast, lest he completely degenerate to become a demon.’
‘Liu Yi, this big miss plan is for your own good. Don’t think that this big miss didn’t care for you!’
“But…the second star jade did begin to have some activity!”
Seeing Lin Tong was silent for a long time, Liu Yi suddenly asked.
“Why are you asking so much nonsense? I told you to concentrate on your cultivation training!” Lin Tong woke up and then charmingly roared in anger.
“Also, pay attention when you pick up a fight! Keep your own nature and don’t let that be eroded by evil! You hear me!?”
“I know…Fox sister…”
Liu Yi nodded again and again, “I also thought that my other self, made me uncomfortable…he let me feel….disgust with myself.”
“He is the evil in your heart. You must defeat him!”
Lin Tong cautioned him.
“If you turned into him a couple more times, maybe it will become permanent!”
“I, I don’t want that!”
Liu Yi waved his hand and hastily said, “I don’t want to change permanently into him!”
“Then you must control yourself!”
After that, Lin Tong shut her eyes to save her spiritual power.
“I know! I will certainly strive to correct myself!”
Liu Yi nodded and continued to concentrate on his cultivation technique.
He began to mobilize the power inside his body and tried to attack his second star jade.
He wanted to try if he can break through this second star jade!
So that his strength can improve tremendously!
‘Come on, Liu Yi, you can do it!’ He cheered himself.
Liu Yi began to go all out to control the stream of qi inside his body so that it continuously attack the second star jade, “Kang.”
The white stream of qi was being led by the red stream of qi in attacking the star jade, “Kang.”
Originally, there was no movement in that “Kang” star jade. But now, it suddenly started to vibrate and also exude a continuous humming sound.
The red and white, two rays of light were continuously impacting this “Kang” star jade, making this “Kang” star jade trembled without end.
Liu Yi felt that he almost succeeded…
Just a little bit…
As long as he add a little more power…that would be enough!
‘Let me add a little more of my power!’ He thought.
At that moment, inside his spiritual environment, Liu Yi’s hair turned slightly red.
Lin Tong, who was sitting opposite of him, was surprised. She opened her eyes to look at the cross-legged Liu Yi in front of her.
“O, heaven….such a powerful demonic energy…”
The two streams of qi simultaneously impacted the “Kang” star jade.
The “Kang” star jade bursts into a dazzling brilliance. Liu Yi also shared part of this brilliance. He suddenly opened his eyes.
It was a couple of slightly reddish eyes. But, in the blink of an eye, the red faded and turned into golden yellow.
Golden eyes….
This is the unique characteristic of the Heavenly Fox!
Moreover, Liu Yi’s short black hair turned silver. Meanwhile, his hair was continuously elongated, making his original an inch long hair turned into a flowing long hair inside this spiritual environment. (TL: I’m imagining Inuyasha XD)
His disposition completely changed. He is no longer that simple-minded foolish boy. Instead, the corner of his mouth had a grin, while his eyes flowed an evil demonic energy of a juvenile.
“So…there’s a beautiful little fox inside my body eh?”
Liu Yi was standing there with a crooked smile.
Meanwhile, he held out his hand, conjured up a red hairband with his power and fitted it to his flowing long hair behind him.
Lin Tong suddenly felt numb all over her body.
The golden eyes can see through all the illusions.
That means her real face behind the mask (real intention) certainly can be seen through by the opposite party!
‘Liu Yi…What have you become?’ She thought.
“The presence of other people inside my body….although she is a beautiful young girl, it’s a bit uncomfortable.”
Liu Yi said. After that, in a flash, his body suddenly moved according to the Spirit Fox Steps and instantly arrived in front of Lin Tong.
Lin Tong immediately shocked. She also used the Spirit Fox Steps to instantly back out.
But when she just ran two steps, her body was already grabbed back by Liu Yi’s left hand.
“Little miss, don’t run so fast. Do you want me to taste the joy of pursuing you?”
Liu Yi’s face was suddenly stuck in front of Lin Tong’s face. He then attached his mouth to her ear and whispered.
The breath that blew into Lin Tong’s ear made her itch.
Liu Yi’s eyes fell into Lin Tong’s face. They were so close. Being stared by his golden eyes so close like this instantly made her heart beat fast!
Golden Eyes!
The eyes of charm!
This unique ability of the Heavenly Fox can forcibly upgrade the favorable impression of anyone who was gazed at by this eyes.
The specific of this upgrade (how many it increase) depends on the personal charm.
But Lin Tong felt that her own favorable impression toward Liu Yi was instantly increased to a number no less than 30!
When she looked back at Liu Yi, her face was already red. Her rapid heart beat was clearly felt by her.
‘This is bad, this is really, really bad…’ She thought.
Her will to fight…was gone….
She just wants to be held in Liu Yi’s arms….
‘Oh, Heavens…’
‘These golden eyes were really terrifying!’
‘The Heavenly Fox was actually this powerful….’
‘But how could Liu Yi turned into a Heavenly Fox….’
‘In the end, who is going to explain what this is all about, ah, ah, ah, ah!’
“You seemed a bit scared…”
Liu Yi softly said, “Don’t be afraid….I’ll make it a bit less painful for you…”
With that, Liu Yi’s hand reached out and lightly pinched Lin Tong’s neck.
Lin Tong cannot even fight back. Her neck was getting tightened by Liu Yi’s pinch.
Soon, Lin Tong’s sad eyes became dark.
In a moment, her neck will certainly snap.
By that time, her spirit will be completely absorbed by Liu Yi to become his strength.
‘Why, why is this happening to me….’
“Liu Yi….I, I am sorry….”
Lin Tong managed to squeeze out these words from her throat.
“Don’t worry, your suffering will end soon. Be good, ok….”
Liu Yi said with his mouth. An evil smile was still hanging on his lips.
But at this time, his body suddenly shivered.
His two golden eyes turned into black again.
“Let go of….let go of my Fox sister!”
Liu Yi’s mouth uttered a roar.
“Silly boy! Why, why did you come out to create trouble at this time!?”
Liu Yi changed back again. He looked at Lin Tong with his golden eyes and sternly said.
“This person is just a pest! She’s just using you! I’m going to do a good thing for the both of us!”
Liu Yi changed back, his black eyes nervously looked at Lin Tong.
“Fox sister…I won’t let anyone hurt you!”
“You idiot! You’re going to regret this!”
“Get out!”
Liu Yi suddenly roared. His body blasted out a ring of violent wave.
His hair shortened and became black again. His golden eyes were also dissipated.
With his black eyes back, his sinister appearance was also gone, making Lin Tong visibly relieved.
“Fox sister….I, I’m sorry….”
Liu Yi quickly loosened his hand.
Lin Tong dropped to the ground. She was panting and glad to be alive!
“I didn’t know how could this happen….How on earth did I….”
Liu Yi watched his hands with fear.
“What did you just do?….How could you turned into a demon so fast!?”
Lin Tong also looked at Liu Yi with horror.
Just a moment ago, Liu Yi hasn’t formed his demonic power. But, with the emergence of his other personality, his demonic power started to shape up in an embryo form.
“I, I don’t know….I was just trying to open my second star jade….When it appeared to be a success…I suddenly fainted. Hence, I didn’t know anything that happens after that….”
“Are you an idiot!?”
Lin Tong suddenly can’t help but scold, “I told you to proceed step by step; Cultivate slowly! While your foundation was still not solid and your mental state was not stable, you anxiously opened the “Kang” star jade! Are you so anxious to power up?”
“No, I’m not!”
Liu Yi shook his head again and again and honestly said.
“I just….want to progress a bit quick….so that I can help to break Fox sister’s seal a bit earlier….”
Lin Tong suddenly foolishly stood there.