Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura
Chapter 4711: Have Some Self-Respect

Chapter 4711: Have Some Self-Respect
“You’re also at rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation?”
Bi Jingjing looked at Chu Feng with shock in her eyes.
“Do you want to continue?” Chu Feng said.
The disciples of the North Tortoise Hall were delighted. They didn’t bear much hope toward the spirit power round, and Chu Feng challenging all of the South Vermilion Hall’s disciple at once only deepened their despair.
But now, they were finally seeing hope for victory.
While they were both at rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation, Chu Feng was actually able to destroy the collaborative formation constructed by the disciples of the South Vermilion Hall in a single strike. From this, it could be seen that he was stronger than Bi Jingjing.
“It isn’t over yet.”
But despite so, Bi Jingjing had no intention of giving up. The space in front of her shuddered as a spirit formation gate materialized. Soon, a silhouette walked out from within.
It was a world spirit!
The presence of the world spirit made the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall frown. They could sense the aura of a rank three Utmost Exalted level cultivator coming from the world spirit.
“World spirits are also a part of a world spiritist’s strength. Chu Feng, you’ve lost,” Bi Jingjing said.
“It has been a long time since I’ve seen world spirits from the Fairy Spirit World,” Chu Feng said with a smile.
Right after that, his silhouette suddenly vanished. When he appeared once more, he was already standing right before Bi Jingjing’s world spirit.
He thrust his fist forward and struck the abdomen of the world spirit squarely, causing the world spirit to immediately kneel to the floor weakly.
The first thought that flashed through Fang Yunshi’s mind was that Chu Feng had used his martial power. He wanted to lash out at the latter, but he suddenly froze in place.
To his astonishment, he couldn’t sense any martial power around Chu Feng at all. Instead, what he saw was Chu Feng donning an armor made out of spirit power. The latter was emanating the aura of a rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator.
“Y-you’re at… rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation!” Bi Jingjing exclaimed in disbelief.
Chu Feng smiled calmly, but he still didn’t respond to Bi Jingjing’s question directly. Instead, he asked, “Do you want to continue on?”
“This fellow!”
Chu Feng’s arrogant attitude made Fang Yunshi and the other disciples of the South Vermilion Hall enraged, but to their dismay, they realized that there was nothing they could do about him.
“Interesting. It’s no wonder why even the East Dragon Hall was unable to win you over. You have won today,” Bi Jingjing said before turning around to leave.
“What about the promise?” Chu Feng asked.
“We’ll follow what you said. From this day onward, the first five days of the Wintry Spirit Waterfall will be taken by our disciples wheres the remaining ten days will be yours,” Bi Jingjing replied.
“Senior Bi, are you able to call the shots on this matter? I wouldn’t want the other disciples of the South Vermilion Hall to cause a fuss over this matter every few days,” Chu Feng said.
“Yes, I can call the shots on this matter.”
Right after saying her piece, Bi Jingjing got up and left the area.
The other disciples of the South Vermilion Hall also quickly got up and followed her too. Even the disciples who were originally cultivating in the Wintry Spirit Waterfall rose to their feet and left as well.
The very next moment, all of the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall began huddling around Chu Feng, Song Xi, and the others.
“Junior Chu Feng, you’re too formidable! You weren’t just an ordinary rank one Utmost Exalted level after all. You actually have grasped rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation too!”
While there were words of thanks going toward Song Xi too, the voices surrounding Chu Feng were still the loudest and most numerous.
In truth, Chu Feng’s spirit power was still sealed at rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation, but he used the power of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak and his world spiritist bloodline in order to raise his spirit power to rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation, but he didn’t bother explaining it to the others.
“There’s no need to stand on ceremony. I’m a disciple of the North Tortoise Hall too, so it’s only right for me to do this much,” Chu Feng explained.
The cheers immediately crescendoed with those words. A merry atmosphere swiftly surrounded the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall.
However, what no one noticed was that even though Song Xi was happy too, there was also an indescribable look in his eyes as he looked at Chu Feng.
When everything finally came to an end, Chu Feng headed over to Song Xi’s residence to continue the banquet. It lasted all the way till night time before the banquet was concluded, and he returned back to his residence.
It was a long day, but Chu Feng wasn’t tired at all. He began trying to decipher the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor once more. His goal was not just to recover his strength but to raise it to greater heights.
He knew his deeds today would surely bring attention to him. It might bring him more opportunities, but at the same time, there would surely be some who would try to put him down. He needed to be sufficiently strong in order to protect himself.
“Junior Chu Feng, are you asleep?”
It was then that someone suddenly called out to him outside his residence.
Chu Feng looked over and saw that it was Wang Ziyan. Considering that Wang Ziyan was Song Xi’s companion, she might be here to relay Song Xi’s intention.
So, he got up and opened the doors.
“Sister-in-law, is there something wrong?” Chu Feng asked.
“Junior Chu Feng, may I go in to speak?” Wang Ziyan asked.
“You may enter.”
Chu Feng ushered Wang Ziyan into the room before closing the doors. When he turned around, he noticed that Wang Ziyan was carrying some desserts in her hands. This was peculiar because he was certain that Wang Ziyan’s hands were empty earlier.
“Sister-in-law, what do you mean by this?” Chu Feng asked.
“Junior Chu, I realized that you kept drinking wine earlier but hardly ate anything at all. I’m afraid that you might be starving. I made these desserts myself, so please have a taste. You should fill your stomach first before resting,” Wang Ziyan said.
“Thank you.”
Chu Feng picked up one of the desserts and ate it. It was surprisingly good.
In truth, cultivators like Chu Feng wouldn’t die as long as their souls weren’t destroyed. If they ate, it would be for enjoyment rather than out of necessity.
“Sister-in-law, you still haven’t told me the reason behind your visit. Does Brother Song have business with me?” Chu Feng asked.
“Junior Chu, am I only able to look for you only under Song Xi’s instructions?”
As Wang Ziyan spoke, she walked over to Chu Feng and pounced on him.
“Sister-in-law, what are you doing?”
Chu Feng hurriedly evaded her with a twist of his body.
“Junior Chu, Song Xi and I aren’t a couple. You… don’t have to keep your distance with me,” Wang Ziyan explained as she tried to pounce on Chu Feng once more.
This time, she even used her movement skill.
The two of them were close to one another at the start, and Wang Ziyan was a rank three Utmost Exalted level cultivator. Given that Chu Feng was caught off guard, he ended up failing to evade her.
By the time he realized it, Wang Ziyan had already leaped into his arms and took the initiative to embrace him.
This made Chu Feng incredibly angry. He summoned his spirit power and forcefully shoved Wang Ziyan aside.
“Sister-in-law, please have some self-respect,” Chu Feng bellowed lividly.
“Chu Feng, you really don’t know what’s good for you!”
Wang Ziyan was also enraged at Chu Feng’s refusal too. The seductive look on her face receded, replaced with coldness. With a fling of her sleeves, she turned around and left.
“What’s wrong with her?”
Chu Feng was utterly baffled as to what she was trying to pull.
“She’s probably trying to seduce you after witnessing your talents,” Yu Sha said.
She had seen everything with her own eyes earlier.
“Chu Feng, you should head over to tell Song Xi about this lest she tries to complain about you in advance and turn the situation against you,” Yu Sha reminded.
“There’s no need for that. The relationship between Song Xi and I is not something she could foil that easily. “
Chu Feng closed the door and focused his attention back on deciphering the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.