Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 100 Comprehending Array Formation

Comprehending Array Formation
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“Not some common level of scary.”
Zhen Qingchun said to Du Shaofu, “Your blood is closely similar to the Golden-winged Garuda’s, the bloodline is not something those ordinary demonic beasts can be compared to. If an average bloodline demonic beasts could get your blood, not only could they can enhance their cultivation, there is a high possibility that they could also get the Golden-winged Garuda Clan’s secret law. The most vital point is they that could enkindle the power of their own bloodline, awaking their ancestor gene.”
“Awaking the ancestor gene?”
Zhen Qingchun looked seriously at Du Shaofu, “Let’s take that big cat of yours as an example, it is listed on the Earth Rank Demonic Beasts List, its position is only so-so. It was originally a unique case, already showing signs of awakening its ancestor gene. Once it really succeeded in fully awakening its ancestor genes, the power of its bloodline would shoot up the sky, its future achievements will not be limited, it can even cross over to the Heaven Rank Demonic Beasts List.”
Du Shaofu was tempted; things like the Earth Rank and Heaven Rank Demonic Beasts List, he had heard Zhen Qingchun mentioned them before this.
Amongst demonic beasts, according to their bloodline, the combination of their various special ability and magical power through the years, two list had been compiled out by humans.
Above the common average demonic beasts were the ones listed on the Earth Rank Demonic Beasts List, and above the Earth rankers were stronger and more powerful demonic beasts listed in the Heaven Rank Demonic Beasts List.
Demonic beasts listed in the Earth Rank List were already overwhelmingly powerful, not to mention the terrifying prowess of the Heaven Rank List.
Legends have it, that each demonic beasts that have its name on the Heaven Rank List were (in)famous in its own right, and could grow to an unimaginably remarkable level, possessing phenomenal supernatural power.
Even the most powerful of the human race, may not be able to rival the demonic beast on the Heaven Rank List.
Zhen Qingchun added, “Before that Demonic Scale Tiger had met you, it already showed signs of awakening its ancestor genes. Now that it has got your blood, something out of expectation might happen. Despite that, to what extent could it advance would depend on how much of its bloodline it could awaken. The tiger clan has a pronounced existence on the Heaven Rank List.”
Listening to Zhen Qingchun, Du Shaofu was suddenly looking forward to the Demonic Scale Tiger’s changes; if the Demonic Scale Tiger could become increasingly stronger, for him, it is definitely a happy event.
“Recently your progress in martial cultivation is very fast, you must not forget to pay attention in your talisman runes cultivation. Come, and show me your progress in comprehending the five elements’ runes.” Zhen Qingchun said seriously to Du Shaofu.
Du Shaofu nodded his head; the laughter on his resolute face converged away. Taking a deep breath, handseals flew in rapid speed across his hands, and in an instant, a strong energy rose intermingling, interchanging as talisman runes appeared between the seals of his hands.
When the last seal was formed− white, green, black, red, and yellow – the five colors of the five elements appeared, flickering as they swirled around Du Shaofu, churning to the sky.
The white, green, black, red, and yellow talisman runes expanded, sweeping out as if it has infinite potential, derived from all things, turning into anything and everything ㅡ limitless and deeply profound, exuding a horrifying energy like a tempest in all directions.
Watching Du Shaofu condensed the five elements energy, Zhen Qingchun’s pupils shrunk, shock zapped through them. A desire to curse bubbled from his heart; this abnormal bastard is really too abnormal!
“Brother Qingchun, how is my comprehension progressing, can I start learning arrays?”
Du Shaofu closed his seals and the five elements energy talisman runes disappeared, together with the terrifying energy that swept out earlier.
“Can start learning arrays.”
Zhen Qingchun took a deep breath to calm himself down before he was willing to look at Du Shaofu, “You have understood the basics of arrays; what they called an array is manipulating the five elements energy between heaven and earth for your own use. Before you can arrange an array, you must practice formation flags.”
“Formation flags?” This term was new to Du Shaofu.
Zhen Qingchun nodded firmly, “Integrate the five elements energy and the formation flags act as a lid, covering the vast, all-encompassing like the universe. Then, the final step is the layout of formation flags.”
“I’m looking forward to it ah.”
Du Shaofu grinned. He was truly anticipating it, dreaming of the legends of Array Masters that could topple an empire, flip mountains, and cover the seas with an array, how cool is that!
The corner of Zhen Qingchun’s mouth twitched jerkily; ignoring Du Shaofu, his illusionary hands moved rapidly. His child-like hands, dense talisman runes started to appear, becoming more and more as his hands changes; watching from the side, it was seemingly simple, but in fact, every action contained deep mysteries.
When the last of the seal was locked in Zhen Qingchun’s hands, in the middle of his hand, a profound formation flag appeared the size of an adult’s palm. A unique energy fluctuation came out from the flag as if the spiritual energy nearby were attracted to the flag.
“This is a formation flag, an essential in arranging arrays.” Zhen Qingchun showed Du Shaofu.
Du Shaofu was itching to start and urged bluntly: “Brother Qingchun, quickly teach me how to layout arrays.”
Zhen Qingchun grinned evilly as he looked at Du Shaofu with ill-intent, “My methods of teaching arrays are different from others, you must be mentally prepared for it.”
Du Shaofu looked at Zhen Qingchun from the corner of his eyes, “How is it different? Isn’t it guiding me and teaching step by step?”
Zhen Qingchun snorted from his throat, an eyebrow raised as he put on a wise scholarly pride and said, “Guiding step by step? Only incompetent people teach that way, have you heard of a sentence; to learn how to hit people, you must first learn how to be beaten? If you don’t learn how to be beaten, how can you learn how to beat the others?”
“What has this got to do with learning arrays?”
Du Shaofu looked confusedly at Zhen Qingchun, from the shining wretched-looking eyes, he had a bad premonition.
“Of course they are related.”
Zhen Qingchun chuckled; his hands motion changed and in that instant, more than a dozen formation flags were condensed out, exuding a strong energy vibrations. Without warning, the formation flags shot out one by one from Zhen Qingchun’s palm and fell to a predetermined location in the air, blending into space, akin to rain drops falling into the deep sea, all the formation flags disappeared without a trace.
When the formation flags disappeared, Du Shaofu’s keen sense felt surging waves of spiritual energy spiraling in his directions, space warped, and with a blur before his very eyes, the scene right in front of him changed.
“Where is this?”
Within the strange space, the rock mountains before had disappeared. There was no trace of the forest before as well, only endless darkness and turbulent energy fluctuations; making it hard to gain stand firmly in the darkness.
“Brat, want to learn how to arrange array formations, first you must learn how to break array formations. Once you know how to break them, then you will realize how to arrange them. In the meantime, take this opportunity to train yourself. This is a Two Star attack array, if you can’t crack the array, you’ll have to bear the consequences yourself, heyhey.”
Zhen Qingchun’s wretched voice entered Du Shaofu’s ears but he could not pinpoint where the voice came from.
“Brother Qingchun, you did not teach me anything about breaking arrays ah……” As if remembering something, Du Shaofu shouted out loud.
“Comprehend it yourself ah, if you’re capable then comprehend it yourself. If you can’t then admit that you’re stupid.” Zhen Qingchun retorted conceitedly.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Just when Zhen Qingchun’s voice ended, in the strange energy fluctuation space, spheres of energy emerged out of nowhere and aimed at Du Shaofu, containing mysterious and strange energy vibrations. Unaccustomed to the sudden changes, Du Shaofu had a hard time avoiding getting hit.
“Brother Qingchun, you didn’t tell me a thing, how do I start to comprehend them by myself……”
For the time being, Du Shaofu could only use the Golden-winged Garuda’s Physique Refining Law to resist these attacks, unable to dodge in time, Du Shaofu let out a painful scream, running around with his arms around his head.
“Zhen Qingchun, you are doing this on purpose……”
“Zhen Qingchun, you are definitely doing this on purpose, hurry up and tell me how to crack this array, if not I will not spare you later!”
“Brother Qingchun, at least give me a hint on how to break this array ahh…..”
Up in a towering tree, Zhen Qingchun’s surreal shadow hovered cross-legged as it observed below. Listening to the series of miserable cries, his wretched looking face exposed a satisfied smile; at last, he could give the kid a little payback.
“Humph, you kid acted so complacently, let’s see if you have the ability to comprehend this out!”
Zhen Qingchun smiled faintly; he had decided to teach this kid a good lesson this time, and return all of his grudges in one go.
Inside the array formation space, Du Shaofu was in a sad state – luckily, this is only a Two Star Array Formation, the attack power was within the scope of his endurance, although he was jumping around like a headless snake, Du Shaofu could still resist some of them.
“Zhen Qingchun, once I get out, you’re dead.”
Du Shaofu calmed down. In the process of defending and taking hits, he tried to observe the spheres of energy that emerged out of thin air to attack him. As time went on, he entered into a state of comprehension.
“Humph, if you can really comprehend it without any guidance, I’ll really admire you from the bottom of my heart.”
No longer hearing Du Shaofu’s whelps of pain, Zhen Qingchun was obviously disappointed.
But then in the next moment, his confident and complacent-self returned, he believed that the brat could not do it without anyone teaching or guiding him; this is good to grind that brat’s pride so that he will be a little more honest and humble in the future ….in front of him.
“No, not right; it’s not like this….”
“The five elements spiritual energy supports yet restrains each other at the same time should be this way….”
“Not right again, these five elements talisman runes are not right…..”
Inside the array formation space, Du Shaofu was dodging the attacks while pondering, unintelligible words sometimes came out from his mouth. Gradually, his time in the space was getting more relaxed.
When a few hours had passed, Du Shaofu could move around the array formation like a fish in water as the spheres of energy could no longer go near him.
Whenever a new sphere of energy emerged out of thin air, Du Shaofu moved like he had already predicted them, and avoided them in the nick of time.
On the towering tree, Zhen Qingchun was surprised, and a bad feeling washed over him.
“Why can’t I destroy the array yet?”
Inside the space, Du Shaofu was deep in thought; he could move as he liked in here but couldn’t break the array and go out.
“I understand, the array formation was laid out using formation flags that contained spiritual energy, then, there must be a gathering place of spiritual energy, the eye of the array. As long as I could find the eye of the array, I can break out of here.”
Inside the array, Du Shaofu thought for a long time. Suddenly, he understood as though he had found an epiphany.