Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 107 Du Tingxuan

Du Tingxuan
Edited by Fingerfox
That palm print that made him tremble from the soul grew larger and nearer in his shrunken pupils.
Bang! Bang!
The purple silhouette was just too fast, talisman runes landed on the thin old man’s chest at lightning speed, energy exploding.
“There is a spirit soul’s energy in your body, you are….”
At this moment, the thin old man’s pupils widened in dismay, unwillingness washed over him; in this last moment, he found the most crucial secret of all.
He found out that there was a soul spirit power in Du Shaofu’s body, the presence of an expert’s soul spirit.
An expert that could withdraw a wisp of their soul into a spirit body meant that their cultivation had reached the heights stated only in legends.
How could he fight against an expert of that level, he knew then that he had ran into ten generations of bad luck.
Before the thin old man could finish his words, the sound that was coming from his throat changed into a tragic scream, his body was sent flying away.
In the end, he crashed severely into the ground, his life force shattered, undoubtedly dead.
“That Spirit Talisman Master is killed!”
Many of the Stone City warriors looked up to the sky, seeing that the terrifying Spirit Talisman Master was killed by Du Shaofu, passion, morale, and fighting spirit soared.
However, it had a different effect on the troops from Liuyun County, it was a huge blow to them.
“Heng Lao…………!”
Far away, Cao Tianmang was fighting Ye Guang, seeing this he hollered, his voice of wrath thundered.
A Four Star Spirit Talisman Master ah, he had spent a lot of resources and effort to invite him to Liuyun County.
Cao Tianmang had successfully invited Heng Lao to join Liuyun County’s demon hunting team because Heng Lao had some connections with his master.
It was because Liuyun County has a Four Star Spirit Talisman Master’s presence that their county’s reputation overshadowed the other neighboring counties.
But Cao Tianmang had never imagined, that this time, to ensure victory over Stone City, he requested the Liuyun County’s heavy-priced Spirit Talisman Master here and ended up with such a result – a valuable Four Stars Spirit Talisman Master was actually sacrificed in Stone City.
“Bastard, I will absolutely paint Stone City in blood today!”
Cao Tianmang’s gaze turned ferocious; full power attack once again landed on Ye Guang’s body, destroying the lightning protective barrier around Ye Guang’s body, sending Ye Guang crashing away.
Cao Tianmang went berserk, icy killing intent spread, xuanqi surged and he turned into a rainbow of blurred after images, appearing before Ye Guang. His heavy fist struck out another hit at the weakened Ye Guang.
Horror gleamed in Ye Guang’s eyes as he watched the fist come down on him before it turned into a ruthless daredevil glint.
Ye Guang knew he was defenseless, but even paying with his life, he will make Cao Tianmang pay a hefty price; pushing his xuanqi for the last spurt, wanting to end things on his own terms….
“I spared your life the last time and let you leave safely, I didn’t expect that you would dare to disturb Stone City again, you shall not be spared this time!”
Out of nowhere, a domineering voice thundered in the air and reverberated on the ground….
From the direction of the voice, black clouds rolled, lightning streaked like dragons, and angry thunders rumbled!
An overwhelming and tyrannical coercive pressure descended.
Being locked on by the expert, Cao Tianmang’s face turned white as a sheet, the attack that was directed at Ye Guang froze in midair as terror crept up his body.
Before everyone’s eyes, a ball of lightning appeared, piercing through space and slammed into Cao Tianmang’s fist.
The power of lightning poured out, shaking space whereby Cao Tianmang’s body was roasted in a sphere of lightning as he flew out uncontrollably.
A lion’s roar resounded with the thunder, revealing a gigantic lion after Cao Tianmang was knocked away.
The brutal atmosphere that was coming from its body was horrendous.
“Those that bestir war against Stone City today, I will not spare even one!”
Shocked eyes stared at the huge stalwart body; the entire Stone City was wrapped in the terrifying power of lightning, causing the xuanqi in warriors to coagulate.
The intense bloody battle below paused with the Demonic Lightning Lion’s sudden emergence.
“It’s the Guardian of Stone City, the Demonic Lightning Lion!”
After a short moment of stunned silence, a flood of cheers erupted from the Stone City camp
For the Liuyun County troops, fear quickly overtook their hearts.
“Lightning Ancestor made it out from closed-door practice!”
“Stone City is safe!”
Ye Baolin and Ye Guang’s eyes lit up after hearing that the Demonic Lightning Lion will deal with the stronger experts.
“It did not advance after going into closed-door practice but it is no longer the same as it was, it seems that it did garner some benefits from the Golden-winged Garuda’s blood.”
‘Du Shaofu’ scrutinized the majestic Demonic Lightning Lion, murmuring softly, a curious light flashed across his eyes.
The Demonic Scale Tiger roared, its razor-sharp claws shredded the yellow carapace beast and the cross-bred wolf into pieces, and its gigantic wings swirled from behind knocking the two Pulse Spirit old men.
Fresh blood spurted from their mouths, hurt from the rebound of their spirit pulse and the attack from the Demonic Scale Tiger. Fear filled their eyes.
They did not expect that the three of them together could not actually defeat a demonic beast that had just entered the mid-Pulse Spirit.
This Demonic Scale Tiger is too frightening, its strength was way stronger than any other demonic beast that had recently broken-through to mid-Pulse Spirit.
The Demonic Scale Tiger let out another roar and swallowed the old man that attacked Du Shaofu into its stomach.
“Run, that Demonic Lightning Lion is still alive… quick run!”
The two remaining old men didn’t have the courage to stay and fight with the Demonic Scale Tiger anymore, especially when the supposedly dead Demonic Lightning Lion sprung back to life. Even their bladder might burst from the rising fear, preparing to escape.
At this point of time, the Demonic Scale Tiger would absolutely not allow these two to escape, with a flap of its wings, its huge body rose into the air and swooped down on them like a predator.
It first caught the old man that ran slightly slower, pinching his head between its paw, exerted a little power and the head exploded into pieces.
After that, the Demonic Scale Tiger chased the last remaining of the trio.
“Not good! That Demonic Lightning Lion doesn’t look like it’s dying.”
Cao Tianmang’s expression changed drastically, his blood stained mouth twitched jerkily watching the Demonic Lightning Lion standing majestically in the air. Fear spread through his heart and there was a feeling of being cheated and used; that two super expert probably concealed some facts from him.
Cao Tianmang turned to run, for staying any longer was just flirting with death,
His silhouette flashed quickly.
“You cannot be spared!”
The Demonic Lightning Lion made his move, powerful lightning runes shrouded its gigantic body, like a shooting ball of lightning across the sky at a speed that was a few times faster than Cao Tianmang. In a split second, it had blocked the path in front of Cao Tianmang, a surge of lightning power sweeping onto Cao Tianmang.
“Two Lord must be here watching this, Lords, save me ah!”
Cao Tianmang was horror-stricken, facing the Demonic Lightning Lion that he doesn’t have any will to fight.
At this point, he could only gamble that the two super experts would save him, after all he came to Stone City because of them. It was them who said that the Demonic Lightning Lion was at the end of its rope.
Everyone was surprised hearing Cao Tianmang’s cry for help; is there someone stronger backing Cao Tianmang?
Proud and strong as Cao Tianmang, he actually referred them as Lords, then how strong are they? Could the Demonic Lightning Lion fend off these people?
Streaks of lightning flashed in the huge Demonic Lightning Lion’s eyes, the fur on its body stood up.
“This is really out of my expectation, a dying evil beast rejuvenated, really unexpected.”
Suddenly, at this time, a cold indifferent voice sounded on the sky above, and in the next moment, the space next to Cao Tianmang was torn, two figures appeared, one middle-aged man in a black robe and one middle-aged man in a white robe.
As these two people appear, the earth below that was supporting Stone City tremored for a moment and the air solidified.
The Demonic Lightning Lion’s pupils shrunk in shock.
Not far away, a severe light flickered across ‘Du Shaofu’s’ eyes.
In one of the Du Clan’s backward, an awkward stumbling silhouette exited the courtyard hugging a wine jug in his embrace, with a drunken expression it looked in the direction of the lightning flashes in the sky and continued to walk.
“Want to go out?”
On a path of the ancient bluestone corridor in the Du compound, an old man dressed in a blue robe with a fully white unkempt hair that looked like a bird’s nest, Fu Yibai, was disturbing the ants on the ground with a dry twig.
The heavy rumbling and thunder coming from a certain direction as if it had nothing to do with him.
The drunken silhouette stumbled along the bluestone corridor as if he was going to trip but never did.
If someone saw this, they would be worrying if this fella is going to fall and hurt himself.
“Are you going out?”
Poking the ants with a dry twig, Fu Yibai did not even look once at Du Tingxuan, just a simple sentence and he went back to conquering the ant hill as if there was a great treasure within.
“Yes, going out for a stroll.”
Du Tingxuan also did not look at Fu Yibai, wobbling as he walked passed nearly falling onto Fu Yibai’s body.