Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 120 Clash

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“What are you contemplating about?”
He Jun said coldly. His ferocious eyes and his stalwart physique made him seem very malicious. People who were extremely timid would actually hand over their storage pouches due to fright.
“Ai, you are really making my life hard!”
Du Shaofu said and continued speaking while looking at He Jun, “Did you know that there are still a lot of things that I am unfamiliar with when I reached Lan Ling City? I’ll have some misgivings if I kill you now, but I would feel very uncomfortable if I don’t beat you up. However, if I beat up you, I’m afraid that you would trouble me again. Tell me, what should I do now? Should I beat you to death or just let you go?”
He Jun was stunned. His eyes widened and became round, doubting what he had just heard.
Everyone around also had the same doubt. They doubted their ears as if they had heard wrongly. Where did this kid coame from? He is full of pride and arrogance. A He is completely clueless boy who that didn’t that the the person in front of him was the young master of White Tiger Sect.
Du Shaofu gave He Jun a serious look and said, “Ah, I have decided!. I will beat you till you are half dead. Then my misgivings will be gone. It won’t be easy for you to trouble me next time. What do you think?” Du Shaofu gave He Jun a serious look and asked.
“You are courting death!”
He Jun was infuriated. His fierce eyes moved like a killer due to his rage. This kid was making fun of him to pass the time. The terrifying Qi in his body erupted like mountainous torrents. He was half a step to the peak-MaidongPulse Connecting realm after all.
His stalwart body made a stamped on the ground, making the entire ground tremble. A fist seal then struck a. Along with the fluctuation of talisman symbols., Its Aa fearsome gale blew many guards off balance and, as a result, they fell to the ground. The fist seal reached Du Shaofu in an instant.
“Not bad, you’re actually nearing the peak of -MaidongPulse Connecting.”
Du Shaofu was slightly surprised when he found out about his opponent’s cultivation level. It’s, because his eldest uncle was also at the same cultivation level. This Lan Ling City was worthy to be called a huge territory. These youths were really stronger than the other. It was entirely different from the situation in Stone City.
However, Du Shaofu naturally wasn’t petrified. He didn’t dodge or retreat either, but met the attack head on. A fist seal covered with golden talisman symbols suddenly formed in his hand. The energy surrounding the fist seal was domineering and powerfulforceful.
Two fists clashed together along with their xuanqi. Consequently, aAn explosion echoed through the void. A fearsome wave of energy rushed out, and then the two silhouettes were both knocked back as a result.
*Deng* *Deng*
They staggered backwards. Du Shaofu only staggered three steps back. At this moment, hHis gaze slightly changed, thinking that this brawny opponent wasn’t as weak as he had thought. He could feel some numbness on his fist.
*Ka* *Ka*
He Jun was astonished. A painful sensation came from was felt from his fist. He staggered six steps backward, and every step of his left a pit on the ground.
Du Shaofu made a cold humph while looking at He Jun before lunging at him again. This time, it was Du Shaofu who initiated the attack. It was another fist strike. It was but a simple punch yet it was tyrannical and strong!
Meanwhile, hHe Jun’s fist was shaking. However, he didn’t have any choice; thus he took a deep breath, and gritted his teeth, and then met his opponent’s attack with also a his punch.
The two punches collided once more. The wave of energy rushed to the sky while and the ground shook. He Jun was thrown back once again, this time with blood stains on his fist.
He only found his balance after staggering several steps back. He sucked in a breath of cold air while looking at the blood on his fist. He didn’t think that this would happen since as what he cultivated was a higher grade cultivation law that had made his physique as tough as a beast.
His opponent was a youth who was obviously younger than him and with a fist slightly smaller than his.
Nonetheless, he couldn’t even bear the heaviness of that punch.
“I don’t believe this!”
He Jun didn’t admit defeat. There was no one who could match his physical toughness. Afterwards, a palm seal was condensed with a layer of energy, and a yellowish brown talisman symbol covered his body;, and he then charged at Du Shaofu.
Du Shaofu’s eyes moved. Delight Gladness appeared in his eyes. If he only depended on his martial skill to fight, he would find it very hard to handle this attack because He Jun was at the border of peak-MaidongPulse Connecting. Also, hHe had to expend all of his efforts to match his simple martial attack due to their gap in cultivation level. It would be so much easier to fight this guy if he had reached MaidongPulse Connecting.
Nevertheless, He Jun was only using his physical strength to fight with Du Shaofu, so Du Shaofu didn’t need to fear anything as his physique’s cultivation level had already reached the cleansing of bones and marrows. In addition to his other kinds of practices, he knew that the endurance of his physique was his advantage - , an absolute advantage.
Du Shaofu moved. The moment He Jun’s stalwart body lunged forward, Shaofu’s golden talisman symbols rushed out of his body. The atmosphere suddenly became overbearing, like a beast in human form, along with a dazzling light. The next second--, under everyone’s shocked gazes,, including He Jun’s--, both of their bodies collided.
Like a bomb, each and everyone of them were dumbfounded.
A rumble erupted from the clash. Waves of energy spread all around the area like a torrent. Later, everyone saw that He Jun’s stalwart body was sent flying away. Du Shaofu’s body, however, only shook slightly.
TWhen He Jun hit the ground, the impact of He Jun hitting the ground created a big hole and cracks could be seen on the floor. Traces of blood flowed out from his mouth. His eyes were panic-stricken. He had never thought that Du Shaofu’s physique was this strong;, it was completely different from normal human beings.
Before He Jun could climb back to his feet, a golden silhouette hastily pounced over him like a canon that , and violently landed on his lower abdomen.
*Pu Chi*
A huge impulsive force that was as heavy as a thousand kilograms fell on He Jun’s body, causing him to suffer another heavy blow andand this caused blood to be spurted out from his mouth.
“I have said that it was Guo kun that wanted me to get rid of you.”
Du Shaofu sat down on He Jun’s lower abdomen. While As he sat, his punches were also violently landinged on He Jun’s body like rain. Every punch was like the stick on the drum, it kept on hitting He Jun’s body.
*Pu Chi*
How could this pathetic He Jun bear Du Shaofu’s terrifying attacks? His mouth continued to spurt out blood. Many people couldn’t stand it.
“Young master!.”
The followers of He Jun regained their senses after being petrified for a period of time. One after another, they shouted and pounced on Du Shaofu. If anything were to happen to their young master, they would face their bad luck the moment they returned.
“If any one of you dares to come, I will cripple this guy!”
Du Shaofu raised his head and placed a claw seal on He Jun’s throat, showing them that he wasn’t joking.
“Brat! Stop what you are doing! Dare to hurt our young master? Our White Tiger Sect would never let you go!” Over a dozen disciples of White Tiger Sect was surrounding the two of them but none of them dared to move forward.
“I have hurt him, maybe I should injure him more. I hate those people who threatens me.” Du Shaofu said while his facial expression remained unchanged. Another punch violently landed on He Jun’s chest.
How pathetic was He Jun now? He was totally under Du Shaofu’s control.
“Kid, let our young master go. We aren’t threatening you. As long as you let him go, any condition could be discussed.” A shrewd disciple of White Tiger Sect said to Du Shaofu with widened eyes.
“Give me all of your storage pouches, or else I will eliminate him.”
Du Shaofu’s eyes turned to those disciples and said while with his claw seal was still placed on He Jun’s throat.
The dozens of disciples’ faces turned ugly. Almost all of their savings and items were kept in their storage pouch. If their storage pouch was given away, it also meant that all of their fortune would be given away.
“It seems your young master’s life isn’t as important as your storage pouch? Seems like your young master iwas not that important in your hearts.” Du Shaofu smiled and another punch landed on He Jun’s chest and continued speakingsaid, “If you all take too long to make a decision, I will give him another punch.”
“Alright! Alright! We’ll give them to you!”
A few leaders of the White Tiger Sect agreed to the condition. However, tTears were welling up in their eyes while they cursed , they were cursing Du Shaofu and eighteen generations of his ancestors. This was absolutely too spiteful. This was a trick that harmed their fortune. If they didn’t hand over their storage pouch, their young master would definitely punish them for being so ignorant even though he didn’t die in the end,.
“But we only have five storage pouches, the other disciples didn’t have a storage pouch yet.” The few leaders of the disciples of White Tiger said that not everyone of them had a storage pouch. There were only five storage pouches among the dozen of people. The ones who gave their storage pouches could feel their hearts breaking.
“Not bad!”
Du Shaofu smiled., Hhe then turned around to look at the shocked Dai Xingyu and said, “Xing Yu, keep all of these storage pouches.”
“En, en!”
Dai Xinyu’s head was blank but she still nodded and ran towards the leaders of the disciples, and collected the five storage pouches and then kept them.
“And, yours?”
Du Shaofu was not yet contented with the result. He then groped He Jun’s body and found a storage pouch. He familiarly kept it into his arms before he patted He Jun’s chest and said,. “Very muscular, I can’t help but beat it!”
*Pu Chi*
He Jun was enraged to the point that he spurted out another mouthful of blood. In the city, he had always been the one robbing others, but not only was he robbed today, he was also heavily beaten up by this person. The most infuriating thing was that this brat didn’t even treat this as something important, as if he wasn’t satisfied with the battle yet.
“Don’t get angry. I have already said that it was Guo Kun who wanted me to harm you. He was beaten by me and felt that he had lost all of his pride in front of the three young lords of the city. He felt that he would be ridiculed by any of you. Thus, he deliberately pulled you into this mess. Now that you are also beaten up by me, this makes you his companion. He would not be the only one who lost face from now on.” Du Shaofu stood up from He Jun’s body.
He Jun’s face was stunned. He suddenly felt that Du Shaofu’s words seemed logical. Guo Kun deliberately wanted to hurt him. The truth was that Guo Kun wanted to use He Jun to teach Du Shaofu a lesson but He Jun was the one who received the lesson instead.
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