Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 126 I will beat you up

I will beat you up
The First regular chapter!
Spending a hundred thousand xuanbi to find a single person? Although aunt Shan had given him a handsome amount of xuanbi to spend, he didn’t intend to and wouldn’t be willing to spend them all.
“Run by brigands…”
Everyone’s faces hardened, including the young doorman and the few stalwart guys.
In Lan Ling City, who would dare to say that Story Garden was run by brigands in front of the doorway? Without a doubt, this kid was the very first in history to do that.
“Kid, if you don’t have money, don’t try to be like the others who have them. Stop blocking the way and go home.”
At this moment, a youth rushed out from the queue as he could no longer bear this ignorant kid.
“Go home and drink your mother’s milk, kid.”
“What a foolish kid. Daring to come to Story Garden to seek pleasure…”
A few youths in colourful clothes also followed behind the first youth. All of them sneered at Du Shaofu.
The few stalwart men behind the doorman paused their actions. Since a few of their guests had stood out to express their disapproval against this troubling kid, they might as well watch the show.
Huang San was about to rush forward to defend his young master because he was a guard of Lan Ling Prefecture. Despite him having a lower cultivation grade, he had Lan Ling Prefecture as his support and what he was doing was to protect the young master. Thus, he had nothing to be afraid of.
The moment Huang San moved, he was pulled by Captain Zhang and was stopped from doing anything rash. As an experienced captain, he would take this opportunity to examine the capability of the young master in handling such an issue. Secondly, it would be better if the identity of Lan Ling Prefecture wasn’t revealed in a place like Story Garden.
“It is young master Lin. I have noticed that you haven’t come here for a long time.” The doorman returned to his usual smile after seeing the youth in robes.
“I have gone out for some private matters. Yeah, it’s been a long time. I didn’t imagine that there would be a brat here who wanted to try to be a man. Haha!”
The youth in robe laughed as his expression became arrogant. He seemed like those kind of people who always took advantage of the weak and poor. His mocking eyes continued to stare at Du Shaofu and said. “Brat, aren’t you going home to drink your mother’s milk? Or, do you want brother to bring you inside and let you experience the environment in Story Garden? Haha!”
Du Shaofu looked at the youth. He moved his eyes and said. “Do you have a membership card?”
The youth was stupefied for a brief moment before answering in a proud manner. “Of course I have a membership card. It’s not something that everyone can afford.” The youth felt proud of himself as he was one of the lucky men who had a membership card of Story Garden.
“Can you give me your membership card?” Du Shaofu stared at the youth with sparkling eyes.
“Give you my membership card? Haha! I think that your brain is fried!”
“He is an idiot after all.”
The few youths in colourful outfit followed behind the first youth and snickered.
“Brat, why should I give it to you?”
The youth in robe laughed. he actually met an idiot kid at the doorway of Story Garden. It seemed like he would have a new and interesting topic to chat with the girls after this.
Du Shaofu looked at the youth in robe solemnly and said. “Because if you don’t, I will beat you up.”
“What…” The youth was stupefied. He then shifted his gaze to Du Shaofu and sneered. “Brat, do you know who I am? Are you sure you want to beat me?”
“I don’t care who you are. I will beat you for sure.”
Du Shaofu nodded and then continued. “But if you pass me your membership card, I can guarantee that I won’t beat you up.”
The youth laughed so hard that his tears almost trickled down. His stomach was cramping as he stopped laughing. He then said, “Brat, you do have a lot of courage. There are only a few people who could say that they want to beat me in Lan Ling City. I won’t give you my membership card because I really want to know how you’re going to beat me. Haha!”
After he finished, he continued to laugh.
“Is young master Shaofu’s brain really fried? Why does he want other people’s membership card?”
Confusion was written all over Captain Zhang, Huang Shan and the others’ faces. They initially thought that their young master came here to enjoy some expensive food. They couldn’t imagine that their young master turned out to be like this.
While being surrounded by laughter, Du Shaofu was still as calm as a soft cloud. He turned to the youth and said. “What’s the difference between you and one of the young lords, Guo Kun?”
His face was hardened from laughter. Although he had some reputation in Lan Ling City, naturally, it couldn’t be compared to the four young lords of Lan Ling City. They weren’t comparable at all. One should know that the young boss of Story Garden was also one of the four young lords of Lan Ling City. He then stared at Du Shaofu and said. “Young master Guo is a very famous figure in Lan Ling City. Obviously, I couldn’t be compared to him, but I will often gather with him.”
The youth had to admit the fact that he couldn’t be compared with Guo Kun, and he used a smart way to raise the people's impression of him, by saying that he has a good connection with Guo Kun.
However, a lot of people naturally knew what the ‘good connection’ mean. He was merely a follower of Guo Kun or worse.
Du Shaofu was indifferent towards his response and continued to ask. “Then what about if I compare you with He Jun?”
“Young master He…” His face darkened again.
He then replied. “Young master, He is the young master of White Tiger Sect. He has a very terrifying cultivation grade. I am certainly not as great as him.”
After listening to the conversation, Captain Zhang, Huang and the others exchanged glances and were dumbstruck. They already know what to do in case someone dared to touch their young master, they would spare no efforts to protect their young master, even if they have to demolish story garden in the process. A powerful Story Garden could never be compared with the lord of Lan Ling Prefecture, who was the true ruler of Lan Ling City.
Du Shaofu suddenly smiled, looked at the youth and whispered to his ears. “I think you didn’t know about this. He Jun and Guo Kun have been beaten up by me. You have no idea how miserable they had become. They couldn’t even speak properly after getting beaten up.”
“What? Young master Guo and young master He were beaten by you? Don’t lie to me.”
The youth was stunned to hear this. Who in Lan Ling City would dare to beat those two young masters? It was absolutely impossible.
People around started to stretch their ears, trying to get more information of how the two young lords were beaten up. This would certainly be a shocking news in Lan Ling City.
Even Huang San and Captain Zhang became curious. They had already heard about the four young lords of Lan Ling City before.
The stalwart men and the smiling doorman felt the same as the others and stared at Du Shaofu. Young master Guo and He were beaten up? They had the same social status as their young boss. This would definitely shake the entire Lan Ling City.
When everyone zeroed in on Du Shaofu, he then looked at the youth. To answer their disbeliefs, he said in a solemn tone once more. “They were really beaten up pretty badly.”
“Impossible. Who did it?” The youth still didn’t believe what he said.
“I was the one who beat them up. I represent justice and beat them up.”
As soon as Du Shaofu’s voice faded, a punch was clearly seen by everyone, it landed on the youth’s nose bridge.
*Ka Cha*
There wasn’t any xuan Qi exerted on this punch, but due to the youth being caught unprepared and Du Shaofu’s incredible physique. The result was imaginable. A bone cracking sound was heard as soon as the fist landed.
The youth wailed in pain and staggered backwards. His nose was dripping with blood and the broken bones in his nose gave him an unbearable pain.
Everyone was petrified by what had happened. No one had ever thought that Du Shaofu would really do it.
“See, I have already told you that if you don’t want to give me your membership card, I will beat you up.”
As soon as his voice faded, his eyes turned cold and fierce all of a sudden, he had already sensed the sudden movements of the few youths and the stalwart men surrounding him.
*Pa* *Pa*
Noises of fights were heard and the purple robed silhouette made people’s visions blur, a golden light was illuminated from his body.
*Bang* *Bang*
It all happened in a few seconds. The people who pounced on the purple-robed youth were all thrown away, they fell heavily on the floor of the street, causing the floor to crack and be filled with dripping blood.
The strength of these youths were quite high. They were all Xiantian warriors. Especially those stalwart men from Story Garden, they had already reached the border of Xiantian realm. And the two leaders among them were peak Xiantian warriors. None of them were weak.
However, all of these strong men were thrown away in just a few moments. How could it not astonish anyone?
Captain Zhang and Huang San were also shocked. They didn’t even have the chance to act. Huang San couldn’t see it clearly, but Captain Zhang could. They finally knew that this young master was clearly a terrifying person. They had to admit that this was truly shocking.
“I spent so much effort just to come here in Lan Ling City. Now, you want me to go back to drink milk? You are deliberately making me angry.”
Du Shaofu’s silhouette appeared in front of the youth who was still covering his blood dripping nose and sent another fist on his hand that was covering his nose.
“Argh…brat! You dare to beat me…?”
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