Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 129 I am not a Casual Person

I am not a Casual Person
The First regular chapter!
The fat youth couldn’t stand but his face twitched slightly as soon as Du Shaofu’s voice faded.
The cold-looking youth’s eyes moved and looked at Du Shaofu curiously, trying to make out what he really is. Then, he smiled and said, “Haha! It is a waste indeed.”
Du Shaofu shifted his gaze to this cold-looking youth. Despite the youth’s soft response, he could still feel the cold and wild Qi, and the sharpness hidden behind his eyes.
“He should be Meng Laicai and you are?”
Du Shaofu coldly gazed at the cold-looking youth and pondered over his doubts. Then, he said, “If I am not mistaken, you should also be one of the four young lords of Lan Ling City, Han Xin?”
“Four young lords of Lan Ling City is just a ‘name’ made up by people. It is such a ridicule.”
The cold-looking youth tacitly admitted that he was Han Xin. He too sat directly before Meng Laicai without Du Shaofu’s greeting. He said, “I have known about you since this morning, Du Shaofu.”
“The people who knows about me would only continue to increase.”
Du Shaofu nodded. He then turned to Meng Laicai and said, “In fact, you really didn’t have to come here in person and apologize to me.”
Meng Laicai’s eyes stared at Du Shaofu and figured ‘Isn’t it you who asked me to come in person?’
As Meng Laicai was in his thoughts, Du Shaofu continued, “I would be very glad if you can exempt me from paying all of these wine.”
“I will exempt all of your expenditures today.”
Meng Laicai tried to maintain his composure while staring at Du Shaofu. He then spoke, “Do you want me to find you a few girls?”
After he stopped, he intentionally added, “It is free too.”
“No need for that. I am not a casual person.”
When Du Shaofu heard that, his eyes sparkled. He said, “If I have a friend like you, I would be very fortunate.”
“If you feel that we already are friends, then we will become friends immediately.” Meng Laicai looked at Du Shaofu.
“But we can’t be friends right now.”
Du Shaofu shook his head and said to Meng Laicai. “Is the reason that the two of you came related to the matter of He Jun and Guo Kun?”
“Not really. We don’t have a close relationship with them. But then again, the matter hasn’t reached the stage where we have to provide our aid.” Han Xin replied.
“That’s better. I thought that I would have to beat someone again, which I don’t want to happen.”
Du Shaofu sucked in a deep breath. Then, he turned to Meng Laicai and said. “I want to meet Miss Murong Youruo, you are the big boss here right?. I assume that you would have no problem with that arrangement?”
Du Shaofu’s demand had given the two of them some unpleasantness.
Meng Laicai was stunned for a moment before turning to Han Xin. His eyes twitched slightly before he turned back to Du Shaofu and asked, “According to my knowledge, you are quite close to Miss Murong Youruo. Is this the reason that you came to find her?”
“I don’t know about that. It was her who asked me to come here.” Du Shaofu said.
Han Xin’s cold eyes moved slightly. He turned to Meng Laicai and said, “I think Miss Murong Youruo is on the third floor, right?”
Meng Laicai was stunned for a moment. Then, he turned to Du Shaofu and with a smile, he said, “Although I am the boss here, I can’t interfere with the matters of Miss Murong Youruo. She is now accompanying a very important guest. If you really want to see her so badly, I can bring you there, but you can’t tell him that it was us that brought you there. You have to say that it is you yourself who wants to go and meet her.”
Du Shaofu looked at the both of them. “Alright, bring me there.”
Meng Laicai nodded. Afterwards, the three of them walked out of the box like room and headed towards the third floor.
On the third floor, the box like room was decorated with different antiques and was renovated in the ancient style.
A thin youth stood before an elegant purple-dressed girl. This youth was handsome. He had a pair of big charming eyes that was deep and limpid. His complexion was as delicate as a woman, especially his lips which could turn into an outline of a dazzling smile.
“Youruo, do you know that you don’t have to stay in Story Garden at all? I don’t want you to be stared by so many men every day; there is not one good man among those men.” The thin youth turned to her and said.
The elegant purple-dressed girl smiled. Her body was like a soft and gentle jade willow. Her smile expressed elegance and natural disposition which was particularly strong when she just finished playing the gu zheng. Besides that, there was still the ancient style Qi lingering on her body, making her look like a celestial beauty that had come out of a drawing. This was Murong Youruo.
“Alright. I think that we should change the topic for today. I thank you for coming today.” Murong Youruo smiled at the thin youth. She pulled him to sit on a seat. Their informalities were enough to show how close their relationship was.
“Guo Kun and He Jun…Those two are totally idiots. Didn’t they know that you are my woman? Yet they still dared to cause you trouble. It seems like I am still too soft.” The thin youth said. His expression carried some coldness. “I will make them come in person to apologize to you.”
“When have I become your woman?”
Murong Youruo looked at the thin youth. She then smiled and continued, “You…I really don’t know what else to describe you…”
“But I really want to know who that youth is. Why were you so concerned about him?” The thin youth fixed his eyes on Murong Youruo, waiting for her answer.
“I was not concerned about him…”
She reacted to this comment unknowingly. A tinged of red started to crawl up her cheeks. She then looked at the thin youth shyly, without looking him in the eyes. She said, “He has saved me and helped Xingyu. This is the trouble I caused, so I really hoped that he would be okay.”
“You two have something? Your face was red just now. This is the first time that I have seen your face turning red for so long that I have known you. And, you didn’t dare to look at my eyes. Thus, I have reasons to believe that you two have something that I don’t know of.” The thin youth stared at Murong Youruo as his eyes moved slightly.
At this time, the door of the box-like room was opened. Then three men walked in.
As she raised her head and looked at the three newcomers, she was startled and surprised.
Du Shaofu followed Han Xin and Meng Laicai to the room on the third floor. Without knocking on the door, Meng Laicai directly entered after pushing the door. Then, they saw Murong Youruo sitting beside a youth.
This was exactly the Murong Youruo that Du Shaofu had been looking for. He had guessed it from Guo Kun’s comment this morning. It turned out that Murong Youruo was a famous courtesan in Story Garden.
Without knowing why, when he saw the two of them sitting closely with their hands attached to one another, he felt uncomfortable all of a sudden.
The thin youth shifted his sight to Han Xin, Meng Laicai and Du Shaofu. His big pair of eyes turned slightly cold as he said, “Han Xin, Meng Laicai. Are the you two starting to forget about the rules? First there was Guo Kun and He Jun, now it is you two. It seems like the four young bears are starting to neglect my position.”
The thin youth’s voice was pleasant to hear, but his message wasn’t pleasant at all. He just called the four young lords, “the four bears”.
However, Han Xin and Meng Laicai didn’t feel angry about it, as though it was normal to be scolded by this thin youth. This could be seen particularly on Meng Laicai. He bowed and smiled before pointing towards Du Shaofu. “We don’t dare to come and disturb you. He is the only reason that we came here. He insisted us to bring him here to see Miss Murong Youruo.”
As Meng Laicai’s words faded, the thin youth shifted his gaze to Du Shaofu.
Murong Youruo was surprised. Then, she stood up and came to Du Shaofu’s side. She didn’t imagine that Meng Laicai and Han Xin would bring him here in person. She then smiled and said apologetically, “I am worried about your arrival but have forgotten about the arrangement when you arrive. My apologies.”
“I thought that it was just a person who has the same name as you. I didn’t really expect that it would be you.”
Du Shaofu felt slightly surprised when he saw Murong Youruo but continued without awkwardness. “It’s fine. The moment I came in, I’ve heard a beautiful music. It is truly melodious.”
Murong Youruo smiled lightly and said, “It’s just a small hobby of mine.”
Meng Laicai was staring at Du Shaofu with disdain. He recalled ‘This dude didn’t give such positive comments before this. He said that something was lacking within.’
“There is no doubt that the tune is really marvelous.” Du Shaofu said in solemn tone.
“Youruo, so this is the youth that you mentioned earlier.”
The thin youth moved forward to Murong Youruo’s side and pulled her hands to his as if declaring her as his possession. He darted a glance at Du Shaofu and said, “He seems like an inexperienced young man. I am surprised that he can defeat He Jun.”
Du Shaofu didn’t know why, but his unpleasantness grew stronger when he saw that the thin youth was holding and playing with Murong Youruo’s hands. After hearing the thin youth’s words, Du Shaofu replied, “You have also surprised me. I didn’t know that a man could grow and become as beautiful as a woman. You are just too sissy to me.”
“Brat! I dare you to say that again!” The thin youth raged.
Du Shaofu would never succumb to any threats. He replied, “I said that you are like a woman, so what?”
“I am impressed by your courage.”
As the thin youth’s voice faded, a terrifying Qi erupted from his body. This powerful Qi trembled the entire room, causing Han Xin and Meng Laicai to change their expressions but they smiled happily inside their hearts.
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