Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 130 Meng Laicai Felt the Loss Now

Meng Laicai Felt the Loss Now
The Second regular chapter!
Murong Youruo wanted to stop them but it was already too late. The angry eyes of the thin youth fluttered. Then, a hand seal clawed forth at Du Shaofu.
*Chi La La*
As the hand seal moved, a wave was sent out leaving behind an indistinct afterimage in mid-air. Then, it disappeared along with the flicker of talisman. In an instant, the terrifying claw reached Du Shaofu.
“Peak Maidong realm!”
Du Shaofu was amazed. He never thought that this thin man who looked fragile had reached such a powerful stage in cultivation—peak Maidong Realm—which was on par with his eldest uncle. Besides, the Qi of this thin youth was obviously greater than his eldest uncle.
Du Shaofu moved like lightning. A hand seal was speedily condensed in his hands. A golden xuanqi surrounded his body as his domineering Qi fluctuated. Afterwards, a punch seal violently collided with the palm seal of the youth, as fast as lightning.
It all happened too fast. A deep sound of explosion was heard. Du Shaofu staggered several steps backwards and heavily hit the window, causing the wall of the window to crack.
“Truly strong!”
Du Shaofu was startled. The thin youth was so powerful, he was way stronger than He Jun. Clearly, Du Shaofu didn’t gain the upper hand from the first strike. If it wasn’t for the Golden-Winged Garuda’s physique cultivation law, it was impossible to withstand the thin youth’s attack.
*Deng* *Deng*
The thin youth staggered as well. His back hit the wall behind, creating lines of cracks.
“Peak Xiantian realm? But why is he so strong? Impossible!”
He looked at Du Shaofu with his back still against the wall. His limpid eyes glinted with fear.
The thin youth knew that his opponent had defeated He Jun, which indicated that he wasn’t an ordinary warrior. He had struck with full force from the first strike just now. It was also because his father had always taught him since young not to underestimate his opponent.
He recalled the first day of his cultivation with his father when he was told a story of his father’s brother named Du Tingxuan, anyone who underestimated him had been defeated miserably.
Thus, the thin youth would never underestimate his opponent but he didn’t think that the purple-robed youth was merely a peak Xiantian warrior.
*Hong Long*
The entire Story Garden trembled. The din in the crowd was left with silent pairs of eyes with fear and doubts. Their eyes shifted to the third floor where the commotion came from. They saw the wall of a room on the third floor cracking.
“You two, don’t fight anymore. Stop!”
Murong Youruo regained her senses and shouted squeamishly.
“Young masters, please calm down.”
Meng Laicai looked pale and in pain. These two youths were really serious in their fight. They already gave it their all in just their first strike. Were they going to destroy his Story Garden?
Nonetheless, the thin youth ignored Murong Youruo and Meng Laicai. He focused on Du Shaofu who was still against the wall of the window. A more powerful xuanqi fluctuated. His thin body grew into something that was akin to a ferocious beast, and a muffled sound was heard from him. He lunged at Du Shaofu once more in a flash, carrying a terrifying Qi.
With his movement as quick as lightning and with the room having a limited space, he appeared before Du Shaofu in an instant.
Du Shaofu bellowed in deep tone. His body was now wrapped with a plain golden light that was rippling with talisman symbols. The next thing that Han Xin, Meng Laicai and Murong Youruo witnessed was a glittering body charging at the thin youth.
Du Shaofu didn’t cast any martial techniques or skills. He just used his fastest speed to smash against his opponent’s attack with his physique as the weapon.
The thin youth was unable to avoid the collision given the size of the room.
In a blink, the two people crashed. The plain golden light on Du Shaofu’s body exploded and the energy rushed out of the room through the openings.
The force of the impact from the two figures was like a meteorite hitting the earth. The other three gaped at the two as the entire room was shaken and a deep sound of collision was heard.
*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*
The surplus Qi soared to the sky. The blurred and thin figure was sent a few steps backward. His face changed dramatically. He felt like he had just been crashed by a demonic beast. His body was shaking. He could feel pain on his chest and his internal organs were trembling.
“Why did I feel that I just hit something soft?”
Du Shaofu only staggered slightly. During the collision, he felt that his chest had hit some kind of soft matter.
He knew that it wasn’t possible to fight this thin youth with his martial strength, thus he had to utilize his other strength. He decided to use his incredible physique to gain the upper hand.
This chance wouldn’t appear again if it was missed. In this split second, without hesitation, Du Shaofu arms fluttered slightly like a Garuda’s wings and clasped them around the thin youth’s body before the youth could find his balance.
*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*
The thin youth was smashed against the wall behind so heavily they went through it, leaving a body-like hole.
In the other room were few rich merchants flirting and making fun with a few pretty courtesans. They were snooping around the other room when they first heard the sound of an impact. Suddenly, two silhouettes rushed through the wall and instinctively, they moved aside to avoid it and gaped at them.
“Let go of me bastard!”
The thin youth bellowed. He didn’t imagine that the fight would turn out like this.
He was held by both arms very tightly, he couldn’t shook them off. The purple-robed youth was like a barbaric ox, rushing forth without stopping.
Du Shaofu didn’t speak. He continued to hold the thin youth and went through another wall. This was the third room.
“Stop it you two!”
Meng Laicai was about to cry. This was no different than demolishing his Story Garden. Presently, he regretted listening to Han Xin’s advice of bringing Du Shaofu to the third floor. This scenario was like carrying a rock but letting it fall on your toes. He felt pained, his losses was increasing with every second.
The third room was empty. The thin youth raged but couldn’t send out any attacks. Only his leg could move now. He was going to use his knee to hit the ‘thing’ between Du Shaofu’s legs.
Du Shaofu knew that that spot’ shouldn’t be hit no matter what. Thus, he quicken his pace forward, not giving the thin youth the chance to strike that ‘spot.’
*Bang* *Bang*
The thin youth became powerless as Du Shaofu exerted more speed and force. Then, his leg lost the strength to kick and tripped, causing the two of them fall on the floor.
They were still exerting strength against each other. Their Qi erupted again as they rolled on the floor, and then they hit the wall of the window.
*Ka* *Ka*
How could the wall of the window stand the force of impact of these two warriors? It broke and they went through by it. Then, the two of them fell out from the body-like hole to the ground.
Everyone on the first floor raised their heads to look at the situation on the third floor. Then, they saw two silhouettes falling from above. They gaped at the two and quickly ran off from the landing spot when the silhouettes were approaching their heads.
They held each other tightly while falling from the third floor. They smashed on the ground heavily, the one who landed first was Du Shaofu.
*Hong Long Long*
The ground shook and cracked, shaking the entire Story Garden as if it was about to collapse.
Du Shaofu’s arms still clasped the thin youth’s arms like a pliers.
*Hu La La*
After they landed on the ground, they continued to roll. There was a time when Du Shaofu was on top and there was a time when the thin youth was on top. Under the pressure of their Qi, the decorations on the first floor crumbled and the spot where they landed were left with cracks, making the entire scene look horrible.
Captain Zhang, Huang San and the other three were having a good time in their room with some pretty girls around. This type of lifestyle had brought them into the pleasure world. They felt that they had already earned a lot for coming here today.
All of a sudden, they heard a shocking sound and commotion from the third floor. They became attentive, and through the window, they saw two silhouettes falling down from above.
Then, they felt a sense of familiarity from one of the silhouettes. The figure and the Qi was very familiar to them until they recalled something. Afterwards, they ran out at once leaving the girls inside the room.
“Bastard, I won’t let you go!”
The thin youth was on top of Du Shaofu now. He was frustrated by the constant struggle with the purple-robed youth. He let out a howl and hit Du Shaofu’s head with his head.
After the impact, he felt that Du Shaofu didn’t suffer any harm, instead his head buzzed and he almost fainted. This was the hardest head that he had ever encountered.
“Let me go!”
The thin youth clawed wildly as if he had lost his control. Then, he opened his mouth and bit heavily on Du Shaofu’s nose.
Du Shaofu body had a layer of physique cultivation law and xuanqi, but his nose was vulnerable.
Du Shaofu wailed in pain. It was absolutely painful because he felt that his nose was about to be bitten off from his face.
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