Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 131 The First Kiss Was Stolen

The First Kiss Was Stolen
The Third regular chapter!
Du Shaofu’s potential strength was ignited while he was in pain. A strength that suddenly came out of nowhere shoved the thin youth below while his teeth was still biting on Du Shaofu’s nose.
“I will bite yours too…”
Du Shaofu couldn’t move much and was in pain. The only way to solve this problem was to open his mouth and bite his opponent as well. Without realising what he was biting, he just bit on his opponent with his beast-like teeth.
This time, the thin youth howled in pain. He then released his bite off Du Shaofu’s nose.
As his nose escaped the terrible bite of the thin youth, he too released his from whatever-part of the body he was biting. In order to avoid another bite from the thin youth, he finally released both of his arms and pressed them against the chest of the thin youth.
Suddenly, he could feel the soft muscles on the chest of the thin youth and it was quite elastic. There were two rows of biting marks with blood on the lower lip of the thin youth. Clearly, it was the part that Du Shaofu had bitten just now.
“I have bitten a man’s mouth. That means I have given my first kiss to that man.” Du Shaofu was stupefied, as though he was struck by a thunderbolt and flown past by a few crows which gave him an ill feeling.
He suddenly found something strange, stunning him. Then, he realised his hands that were grabbing onto the soft and smooth chest of the thin youth. He then tried again, it was still soft and elastic. His face then changed instantly and said, “How could a man have such breast? Are you a hermaphrodite?”
The thin youth was also stunned and his mind went blank after realising that the purpled-robed youth was sitting on his thighs, had bitten his lips and squeezed his breast.
“It’s Young Miss!”
“It’s Young Master Shaofu!”
Captain Zhang, Huang San and the others, all six of them shoved themselves over the crowd. They then saw that the two of them were intimately pressing against each other on the ground. Their faces changed as if they had seen something dark ahead.
“Bastard! Get off…”
The thin youth raged when he regained his senses. He moved his free hand to violently slap Du Shaofu’s body.
Without a doubt, the surprised Du Shaofu was hit. He shot up like a kite which had broken from its string and landed heavily on the ground.
“My Story Garden…”
Meng Laicai finally reached the first floor. His face looked hurt when he saw the fractured buildings and the things of the Story Garden. It made his heart bleed.
“Who dares to create trouble in Story Garden?”
Meanwhile, a big group of brawny men rushed into the scene through the crowd. All of their Qi were fiercer than the brawny men outside the doorway. These few leaders must be powerful men.
When they saw Meng Laicai, they immediately gathered beside him. Everyone was sure that with his order, those men would pounce over Du Shaofu and the thin youth immediately.
The reason Story Garden could stay unaffected in Lan Ling City was because there were a bunch of powerful people guarding this place.
Meng Laicai didn’t order those brawny men to act and called them to stay put instead while he was in pain, and was about to cry.
Meanwhile, Han Xin and Murong Yuorou, who had just arrived, fixed their eyes on the two on the ground.
“Bastard, I will kill you…”
Blood stains were visible at the corner of the thin youth’s mouth. His beautiful lower lip was cut by Du Shaofu’s bite and it was still bleeding. When he thought of how he was bitten, he couldn’t help but pounce on Du Shaofu again.
“You’re a freak! You have bosom on your chest. You have bitten my nose and stolen my first kiss….” The nose-bleeding Du Shaofu also howled with fierce Qi, sounding unwilling to give in.
“Please stop Young Miss.”
“Young Master Shaofu, we are from the same family.”
Captain Zhang and Huang San had regained their senses. Their foreheads exuded cold sweat. They immediately pulled each of them away from the fight.
“Zhang Ling, why are you all here?”
When the thin youth saw Captain Zhang and the others, he was surprised by their unexpected presence. These people were from the private army and also the trusted follower of his father and mother. Could it be that his parents hade also arrived here in Story Garden? The thin youth looked worried.
“I am here with Young Master Shaofu.”
Huang San replied politely. It was a pure politeness. Putting aside Du Shaofu’s status, his ability alone was enough to impress him.
“Huang San, what did you say? He is your Young Miss?”
Du Shaofu was stupefied, gaping at Huang San who was standing between the two of them.
“Young Master Shaofu, this is our Young Miss. Why did the two of you started a fight?” Huang San’s face was pale upon seeing that these two young masters were fighting. This would certainly give them a hard time when they explain this at home, especially when they were fighting in Story Garden.
“What? Young Miss? Why did you call her Young Miss? Could she be Ou Yangshuang? She is a woman disguised as a man, the daughter of Aunt Shan.” Du Shaofu was in shock and his eyes widened. Just this afternoon, he had heard his Aunt Shan mention her daughter’s name Ou Yangshuang, but he couldn’t imagine that this slim youth was actually her daughter.
“Zhang Ling, what’s with this youth?” Ou Yangshuang also felt that something was wrong and asked immediately.
“Young Miss, we have been ordered to protect Young Master Shaofu.”
Zhang Ling answered, he too, actually didn’t know where did this young master came from, but he knew that their madam was very concerned about him. However, he was completely astounded. He knew very well how powerful their Young Miss was, not even he himself could stand against her but that Young Master Shaofu was really strong and domineering to reach a draw in a battle with her. As such, he felt that protecting him was no longer needed.
“The both of them are family?”
Murong Youruo and the rest of the people in Story Garden were looking at Du Shaofu and Ou Yangshuang with curiosity.
“Is Du Shaofu also one of the people of Lan Ling Prefecture?” Han Xin and Meng Laicai’s expression turned ugly at once.
“Are you the daughter of Aunt Shan?” Du Shaofu moved forth, looking at the thin youth. So, that was the reason this youth was slim and looked like a girl.
“Who are you?” Ou Yangshuang glared at Du Shaofu. How could she ever think that this bastard was related to his family line?
“I am Du Shaofu. As for who I am, you will know when you ask Aunt Shan.”
Du Shaofu gave an impatient glance at Ou Yangshuang and said, “According to the rules, I should call you sister. You should have informed me earlier if you are disguising as a man. I wouldn’t have fought you if I knew that you are Aunt Shan’s daughter.”
“This matter isn’t over yet.”
Ou Yangshuang violently glanced at Du Shaofu. She should leave now before this was spread. She was panting while walking to Murong Youruo and said, “Youruo, it seems like I’m no longer needed in this scenario. I will leave first.”
Murong Youruo slightly nodded with a bitter smile. She never thought that today’s matter would develop into this stage. Initially she was thinking of asking Ou Yangshuang to help Du Shaofu resolve the matter regarding Guo Kun and He Jun. In the entire Lan Ling City, it seemed like only her could terrify the four young lords.
“The two of you listen closely. Send my warning to He Jun and Guo Kun, ask them to wait, I will find them to settle the score sooner or later.” As her voice faded, Ou Yangshuang used her sleeve to wipe the blood at the side of her mouth and gave Du Shaofu a violent glare before she turned and left.
“If that’s so, I need to go as well.”
Du Shaofu also came to Murong Yuoruo’s side. It seemed like she wouldn’t be in any trouble with that ‘sister’ protecting her. As such, his worries were relieved.
“Shaofu, I don’t know why this happened. I initially thought …”
Murong Youruo’s eyes seem apologetic as her dark brows frowned. She was supposed to get help, but didn’t think that this youth who claimed that he had just arrived was a young master of Lan Ling Prefecture. Besides, it seemed that his relationship with Lan Ling Prefecture wasn’t simple, judging by the number of guards following him.
“It isn’t your fault. It’s my ‘sister’ being too temperamental.”
Du Shaofu smiled slightly and with gratitude, knowing that Murong Youruo’s intention was to help him. He too didn’t expect that the result would be so surprising.
“Meng Laicai, Brother Meng, my apologies for causing this mess in your place. Try to calculate and see how much I need to pay.” Du Shaofu approached Han Xin and Meng Laicai and said, feeling slightly embarrassed.
Meng Laicai’s face twitched. Given the fact that this youth was a young master of Lan Ling Prefecture, how could he possibly continue to offend him?
What else could he do at the moment? The last thing that he could do was to use brute force against him. He was already lucky that this guy actually took the initiative to compensate him for his losses. As such, he had to agree to his wishes on behalf of Lan Ling Prefecture.
Seeing Du Shaofu’s face, Meng Laicai’s painful reaction had subsided a little, he squeezed out a bitter smile and said, “Brother Du is being too courteous. Since Brother Du is a young master of Lan Ling Prefecture and the younger brother of the young miss of Lan Ling Prefecture, compensation isn’t a problem.”
However, Meng Laicai couldn’t believed that he had just said the most regretful words that he had said in his entire life.
As soon as Meng Laicai’s words faded, Du Shaofu chuckled and patted his shoulder warmly and said, “I know that you value our brotherhood. Anyway, I just blurted that out. If you really want me to compensate, I won’t.”
Meng Laicai was stupefied and petrified. His face had turned dark and felt very bad now, as if there was a horde of horses galloping in his heart.
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