Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 135 Star Dragon Society

Star Dragon Society
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Du Shaofu didn’t seem to agree. Dai Xingyu’s delicate arms locked around Du Shaofu’s arms, pulling Du Shaofu out of the old house.
As Ou Yang Shuang watched both of their backs, her face twitched a little as if she was reluctant to go.
“You should take a walk outside. Your face actually looks a lot better today. I’m afraid that your current face will fascinate plenty of men.” Murong Youruo smiled at Ou Yangshuang’s womanly look, she felt contented with her looks.
“I am uninterested in those filthy men.”
Ou Yangshuang lifted her head and said to Murong Youruo. “You should already know my heart by now. You are the only one that I love. I have no interest in other men.”
Murong Youruo smiled slightly and said. “We have already talked about this before. The relationship that we have is just like close friends or sisters. When you find a man whom you’d like, you would eventually stop thinking that you only liked girls. You should understand that you are a woman after all, a beautiful woman.”
Murong Youruo stammered and pulled Ou Yangshuang out of the house.
In the noisy Lan Ling City, the streets were full of people busily coming and going like streams of water, the noises of peddling and the hawkers filled the street.
Dai Xingyu pulled Dushaofu while Murong Youruo was pulling Ou Yangshuang. The four of them were strolling on the street leisurely. Not far away from them, a yellow-coloured cat with stripes was following them.
Murong Youruo and Ou Yangshuang were two beauties among the four. Dai Xingyu could already be considered a pretty girl despite her young age. Naturally, their presence had caught many pair of eyes that were envious of Du Shaofu.
In other people’s eyes, Du Shaofu was only a single man with three very pretty girls by his side, especially the two behind him. They could clearly see how lucky this man was to have so many love affairs simultaneously.
Only Du Shaofu knew that the two girls behind him were not his lovers and the young girl beside him was merely a younger sister to him.
As they walked, a lot of people started to recognize Murong Youruo’s identity because she had an extraordinary reputation as a courtesan in Story Garden.
Although there were countless pairs of enthusiastic eyes fixed on Murong Youruo and Ou Yangshuang, no dared to trouble Du Shaofu so far. These two girls were without a doubt had attractive faces but their demeanour was so strong that it kept those lascivious men at a distance.
While they were still walking on the street, Du Shaofu finally understood how a drudgery felt like. Besides exchanging fierce glances with Ou Yangshuang, Murong Youruo and Dai Xingyu were busy shopping for clothes and accessories, buying snacks or junk foods, especially Dai Xingyu.
In the crowded street, Murong Youruo’s long purple dress couldn’t hide her attractive curve and slim waist. A portion of her white-jade skin was revealed from her slender neck. Her waist length hair was dark and very shiny to the point that it could reflect light to people’s faces. Her overall appearance didn’t exude any coldness unlike Ou Yangshuang. Her beauty was akin to a goddess in the drawings. Her hands were still pulling Ou Yangshuang’s arm. She looked at Du Shaofu then turned to Ou Yangshuang and said with a smile. “The two of you are brother and sister, you know? Why the unhappy face?”
“I don’t have that kind of relationship with that hateful punk.” Ou Yangshuang said softly. She couldn’t find a single favourable trait from Du Shaofu. He made her feel uncomfortable and angry, especially when she felt the pain at her lower lip.
She had always hated men. Her frustration grew more when she thought of that punk biting her lip and receiving no fair share of punishment because of her mum’s protection.
“It must be because of yesterday’s matter.” Murong Youruo said.
Ou Yangshuang kept her silence. Her solemn demeanour seemed distant but it was elegant. Her long green dress fluttered like those green celestial flowers on the immortal mountains that wouldn’t collect any dust. Without a doubt, she was extraordinary.
“Brother Shaofu, it looks like sister Shuang doesn’t really like you very much. Can you tell me why?” Dai Xingyu could somehow feel the tension between the two and whispered to Du Shaofu in a low tone.
Du Shaofu darted a glance at the figure in a long green dress. Her gesture looked elegant and her demeanour was attractive if she was not talking. Although Du Shaofu knew that Murong Youruo and Ou Yangshuang weren’t serious in their relationship, he still felt some discomfort in his heart whenever he saw them conversing intimately with each other. He then lowered his head and said to Dai Xingyu in a low tone. “She failed to defeat me in a fight. That’s why she dislikes me.”
“I see.”
Dai Xingyu tried to reason the statement before shirting her limpid and serious eyes to Du Shaofu and said. “Brother Shaofu, although you are younger than sister Shuang, she is still a girl after all, you should show her some quarter if she couldn’t fight you.”
Du Shaofu was stunned for a while. ‘What made her a girl? She is more violent than a man.’ As a matter of fact, his cultivation was no match for her. If he showed her some quarters, he would definitely lose in the fight. What surprised him was that a girl could actually fall in love with another girl.
‘A girl liking another girl. If these two are together…”
Du Shaofu was wandering in his thoughts. He let out a sigh, imagining how wasteful it would be if these two girls actually ended up together.
The bustling activities made it hard to estimate how many streets there were and how large the area this the city has.
There were some chaotic incidents that would happen in different parts of the city daily. Normally, those incidents wouldn’t take place near Lan Ling Prefecture and at the centre of the city to avoid being apprehended by the guards. No other citizens would dare to involve themselves into such incidents. This was because in this world, power spoke for itself, besides the official authority.
On a street, a blood-dripping youth was sprinting. His hand was covering his lower abdomen. Dark red blood was overflowing in his fingers, causing beads of blood to drop on the ground as he ran. His face was deathly pale.
The crowd automatically moved a side to give way to the youth. Despite the curiosity on their eyes, they were cold and indifferent.
“You can’t run away, you will die!”
Yells were heard behind this youth. There were ten figures holding blades. Their eyes were murderous. They were only a hundred meters behind from the youth and they were getting closer to him.
“These people are indeed despicable for bullying a single person. He looks very pitiful.”
Dai Xingyu was looking at the youth as he got nearer. Her eyes glinted with sympathy and empathy. Then, she lifted her head to look at Du Shaofu, implying for his help. In her heart, she absolutely believed that this brother Shaofu of her’s had such an ability.
“Seems like these people are from the West Pro Society. Their forces are getting stronger these days.”
“The one who was being chased look like a member of the Star Dragon Society. Are they trying to eliminate his society?”
“Recently, the West Pro Society have engulfed a few minor societies. It is not uncommon for them to take over the Star Dragon Society as well.”
“I heard that West Pro Society is still growing in size because of some strong backer.”
“Brother Shaofu…” Dai Xingyu finally couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to save the youth, but when she raised her head again, the purple-robed youth was already gone.
The youth finally lost his strength and fell to the ground. His eyes were filled with despair.
“You are a member of Star Dragon Society?”
At this moment, a purple-robed youth appeared in front of the injured youth. He lowered his head and asked him.
There was a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. He lifted his head slightly to face the purple-robed youth. His face was pale and fear was evident in his eyes . He didn’t know why but this resolute face was somewhat familiar, as if he had already seen this youth before in Star Dragon Society but he couldn’t recall such a memory.
“Who are you…?”
The bloody youth scanned the youth in purple who suddenly appeared with vigilant eyes but it turned to despair immediately when he saw the ten brawny men were getting closer.
“Don’t worry. I am not here to kill you. You just need to tell me if you are a member of the Star Dragon Society. It doesn’t matter whether you are one of them or not because I am saving still your life.” Du Shaofu said.
After he heard Du Shaofu’s remarks, his despairing eyes turned optimistic but he still have some doubts because Du Shaofu didn’t look very mature. He had no other choice, he then nodded and said. “I am a disciple of the Star Dragon Society.”
“Star Dragon Society…”
Du Shaofu’s eyes fluctuated. He threw a pill to the injured youthand said. “Your injuries are quite heavy, take this pill first.”
The youth took the pill. It was strange that this purple-robed youth would suddenly help him. He immediately swallowed the pill without any hesitation.
A warm medicinal effect spread across his body, and to all of his limbs as soon as he swallowed the pill, and ultimately to the wound on his lower abdomen. The wound stopped bleeding and the dizziness started to fade. This pill was absolutely a fine pill.
*Whizz* *Whizz*
The murderous intent of the blade-holding men filled the atmosphere during this period of time. They had surrounded Du Shaofu and the injured youth at the center.
Ou Yangshuang was standing not far away from Du Shaofu. Her big eyes were stagnant and cold, indicating that she wouldn’t get involved in a strangers’ matter and acted as if she didn’t know Du Shaofu.
Murong Youruo was also watching but she was not really worried at all, as she had already witnessed Du Shaofu’s true strength yesterday and his identity in Lan Ling Prefecture. As such, any worry would just be unnecessary.
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