Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 34 Kill 'Fat Dragon'

Kill 'Fat Dragon'
Two opposing Xuanqi collides causing the air to ripple from the impact; a layer of soil scrape off the ground due to raging winds, gravels shooting off in four directions.
“Early Xiantian.”
The fat man’s gloomy expression shifts into a cold sneer; from the young man’s attack just now he could tell that he’s only an early Xiantian warrior. Although can be said the same Xiantian warrior, however, the four layers within Xiantian realm – early, mid-Xiantian, late Xiantian, and peak Xiantian brings about a world of difference in strength and power with each small realm’s advance. Him, a mid-Xiantian could easily destroy an early Xiantian warrior with a snap of his fingers; the disparity of cultivation strength is not an easily overcome hurdle.
“Mid-Xiantian, White Panther Hunting Group’s Fat Dragon.”
Du Shaofu looked at the fat middle-aged man in front of him, apart from the slightly tilted eyebrow, not much can derive from his placid expression. From the jumbled up information that he could glean from the lips of the several White Panther Hunting Group’s people that he had killed in this couple of days, he could instantly guessed the identity of the person in front from the exchange earlier.
“Brat, you guessed right; now go die in peace!”
Fat Dragon said coldly; a strong killing intent is radiating from his eyes; he finally caught up with this brat, why would he leave him unscathed? With a cold snort, xuanqi jetted from the bottom of his feet as he stamped heavily on the ground. His fat silhouette swooped down on Du Shaofu with surprising nimbleness, one of his feet aims at Du Shaofu’ chest with extreme velocity.
“Big Dipper Kick.”
Xuanqi surges on the incoming kick; creating violent gusts of wind that seems to cut through space, instantaneously arriving before Du Shaofu’s chest.
Du Shaofu’s expression unnoticeably stirred, but he has no intention to dodge; forming handseals, waves of xuanqi burst out from him causing the space around him rippling like boiling water. His aura, fierce and sharp just like an awakened beast.
“Raging Storm Waves Palm!”
Suddenly, a loud blast resounded through the air; Du Shaofu’s handseals forming waves of turbulent winds that is visible to the naked eye disperses outwards slamming into the incoming kick, crashing against it again and again.
Fat Dragon’s figure inverted back from the impact; his roundish figure turned three hundred sixty degrees, his knees bent, and he staggered backward a few steps before coming to a stop, trying to leverage off the impact.
Whereas Du Shaofu also stumbled back two steps awkwardly, Du Shaofu was a little astounded – the him that reached Xiantian warrior using Raging Storm Waves Palm yet did not manage to gain any advantage. Back when he lack the cultivation level solely depending on Raging Storm Waves Palm he could push back an elite ninth layer Houtian disciple of Sky Serpent Sect, which only proves the huge disparity between early and mid-Xiantian.
“As expected, there’s some strength otherwise Third Bro[1] wouldn’t be killed.”
When Fat Dragon looked at Du Shaofu again, shock flashed across his beady eyes on a gloomy face; he being a mysterious layer Xiantian actually did not gain the upper hand just now. After the shock had passed, his killing intent deepened and display clearly in his eyes, grinning nastily, said: “Boy, even though you have a little strength but before me, you only have one end. Dying under my ‘Hermetic Blast Boxing’ is your honor!”
When Fat Dragon finished, the xuanqi swirling around his body actually diffuses a sweltering heat; the surrounding temperature rises rapidly as if the entire space is broiling. As he condenses handseals, a flame-like layer wraps around his fists like a second skin; occasionally flame-like runes can be seen rolling and jumping within.
“Hermetic Blast Boxing, go!”
When the fist-print was condensed out, Fat Dragon revealed a sinister face, the fist-print looked like a ball of fire appearing in front of Du Shaofu with lightning speed, mercilessly smashing down with all its might; seemingly able to end the fight with one move.
In fact, Fat Dragon could already see the corpse of the young man sprawled dead on the ground in his mind – Hermetic Blast Boxing is an atyanta Xiantian grade martial skill, almost comparable to a Dong level martial skill. This also is his strongest attack. Countless Xiantian level demonicbeasts and Xiantian warriors in Wild Beast Mountains have suffered under his Hermetic Blast Boxing.
“Not a bad Xiantian martial skill.”
At this moment of impending death, Du Shaofu actually smiled; condensing another handseal similar to the one before. With him as the center, angry violent waves of winds gathered in the air; myriads of world energy in the area seem to be pulled by Du Shaofu, rotates around him. His aura becomes increasingly domineering as pale golden runes glow, like a volcano about to erupt.
“Connecting martial pulse, Maidong level.”
Fat Dragon’s sight noticed the glowing runes and the sudden fierce aura, the pupils in his beady eyes shrinks; the opponent actually had the ability to connect with his martial pulse. Connecting with one’s martial pulse is only possible after reaching Maidong level and the youth in front clearly is just an early Xiantian, how could he be possibly connecting his martial pulse.
Everything happened in the blink of an eye, the fist and the palm collided.
“Raging Storm Waves Palm!”
The same Raging Storm Waves Palm, however, the power this move contain is entirely unlike the previous palm. This round of attack, Du Shaofu used the perfected version instead of the standard version of Raging Storm Waves Palm earlier.
At this moment, the perfected version of Raging Storm Waves Palm slapped forward with a salvo of thundereous blasts, waves of fierce raging winds crash time and time again against the blazing fireball.
The deafening ‘boom’ resounded throughout the forest, and when the loud noise died down, a bone breaking sound ‘ka cha’ was heard coming from Fat Dragon’s fist. Intense pain obvious on his face as his body flew out and blood were flowing from his mouth.
“Ka cha!”
As he flew back a few meters away, his body crashed into a boulder, and the force of impact instantly shatter the boulder, crumbling into pieces.
“Not good, this kid is too strong.”
Fat Dragon landed on a heap of gravel struggles to stand up, ignoring the blood flowing out from his mouth; he swiftly turns around trying to bolt for years of experience fumbling within Wild Beast Mountains has honed his escape velocity.
“Did you really think you were able to catch up to me, I was just waiting for you to catch up.”
At this time Du Shaofu’s figure dashed out, just when Fat Dragon’s heels was about to make his getaway, a silhouette pounced on him with arms wide open similar to a Golden-winged Garuda spreading its wings; like a goshawk hunting its prey.
At this precise moment, the feeble Fat Dragon felt as if a real Garuda was sweeping down on him, especially the horrifying atmosphere solidifies the surreal image.
The spread opened right hand strikes down, as if a Garuda flapping its wings, striking ruthlessly onto Fat Dragon’s body that his body once again flew a dozen meters back smashing into a huge tree. The tree tumbled down and split apart; crack lines the ground, and violent wind swirls like a tornado.
“Sou Sou!”
From the other side of the mountains, the pursuing crowd consists of White Panther Hunting Groups and other mercenaries finally caught up, arriving at the scene in front of them, they involuntary sucked in a cold breath, immediately halted their steps; not daring to inch another foot forward. Even the mid-Xiantian Fat Dragon is currently lying on the ground.The youth is unexpectedly stronger than they imagined.
Du Shaofu’s silhouette appeared above the dying Fat Dragon and a fist punched down directly ending Fat Dragon’s life. His action was neat and tidy, ruthless, and overbearing - scaring off the newly arrive pursuers. A dignified Second Chief of the White Panther Hunting Group, a mid-Xiantian warrior, the Fat Dragon was killed in such overbearing way by the youth.
The endless cries from the pursuers finally silenced. Beast hunters from the White Panther Hunting Group no longer dare to reveal themselves after witnessing the death of their Second Chief - killed without mercy by the young man; they couldn’t even hide fast enough.
Du Shaofu’s hand searched Fat Dragon’s body, whatever he could take away and kept them near his chest.
“Come up if you want to die.”
Du Shaofu glances over at the group of pursuers, a sharp trace of chill flashed across his eyes.
“What scary eyes, just like a fierce demonic beast.”
Looking at the coldness in Du Shaofu’s eyes, a couple of figures involuntarily steps back. Deterred by the death of Fat Dragon, everyone’s eyes held a touch of fear, refuses to be in close proximity to this person.
Taking a last glance at the crowd, Du Shaofu turned around and left. No one is brave enough to stop him – with Fat Dragon’s corpse lying there acting as the best deterrence, no one present is willing to mess with that terrifying youth.
After turning around, Du Shaofu’s face pale instantly, losing all of his colors. He had exhausted all his energy to kill Fat Dragon; especially when he used the perfect version of Raging Storm Waves Palm, he practically emptied out the xuanqi in his Shenque, and at this moment he desperately needs a safe place to recover his strength.
“Just now was too risky.”
Du Shaofu said to himself, had he failed to deter the pursuers from the White Panther Hunting Group and the mercenaries, the consequences will be severe. At the end of his tethers, he currently has no strength at all to attack. Fortunately, Fat Dragon’s body provided the much-needed deterrence.
A tiny smile crept up his face. Killing Fat Dragon was something he had planned earlier on; although that Fat Dragon knows a movement martial skill and a mid-Xiantian cultivation but Du Shaofu who cultivates in the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law has an advantage in terms of speed, definitely not so easily caught by Fat Dragon.
Noticing Fat Dragon alone continued to pursue him without any backup nearby, the escaping Du Shaofu hatched up a plan to eliminate Fat Dragon. The result is just as he had imagined.
天罡脚 – The first two characters read as Tiāngāng; replacing the last character with 星(star), we have The Big Dipper Stars hence the name ‘Big Dipper Foot’.