Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 37 Break Through Mid-Xiantian

Break Through Mid-Xiantian
“Chase me if you can~”
Enshrouded in a pale golden glow, Du Shaofu dived off the cliff, his plummeting body covered by the thick fogs that filled Spirit Gorge.
The young girl’s reaction was a split second late and her slim figure stopped at the edge of the cliff. She angrily stamped her feet, but there was no way for her to continue the chase.The bottom of the ravine had no safe landing spot. Even if the flying beast flew to the bottom of the ravine, it would be difficult to search for a person in this thick fog.
“Sou! Sou!”
From the Giant Flaming Falcon’s back, several figures rushed to the young girl’s side; a panicky fifty-year-old man in a wide yellow robe said: “Is this kid looking for death? A Xiantian level jumping off this cliff, death is definite; even if he swallowed the Blood-Infant Ganoderma it is useless. It doesn’t matter if he dies but bringing a high-grade elixir with him, what an abominable brat!”
“Huang Lao, can we go search for him below?” The young girl looks down at the cliff unwillingly, it never crossed her mind that the young man would directly eat the Blood-Infant Ganoderma and to continue his insanity by jumping off the deep cliff; doubtless this gambling off of one’s life. That young man is absolutely crazy, a sane person wouldn’t act like he did, throwing his life away for a stem of Blood-Infant Ganoderma.
The elderly man looks at the young girl and shakes his head: “Eldest Princess, the fog below is too thick; even with the Giant Flaming Falcon we won’t be able to find him, but I’m confident that, that kid won’t survive. Unfortunately, the Blood-Infant Ganoderma is also gone.”
“We should leave. The disciples from Mystical Talisman House, Blacknether Sect, Sky Serpent Sect are in Wild Beast Mountain, but there’s no sign of their experts, something must have happened to them. We should first inquire about the situation before deciding our next move.”
Standing there on the edge of the cliff for some time, the young girl could only give up in the end; after that, everyone leaps onto the back of the Giant Flaming Falcon and left the cliff.

Falling into the bottomless ravine, Du Shaofu is akin to dropping down from the seventh heavens, accompanied by sand and stones tumbling down. His body is like a rolling ball bumping and crashing against the wall of the cliff and the stones and pebbles on the same way down.
And by the time he reached the bottom of the ravine, it’s like he did not receive much injury that he is able to stand up immediately. However, his face was flushed bright red, and the same with his eyes; as if his body is about to blow up.
If the young girl and her comrades were to see this scene, it would render them speechless with their eyeball popping out; jumping off the tall cliff and he doesn’t seem like he’s hurt, even his pinky. It really is something unbelievable.
An agonizing scream escaped from Du Shaofu’s throat; his body shivered as it inflates, there’s an enormous amount energy within his body that’s going to burst out.
“The energy inside the Blood-Infant Ganoderma is too overwhelming.”
Du Shaofu realized the reason for this; directly swallowing a high-grade elixir which contains an enormous amount of energy which led to this result – his body is on the verge of exploding. Under the excruciating pain, his body trembled violently.
“Fortifies Golden Plumages[1].”
Gritting his teeth, Du Shaofu can only divert the energy from the Blood-Infant Ganoderma into his muscles and flesh, he will really die from blowing up. Operating the Golden-winged Garuda’s Physique Refining Law, Du Shaofu threw his body against the cliff wall over and over that his body grew numb from the pain.
Enduring extreme pain, Du Shaofu continues to crash into the hard wall without hesitation, like he’s not a human being.
The self-torture continued till he can no longer feel anything. Every time he crashes against the wall, strands of energy from the Blood-Infant will be absorbed into his muscles and flesh, and as time goes by, Du Shaofu could feel that his physique is growing stronger albeit slowly along with the pain.
Below the ravine in a secluded spot; on top of a big boulder, a huge tiger that’s entirely covered in runic scales is observing the scene in front of it from away; it’s big round eyes was full of doubt.
Crashing against the hard rock wall countless of times, Du Shaofu finally let out a painful scream, his face twisted with pain. Fortunately, no one will hear it within this bottomless ravine thus the screams of pain and the endless ‘bang bang bang’ noises of crashing against the wall fails to fall on anyone’s ear.
Three nights and three days passed like this, the screams of anguished pain from below the ravine gradually stops.
In the ravine, shattered gravels piled up high into a small hill, vast areas of rock had turned into dust. Du Shaofu lies exhausted upon a bed of pebbles, various bruises and bumps of red, purple and green were found on his body, stretched to the limit devoid of even a single strand of energy.
“No, I can’t fail here. There is still some elixir’s energy that is not yet absorb.”
Struggling to get up, sits cross-legged on the bed of pebbles; although a majority of the energy coming from the Blood-Infant Ganoderma was absorbed by the muscles and flesh, there’s still an abundant of energy left.
Running the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law, Du Shaofu converts the residual energy from the Blood-Infant Ganoderma into xuanqi, gathering it into his Shenque.
Atop the heap of loose pebbles, Du Shaofu’s body was wrapped in a pale golden glow, xuanqi was emitted from all over his body circling incessantly then it drills into Du Shaofu’s flesh. The cycle repeats itself, over and over again.
Du Shaofu’s meridians had always been stronger than others due his many nights spent in the mysterious sarcophagus, hanging in the Du Clan’s Ancestral Shrine.
In addition to the Golden-winged Garuda’s cultivation, his physique is so much stronger, comparable to a demonic beast. His meridians were wider and tougher, able to contain an abundance of powerful xuanqi; even his Shenque is much larger than others.
As Du Shaofu continues to convert the energy from the Blood-Infant Ganoderma, accumulating then in his Shenque. With all the energy inside, Du Shaofu’s Shenque began to expand, not knowing how long has passed, and Du Shaofu’s Shenque is already filled to the brim reaching the point of spilling.
At this moment, Du Shaofu abruptly changes his handseal, a sound of something breaking rang out, an overbearing golden glow wrapped around him entirely, gold-colored runes circling around him, subsequently it all gathered and hovered behind him, it formed into a surreal Golden-winged Garuda.
Hidden above the ravine, on a big boulder, a Demon Scaled Tiger stared fixedly at the surreal image of the Golden-winged Garuda, its enormous body shivered, bowing down as it trembled in fear.
A soft but clear sound came out from Du Shaofu’s Shenque, and at the same time, the surreal Golden-winged Garuda formed from the golden runes, reverted back to runes that drilled into Du Shaofu’s body. Slowly, the golden glow wrapping around his dimmed as it converges into him.
When everything has calmed down, Du Shaofu breathes out a foul qi; opens his eyes revealing bright clear pupils with traces of gold deep within, adding a domineering atmosphere to his gaze.
Sensing the changes inside his body, a smile bloomed on his face. The earlier feelings of sluggishness and dullness disappeared replaced with a refreshing feeling, full of vitality. Unexpectedly, he was able to breakthrough to the mid-Xiantian from an early Xiantian from this incident.
All of a sudden, Du Shaofu seems to sense something, quickly standing up from his sitting position and looks up warily.
A thunderous roar came out from a big boulder above, thirty meters long huge tiger flies down, flapping its broad wings, causing the pebbles on the ground to roll away, and the air swirls fiercely like a tornado.
“Demonic Scale Tiger.”
Shock flitted across Du Shaofu’s pupils; this huge flying tiger is the same one trying to grab the Blood-Infant Ganoderma from him a few days ago; the one which was capable of oppressing all the demonic beasts at that time. He didn’t expect that this Demonic Scale Tiger will appear here at this time.
Demonic Scale Tiger’s huge mass landed in front of Du Shaofu, and under Du Shaofu’s shock expression lies down on the ground; when it lifts its head, its huge lantern-like eyes look at Du Shaofu in a docile manner devoid of its earlier ferociousness, in the end it whimpers softly as if trying to say something.
Du Shaofu could sense no trace of danger from the Demonic Scale Tiger, the big eyes looked at him as if appealing, to accept their surrender; to be its master.
“You want to follow me?” Repressing the feeling of shock in his heart, Du Shaofu tried to probe the Demonic Scale Tiger’s intention.
The Demonic Scale Tiger roared softly and nods his head; like it was able to understand Du Shaofu’s words.
“You can understand what I’m saying?”
Du Shaofu was astounded; obviously this Demonic Scales Tiger has reached the Dongling level. It’s rumored that King level demonic Beasts that has reach Dongling level are able to understand human language, and demonic beast of higher cultivation could even speak in human words.
And Du Shaofu has heard of a myth that says once demonic beasts cultivate until a certain high level they are able to transform into a human figure, but this kind of terrifying demonic beasts only exists in myths and legends.
Once again the Demonic Scales Tiger nods its head, its eyes looked at Du Shaofu in awe, docile in surrender.
“That means you have already reached Mai-ling level?”
Once the shock has passed, Du Shaofu became excited. This Demonic Scale Tiger can really communicate with humans, and a demonic beast that can interact with humans must at least be a Mai-ling level. A Mai-ling level demonic beast is stronger compared to a Mai-ling level human warrior; and a Mai-ling level warrior, no matter how much one searched in Stone City, they would not be able to find one. To most warriors, Mai-ling level is an elusive dream.
The Demonic Scale Tiger nods its head a third time, acknowledging that it is a Mai-ling level cultivator.
Du Shaofu swallowed nervously; a Mai-Ling level demonic Beast King suddenly appeared in front of him with the intention of submitting to him; could it be that his awesome personality attracted the Demonic Scale Tiger…
Fortifies Golden Plumages ref. C32; the first stage of Physique Refining Law