Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 42 A True Gentleman

Hesitating for a moment, Du Shaofu placed her face front, down on the boulder then he pulled her dress slightly and spread some healing medicine on her back.
All these healing stuff come from the White Panther Hunting Group’s people. As beast hunters, they had some healing medicines with them, thus Du Shaofu took some for contingency; he didn’t expect it will be used on this woman.
At first, he searched for this woman to pay her back for trying to rob him but it never crossed his mind that she would faint like this which caused him to be at a complete sense of loss on what to do.
If he abandoned her then she will surely be taken as food for the passing demonic beasts; and if she were found by the passing beast hunters or mercenaries, she would probably end up worse. Such a beautiful woman if found by those beast hunters or mercenaries that entered the Wild Beast Mountains for months without seeing a woman, at that time what will happen is obvious to anyone.
Looking at the girl’s jade white skin on her back while spreading medicine, he thought: what a kind-hearted gentleman I am, she probably can’t find a man like me.
How come there’s another wound!
After he had finished spreading the medicine on the back, suddenly he noticed that there were some bloodstains on the girl’s thigh that dripped down from the tightly wrapped plum buttocks, which means that the wound there was quite deep, moreover, it’s on her butt.
“A good deed must be done completely.”
Du Shaofu felt that he’s so generous, not only did he not abandon the woman, he even helped her put on the medicine. His brows wrinkled for a moment then he took out a dagger that he plundered from the White Panther Hunting Group, very passionately he cut out a palm-sized hole according to the innerwear’s shape; revealing part of a well-shaped butt that has a strange attraction that could hook out one’s soul.
Unconsciously, Du Shaofu’s heart skipped a beat looking at the exposed skin, he only regained his focus when he noticed there was a two finger wide wound on it, he quickly spread the medicine on it.
However, his eyes furtively glanced at the rounded butt, particularly where the butt elongates to the thigh creating an exquisite arc. As he continued to furtively glance, he felt his heart seemed to be on fire.
When he was finished and kept the medicines back, he saw the whole palm-sized skin area was fully spread with medicine instead of just the two fingers width area.
“This way is safer, it's good for the wound.”
He said to himself in his heart, when putting on medicine, of course, it is better to put on a little bit more. Looking at his handiwork, Du Shaofu couldn’t resist: “But, it’s very firm and very smooth…”
“Ei, why is my nose bleeding?”
While his eyes couldn’t move away from the smooth rounded buttocks, and he wanted to check whether the other ‘thigh’ have any wounds, he suddenly noticed that blood started to flow from his nose; only then did he gave up on his earlier thoughts.
In the end, Du Shaofu took out a clean robe and cover it over the young girl’s hip; even the robe was something he got from the White Panther Hunting Group, for he feared that he would need to cover himself in vines again. And now it was given to this woman.
After settling down, he glanced at the young girl, and a tiny evil smile curled at the corner of his mouth, he retreated to rest after he searched the young girl’s body.
A quiet morning, mists and fogs blanketed the forest; surreal, a soft and subtle atmosphere.
“You little thief, what did you do to me. I want to kill you!”
A shrill scream cuts through the peaceful forest morning. He didn’t know when the young girl had woke up, touching one side of her rounded butt. Her expression was terrible, then without warning, she lunged at Du Shaofu who was resting, eyes closed. However, the young girl seemed to have no strength.
Du Shaofu seemed prepared as he quickly stood up and retreated, and at the same time he yelled out: “Miss, your wound is exposed.”
She immediately stopped when she heard that, only then did she noticed that, when she lunged at him, her behind's wound was exposed…
The Demonic Scale Tiger appeared suddenly, and after he had leaped up on its back, it flapped its wings and flew away.
Let’s not say whether the young girl had the strength to chase; she didn’t have the time; and when she wanted to take out her Universal storage bag, she found out that her storage bag had already flown away. Even some small odd items were missing.
“Little thief, don’t even let me see you again. If I ever see you, I swear I will tear you into thousands of pieces.”
“This woman really changes so fast, really not suitable to be a maid. Never mind, it should not be noisy anymore.”
In midair, Du Shaofu involuntarily shivered when he heard the shrill scream behind him. A faint smile was on his face, with the storage bag in his hand, he said lightly: “Luckily I didn’t suffer any losses, and the feel on the hand is really nice…”
The green mountain range grows in layers akin to the movement of the waves that surged magnificently.
Ao ao!
Roars of beasts resounded through the forest in a thundering manner and caused tension to fill the air.
Within the forest, where a steep mountain was located, a group consisting of young girls and boys banded together; most of their faces were pale white and fear apparent between their eyes. Each one of them gripped their weapon in hand, eyes warily looking at the dozen of Lightning Leopards surrounding them.
This group is in their teens, seventeen eighteen-year-old. The leader was a girl with a fair skin and a delicate face, young but grew up beautiful and slender.
Her eyes were solemn, her gaze fixed on the ten Lightning Leopards, although not of Xiantian level but the leader clearly has touched the border of Xiantian cultivation, and it’s difficult to deal with it, just relying on the few of them.
“Zhijin, what do we do now. We got separated from the Elder, and we can’t deal with this pack of Lightning Leopards, there’s too many of them.” A young man some years older than the young girl said with a frightened face.
“We can only fight and hope that the Elder would be able to rush here to rescue us.”
The delicate face revealed a sharp aura, her long deep skirt added some charm and maturity as it wrapped around her attractive curves: “I will handle the Lightning Leopard leader, you guys handle the rest.”
Ao ao!
Just when the young girl’s voice stopped, the pack of Lightning Leopard resumed their attacks. The reason Lighting Leopards were called lighting leopards was that their speed was as quick as lightning.
The group of teens rushed out simultaneously, swinging their weapons at the attacking Lightning Leopards. However, each one of their cultivation is below Xiantian, facing against so many Lightning Leopard is an arduous task.
The young girl cracked a long whip attached with numerous hook; xuanqi rippled, and the whip shot out like lightning ignoring space barrier, directly whipping the leader of the Lightning Leopards.
The Lightning Leopard’s speed was even faster than the young girl. The Lightning Leopard emitted a bloody and fierce atmosphere and evaded the young girl’s whip, its vicious eyes were fixed on the young girl as it leaped towards her; with sharp claws akin to hooks, it appeared in front of the young girl.
In a split second, the young girl broke out in explosive power. Her foot tapped the ground, and an early Xiantian breath fluctuated, the long whip in her hand moved like a real-life snake to wrapped around the Lightning Leopard.
Fierceness flashed across the Lightning Leopard’s eyes, bright light surged around its body similar to a baby elephant, it once again dodged another attack. The long whip struck on a boulder, pieces of stone flew out as the boulder split in half.
The girl retreated, the long whip in her hand cracked out again; it can be seen that the young girl was no ordinary girl from her attacks.
The Lightning Leopard issued a loud roar in anger from being blocked again and again. It clawed out, and its sharp claws hooked onto the long whip and withheld it under its paw. The razor-sharp hooks on the whip could split a boulder but it has nothing against the Lightning Leopard’s paw instead the long whip was caught, and the Lightning Leopard pulled the long whip.
Deng! Deng!
It didn’t cross the girl’s mind that the Lightning Leopard would be so strong, from just a moment of carelessness; she staggered awkwardly from the pull that she had no choice, but to immediately release her grip on the long whip.
The Lightning Leopard took this opportunity, it dashed towards the young girl with lightning speed, its teeth glistened evilly as it mouth were wide open, emanating a scent of blood.
She's still young after all, although she’s an early Xiantian cultivator and an elite amongst her peer, however, when everything changed so fast, her speed was affected.
A young man cut in between the young girl and the Lightning Leopard. Xuanqi surged around him as he punched at the Lightning Leopard’s lower jaw. A low blast rang out, and the Lightning Leopard flew back towards a boulder, and the boulder crumbled into pieces from the force.
Ao ao!
Lighting Leopard roared shrilly, beast blood streaming down from its lower jaw. It struggled to turn over to run but the young man appeared once again with incomprehensible speed, and another fist fell heavily onto the Lightning Leopard’s temple.