Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 46 Because Your Face is too Wretched

Because Your Face is too Wretched
When Du Shaofu heard what Zhen Qingchun said he hesitated for a moment before he bit on his index finger, and dripped blood on the pouches for the recognition process. He heard somewhere some spiritual tools and Universal Storage Pouch need blood to recognize master. In an instant, the storage pouches opened, and Du Shaofu poured everything inside out.
“This is material from a Xiantian level beast.”
“This is Xiantian level beast’s blood essence.”
“Really have elixirs and martial skills, lots of xuanbi too.”
“That woman’s storage pouch contains so much less, but all stuff is of high quality; this martial skill probably is of ‘Dong level’.”
Valuable items piled high up made Du Shaofu bloomed in a brilliant smile. From the White Panther Hunting Group Big Chief, Skinny Tiger’s storage bag contained many wicked beast materials, blood essence, elixirs and also a Xiantian level martial skill. In short, most of the White Panther Hunting Group’s wealth was kept inside.
There’s not much inside the tangerine-red dress girl’s storage pouch, apart from a few women’s clothing, rogues and powder; what surprised Du Shaofu is the number of high-grade dans inside; and the many xuanbi too.
He also found a Ding level martial skill inside, coupled with the high-grade dans and xuanbi, it probably worth more than Skinny Tiger’s storage pouch.
Seeing the satisfied smile on Du Shaofu’s face, Zhen Qingchun couldn’t resist and commented spitefully, “Just a bunch of garbage could make you this happy, what a bumpkin.”
“Take something valuable out if you’re so capable.” Du Shaofu tilted his head to look at Zhen Qingchun and then continued reorganizing the items to be put into his storage pouch.
Zhen Qingchun was choked by Du Shaofu’s retort, suppressing the anger in his heart he said to Du Shaofu: “Brat, I had proved that I’m a Spirit Talisman Master, and absolutely not a swindler. How about we make a deal?”
Du Shaofu looked up and asked, “You might be a Spirit Talisman Master, and the reason you want to make a deal with me is because you want my xuanqi, right? If it is that, I would advise you to forget about it; who dares to prey on my xuanqi, I will fight them to death.”
Once again Zhen Qingchun was struck dumb; this brat and he are not on the same wavelength. He inhaled deeply, and a smile appeared on his wretched-looking face, he tried again, “Brat, don’t be afraid. I’m not asking for all of your xuanqi, I just need a teeny bit every time and absolutely won’t cause you harm in any way. When my spirit body is stronger, I can leave this little tower and think of a way to heal myself.”
Du Shaofu rolled his eyes at Zhen Qingchun. He sneered, but kept silent and continued to play with his trophies, thinking how to change it to xuanbi.
“Brat, don’t you want to get stronger, I can turn you into a strong expert conquering the continents.”
Zhen Qingchun persevered and continued to tempt Du Shaofu, in his point of view no one can resist temptation. How could this snot-nosed kid resist, you have a weakness as long as you are human. “Do you want wealth, beauties, status, power?”
“If you are so capable, how did you end up like this, you think I will believe you?”
Du Shaofu finally finished organizing the two storage pouch, stood up and threw a question at Zhen Qingchun.
He almost choked death with this question, and his face flushed a deep red. He wanted to vent; he wanted to abuse this ungrateful brat, but in his present condition, he’s simply unable to do so.
“Brat, do you want to be a Spirit Talisman Master?”
Getting over his depression, Zhen Qingchun threw the last bait out. He guaranteed no matter who when faced with this question they surely will be tempted. Spirit Talisman Master is a career everyone yearns for.
“You want to be repelled with a virgin boy’s urine!”
But the result once again exceeded his imagination; Du Shaofu basically had no reaction towards the three words - Spirit Talisman Master. All he received was an angry glare.
On the contrary, Du Shaofu dearly wished to be a Spirit Talisman Master. The fact is, it’s not that Du Shaofu doesn’t know the exalted status of a Spirit Talisman Master in the continent; he even heard that a Spirit Talisman Master’s strength is scarier than those strong experts.
However, after he was determined as a martial waste having broken veins, Du Clan had tested his physical constitution and was again disappointed for he had no potential as a Spirit Talisman Master either.
Thus, when Zhen Qingchun asked if he wanted to be a Spirit Talisman Master, he had no idea at all. Since he had no potential, and now he had the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law, so why should he muse about being a Spirit Talisman Master?
“Brat, you really don’t want to be a Spirit Talisman Master?”
Zhen Qingchun felt like hitting his head against the wall; he never would’ve thought this brat in front of him is even nonchalant about Spirit Talisman Master, this isn’t normal! Something must have gone wrong with his head.
“I previously tested to have no potential as a Spirit Talisman Master, better save your saliva.”
Du Shaofu rolled his eyes at Zhen Qingchun. Du Shaofu made up his mind not give in to Zhen Qingchun’s temptation, in the end, all he wanted is his xuanqi.
“Who said you couldn't be a Spirit Talisman Master, which son of a b*stard said that!”
Zhen Qingchun started to curse passionately, saying “The one who tested you definitely is a bastard.”
Du Shaofu eyes lit up secretly when he heard this. Then he said, “This means that I have the potential to be a Spirit Talisman Master?”
“Not some common potential.” Zhen Qingchun raised his head; a light shone from his eyes as he stared intensely at Du Shaofu. “Do you know the prerequisite condition to be a Spirit Talisman Master?”
“Extraordinary spiritual force and spirit root.” Du Shaofu answered. He had heard all these when he was little; not many people can become a warrior, and a Spirit Talisman Master is even rarer than warriors.
“That’s right; to be a Spirit Talisman Master one needs extraordinary spiritual force and spirit root, both are indispensable. Your spirit root is poor, even worse than your martial pulse.” Zhen Qingchun said bluntly.
“You just said I could be a Spirit Talisman Master.” Du Shaofu’s eyebrow rose.
“You know shit!” Finally, Zhen Qingchun had the opportunity to roll his eyes back at Du Shaofu. “Your spirit root is bad, but you have a strong spiritual force for your age that others can’t compare. I really don’t know how your spiritual force can be so strong; in all the people that I know, you are one of the top three.”
“I do have some excellent qualities; your eyesight is not bad.” Du Shaofu said, the corner of his lips curved into a smile, not the least feeling shy. Then he asked, “What has this got to do with being a Spirit Talisman Master?”
Zhen Qingchun again rolled his eyes at Du Shaofu. “Of course it is related. Having a strong spiritual force is an inherent advantage because there no method that enhances it whereas there are still ways to improve the spirit root. Moreover, spirit root can be improved significantly.”
“As far as I know, spirit root can’t be improved.”
Du Shaofu isn’t stupid - never eaten pork doesn’t mean he hasn't seen a pig – spirit root is the same as a warrior’s martial pulse, there’s no method to enhance it. Even if one is lucky enough to swallow some elixir that could improve martial pulse or spirit root, but it doesn't make much of a difference.
“Others can’t, but I can.”
Zhen Qingchun stared steadfastly at Du Shaofu, saying “As long as you listen to me, worship me as Master; I can make you into a Spirit Talisman Master.”
“Worship you as Master?”
Du Shaofu rolled his eyes at Zhen Qingchun for the third time and said, “You can look somewhere else for a disciple, I’m not interested. Biting more than I can chew, I don’t have that much energy; it is enough for me to be a warrior.”
Zhen Qingchun was shocked, bewildered, dumbstruck, and then he cursed at Du Shaofu. “You ungrateful brat, during my time, as long as I opened my mouth and said I want to receive disciple, how many Spirit Talisman Master would kowtow till blood run down begging to be under my tutelage?”
“I heard there is One Star Spirit Talisman Master, Two Stars, and so on. Eldest Uncle said he met a Five Stars Talisman Master once; how many stars are you?” Du Shaofu asked.
“It is inconvenient for me to tell my identity for the time being, you might not be able to focus on your practice if you knew, and it might bring unnecessary trouble for you. But I can tell you, what Five Stars Spirit Talisman Master is just a fart in front of me during my peak.” Zhen Qingchun said full of confidence.
The corner of Du Shaofu’s mouth twitched watching Zhen Qingchun’s confident face. A Five Stars Spirit Talisman is enough to make the Emperor of an Empire welcoming them in person but is only nothing more than a fart in Zhen Qingchun’s eyes. If this is leaked out, he definitely would be ridiculed and laughed at as a nutcase.
Looking at Zhen Qingchun’s young wretched-looking face, Du Shaofu can’t seem to relate it to the face of a strong expert.
“Brat, are you going to be my disciple or not?’
The corner of Zhen Qingchun’s eyes was also twitching; he never imagined one day he would reduce to begging a snot-nosed brat to be his disciple. Nowadays, is a Spirit Talisman Master no longer worth anything?
“No. Although I’m interested, I don’t trust you.” Du Shaofu rejected.
“Why you don’t trust me? I had proved that I’m a Spirit Talisman Master!”
“Because your face is too wretched, just like a swindler.” Du Shaofu replied seriously.
Never eaten pork doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen a pig (idiom) – Maybe you haven’t seen a giraffe before, but you know that it is tall and have brown patches on its back.