Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 48 I didn't Hit Anyone

I didn't Hit Anyone
“Actually gifted the Spirit Ink Sword!”
“Such generosity!”
When Du Clan Elders heard the three words ‘Spirit Ink Sword’ their eyes lit up; gazes of burning greed and envy fell upon Du Shaofu’s body.
Du Shaofu dazed momentarily; from the reaction around the Main Hall he could tell that this Spirit Ink Sword is not some common weapon, and he hesitated whether he should receive the sword or not.
“Take it as my gratitude to you for saying my Ye Family’s disciples. Just a Spirit Ink Sword is truly insufficient to represent my thanks.” Ye Zhijin finally spoke, giving Du Shaofu a faint smile, causing some of the Du Clan juniors dumbstruck.
“Miss Ye is too polite. That time was just some small assistance, and doesn’t worth this heavy gratitude.” Du Shaofu nodded slightly towards Ye Zhijin. Frankly, this was the first time he actually spoke with Ye Zhijin; his gaze then shifted towards his Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle.
“Shaofu, since it is Mayor Ye’s good intentions, go ahead and accept it.” Du Zhenwu said with a smile.
“I thank Mayor Ye then.” Du Shaofu stopped refusing and took the box from the armored man.
“Remember, call me Uncle Ye. Mayor makes us sound like strangers.” Ye Baolin said, nodding in satisfaction.
“Yes, Uncle Ye.” Du Shaofu obeyed.
Ye Zhijin stood up looking at Du Shaofu; her pearly white teeth peeked through her smiling lips, “Don’t know if savior has some free time today, and is willing to accompany me for a stroll around the city?”
The moment Ye Zhijin’s words finished, all of Du Clan juniors' reaction were like a lighting strike them and were greatly shocked.
In the whole of Stone City, many outstanding, talented young men had tried to woo the Mayor’s daughter, but they have never heard of anyone given a chance. All the suitors could only admire from afar.
But now, this Mayor’s daughter that all the younger generation desired actually took the initiative to invite Du Shaofu. The profound meaning in this action makes people’s imagination fly. Those thoughts ran through Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong’s mind, and their eyes rippled with emotions.
Du Shaofu looked at Ye Zhijin; an apologetic expression emerged on his face as he said, “Many thanks for Miss Ye’s invitation, my apologies, coincidentally today I have some important matters to attend to. Perhaps another day?"
“Sure, we could go another day.” Ye Zhijin's smile never left her face, and her smile was so captivating that Du Clan juniors were reluctant to look away.
“Heavens, that Du Shaofu declined Miss Ye! Didn’t someone say that he’s not a fool anymore, why is he doing something this stupid ah!”
This kid beat up Du Hao and his group yesterday, how could he be a fool? Some of the older generation were discussing how to punish him last night.”
“There probably won’t be any punishment; even the Mayor came to show gratitude who else could do anything to him. Du Hao and his group should consider themselves unlucky and forget about it.”
Far back in back of the Main Hall, a bunch of Du Clan juniors whispered to each other, feeling bitter about Du Shaofu being invited by Miss Ye. If it were them no matter what important matters they have would have been forgotten. But, Du Shaofu actually declined!
“He he, my purpose today was just to thank Shaofu, there are matters to attend to still, and I should excuse myself. I hope to visit again another day.” Ye Baolin stood up and excused himself.
“Then I shall not delay Mayor.” Du Zhenwu wasn’t overly courteous which proves that their relationship is actually harmonious.
Du Clan Elders escorted Ye Baolin to the main entrance and Du Shaofu followed from the back.
Watching people from Ye Family left far away, Du Zhenwu’s expression suddenly turned somber. With his hands behind his back walked back in, a sound floated passed Du Shaofu’s ears. “Shaofu, come to the Main Hall, I have something to ask you.”
When Du Zhenwu’s voice spread out, all the Du Clan elders looked at Du Shaofu with anger in their glowing in their eyes as if Du Shaofu owed them tens of millions xuanbi.
“Let’s go to the Main Hall.”
Du Zhixiong who suddenly appeared behind Du Shaofu said, lightly patted Du Shaofu’s shoulder, a kind smile on his face.
“En,” Du Shaofu nodded with a small smile.
“Looks like Du Shaofu can’t escape this calamity.”
“Of course, last time Du Shaofu snatched the Violent Stone Demon Wolf blood essence and base-building dans, and yesterday he beat up so many people brutally. Eldest Elder definitely wouldn’t let it go.”
“I heard last night Eldest Elder went to look for Patriarch.”
“No wonder even with the Mayor’s visit couldn’t help Du Shaofu.”
“Let’s go and have a look.”
“Seen Mayor.”
“Quick, some and see; Mayor Ye came out.”
On one of Stone City’s wide street, Ye Family’s Blood-sweat Dragon Horse sped up the street attracting much attention. The residents quickly saluted seeing who it was; this is something other families don’t have. Being the Mayor is the real definition of Stone City’s ruler.
“Girl, have you seen clearly?”
Riding on the Blood-sweat Dragon Horse, Ye Baolin asked the young girl beside him, his hand waving at the saluting residents. Not much can be deduced from his calm voice.
“The more talented the person the harder it is to see clearly.” Ye Zhijin replied softly. Her brows were scrunched together from the time she stepped out of Du Clan.
“Neither servile nor overbearing, and knows when to advance and retreat properly; definitely a little guy that endured for ten years. Looks like this time, a remarkable young man came out from Du Clan.”
Ye Baolin smiled. He turned to look at his daughter, eyes filled with love, said, “But I didn’t expect that he would refuse my darling daughter; could it be my precious daughter isn’t good enough for him?”
“Dad, how could you make fun of your own daughter; if it weren’t for Ye Family I wouldn’t do so.”
Ye Zhijin gave Ye Baolin a fierce glare, a small amount of anger showed in her eyes, said: “But no matter what, about a month or so Stone City will turn lively.”
“The real excitement a month later, and at that time…”
Ye Baolin seemingly heard Ye Zhijin’s words, and it looked he wanted to say something, but in the end, he kept quiet, his expression turned sullen.
In Du Clan’s Main Hall, everyone sat down for the second time; even the several experts remained. Almost every older generation stared fiercely at Du Shaofu.
Du Shaofu stood in the middle of the Main Hall, hugging the three-foot long box to his chest. There wasn’t enough time for him to see the Spirit Ink Sword, but its weight is quite substantial, neither light nor heavy. Looking at the elders in the Main Hall, he recognized them being the parent, uncle, aunt and some other relatives of peoples he beat up yesterday.
“Shaofu, I heard yesterday you beat up Du Hao, Du Yan, and some others. Hurting our own Du Clan's brothers and sisters, do you know your action had violated Clan rules?” On the main seat, Du Zhenwu stared at Du Shaofu, exuding the prestige of a Clan’s Patriarch naturally without intention.
“Eldest Uncle, I did not hit anyone.”
Du Shaofu looked up with a placid expression.
“Du Shaofu how dare you deny it! You wounded Yan’er heavily, even now he is lying on the bed unable to move! Are you telling that he is faking it?”
“My Qi’er is also lying on the bed seriously injured, probably won’t be able to get down from the bed for a year or so, how can this be false?”
“Hao’er and his cousin brother suffered serious injuries from your brutal hand; Du Hao cousin brother's cultivation was destroyed. Such ruthlessness towards your clan brothers and sisters, what a vicious heart.”
When Du Shaofu claimed that he did not hit anyone, the whole Main Hall shrill clamoring voices of kinswoman blew off the roof. Pair after pair of angry gaze fell upon Du Shaofu’s body wanting to swallow him whole. The males, however, kept quiet but dissatisfaction and anger evident in their eyes.
Du Zhenwu finally said something. His eyes swept across them, and said, “As a generation of elders, what kind of example are you setting clamoring like this.”
The group of ladies dared not utter a single word after being admonished by Du Zhenwu.
Afterward, he looked at Du Shaofu, asking, “You heard what the elders have said, do you have anything to say?”
Du Shaofu’s answer was simple but forceful, he looked at Du Zhenwu and asked, “Eldest Uncle, they claimed that I hit some them, can I ask who present here witness it with their own eyes?”
Everyone went blanked for a moment when they heard the question; Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong included.
“What a good Du Shaofu, at such a small age already learned how to lie without blinking. You wounded more than ten people yet you’re trying to quibble and mislead everyone.”
After a moment of blankness, the gathering kinswoman started to make noise again knowing full well that there was no witness, and that it was Du Hao and the rest that went to make trouble for Du Shaofu, but they were beaten up instead. Thus, they wouldn’t have allowed any witnesses.
“Eldest Uncle, whether I hit someone or not just ask them to come out and clarify.” Du Shaofu didn’t bother with those aunts, he calmly said to Du Zhenwu.
“Right, once clarified we would know the truth.”
Listening to Du Shaofu’s words, those insufferable kinswoman were overjoyed as if they’ve found his weakness. More than a dozen people against this kid, they already knew who would win, at that time even the Patriarch can’t protect him. Those juniors beaten up were an irrefutable fact, and once they deliberate that brat can no longer deny it.
“He he.”- Not the Japanese anime’s cute sound.