Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 65 Opening the Niwan Palace

Time flowed on and the speed that Du Shaofu formed mysterious seals became faster. And the energy fluctuation from the mid of his eyebrow grew increasingly intense. This level of intense energy fluctuations was no weaker than a Xiantian warrior’s; Zhen Qingchun grew ever more nervous as he watched from some distance away.
“A man’s sea of essence is none other than the dantian as the ‘Great Origin.’ The Ancestor Palace residing in the body is the most supreme, where all Yang gathers, the thousands Gods assemble.”
Suddenly, these words came out from Du Shaofu’s mouth as the last handseal was formed. Runic talisman patterns floated out from his eyebrow and enveloped his entire body.
And at the same time, a mysterious energy burst out of Du Shaofu’s body.
This mysterious energy fluctuation was like a dark chain, chains wrapping around Du Shaofu in the center, in an instant it shattered the runic talisman that was coming out from Du Shaofu’s eyebrow.
Du Shaofu’s face suddenly became grim and distorted, green veins surfaced on his temples as if he was suffering from a great pain that his body might collapse at any time.
At this time, a different mysterious light jumped out from Du Shaofu’s body, also it wasn’t bright, but it was connected to Du Shaofu’s meridian and blood. In the end, from the surface of Du Shaofu’s Shenque, a terrifying atmosphere broke out and wrapped around the dark chains that surrounded Du Shaofu.
“The martial pulse Spiritsignet is actually protecting the host! What kind of martial pulse is this!”
Some distance away, Zhen Qingchun’s eyes fluttered, not even his knowledgeable eyes could determine what grade of martial pulse Spiritsignet that was. Automatically protecting its host wasn’t something an average martial pulse Spiritsignet could do. That martial pulse clearly has not yet recovered much from its seal; if it did fully recover, how powerful would it be!
After a split second of shock, Zhen Qingchun senses returned and his voice transmitted into Du Shaofu’s ear, “Kid, don’t worry about the seal on your spiritual root; that seal is bounded by your martial pulse Spiritsignet at the moment. All you have to do is concentrate on opening the Niwan Palace in your mind. Heaven’s mind, in your body, is a hundred Deities’ will; the Dao combines with Taixuan. Heaven’s mind, the spiritual power of your body is a hundred Deities’ life grotto. The essence of representing the mountain of origin, with the soul clear as jade reaches the pinnacle. The Main builds a garden in his mind, turning the virtual into something real. Smoke rises from a thousand li away, like virtues equip one before Heaven and Earth, magnanimous in all ways. Hence, the Niwan appears. The ones who formed the Niwan Palace, are like the Deities above…”
Du Shaofu’s distorted face gradually eased. The dark chains around his body were bounded by the dim mysterious light’s great coercion, and the runic talisman patterns emerged once again from his eyebrow.
Talisman runes shone brightly like miniature moon floating in midair following a certain pattern before returning to Du Shaofu’s eyebrow. The same cycle seemed to repeat endlessly, increasing the energy fluctuations. And at some point around the eyebrow, he can vaguely feel like there was something coming to life.
“Niwan possessors takes the shape of the Deities, open the Niwan Palace!”
Finally, the last handseal fell into place and Du Shaofu shouted loudly. The talisman runes swimming in the air suddenly spun into a formation, bursting out in a dazzling light like the rising moon, and finally shaped into a grotto that looked as if it could devour the surrounding space.
A loud trembling sound rang out. The talisman grotto went into Du Shaofu’s eyebrow, and at the same time, a strong spiritual force surged strongly in his mind like a tornado. Even the nearby space trembled from the force.
A strong wave of spiritual force wrapped around Du Shaofu, the energy ripples added a sense of vibrancy to Du Shaofu that made people feel like a newborn treasure came out from Heaven and Earth.
“What a strong spiritual force! How did this smelly kid’s spiritual force came to be this strong; I’m afraid he’s invincible amongst same level warriors. Is it related to that sealed spiritual root?”
Zhen Qingchun muttered to himself lightly; on his wretched looking face was unspeakable shock and disbelief sensing the strong spiritual force from Du Shaofu’s body.
The spiritual force was one of the crucial factors to a Spirit Talisman Master. Zhen Qingchun could already imagine this abnormal bastard venturing out of Stone City and defeating those so-called talented geniuses; based on this kid’s spiritual force and the Golden-winged Garuda’s cultivation technique, he could sweep them away by the bunch.
Half an hour later, the dark energy chains around Du Shaofu’s body disappeared by itself, followed by the mysterious dim net light. Thus, everything calmed down.
Du Shaofu opened his eyes, bright and clean with traces of golden light deep within the pupils. Retrieving the talisman runes, the domineering and high-handed aura turned calm like the mirror surface.
“So, this is the level of a Two Star Spirit Talisman. Really strong, and different from a warrior.”
Observing the full spiritual force contained in his Niwan Palace, Du Shaofu muttered. His hard work and effort finally paid off; at last he had progressed as a Spirit Talisman Master and stepped into the level of a Two Star Spirit Talisman Master which was equivalent to a warrior’s early Xiantian realm cultivation.
“How do you feel?”
Zhen Qingchun’s transparent silhouette appeared in front of Du Shaofu, and by the way he looked at Du Shaofu was like as if he was looking at a strange creature.
“Not bad, it would be great if I could break through a little faster.” Du Shaofu was satisfied with the results.
Zhen Qingchun glared at Du Shaofu with wide opened eyes as if there was a group of crows flying above them. It has only been a little more than one month’s time, this smelly kid already stepped into Two Star Spirit Talisman Master yet it seemed like he still wasn’t satisfied. Really, comparing between people could suffocate a person to death.
Although this was a Spirit Talisman Master’s cultivation, however, because Du Shaofu was a dual cultivator, Du Shaofu accounted for a lot of many benefits but at the same time, the level of difficulty to advance increases.
Cultivating spirit talisman and martial arts at the same time, the energy and focus were distributed instead of focused on one thing. Despite this, this kid actually succeeded to do so in such a short time.
As far as he knew, even taking those lauded talented genius into consideration, it would need at least couple of years to reach this level.
And Zhen Qingchun was well aware, that if it wasn’t because he constantly reminded Du Shaofu to suppress his breakthrough, and solidify his foundation, this kid would’ve breakthrough much earlier.
Looking at Du Shaofu, Zhen Qingchun no longer wants to compare the speed of cultivation with this abnormal bastard, the only thing that made him felt better was when he thought that no matter how strong this bastard is, it was him, Zhen Qingchun who taught Du Shaofu.
“After opening the Niwan Gong, it can be considered as stepping on the path of becoming a Spirit Talisman Master; and your alchemy’s progress is also good, so…”
Zhen Qingchun’s voice paused here, rolled his eyes at Du Shaofu and continued, “From today onwards, I’ve decided to teach you the arrays. A Two Star Talisman Master is eligible to come in contact with arrays.”
“I already said I’m a quick learner.”
Du Shaofu laughed with a ‘heyhey’ sound as his heart looked forward to it. Those legendary Array Masters could rival an empire with just an array, enough to turn the tides and change the weather.
Hearing Du Shaofu’s complacent self-praise, Zhen Qingchun’s face twitched and continued as if Du Shaofu didn’t say anything, “Arrays are much more vast and profound compared to refining and alchemy. All beings coexist with the five elements, and to become an Array Master, the first thing that you should have is an excellent understanding of runes and talismans, comprehend them and learn how to use it according to your wish, turning them into an array formation.”
“Arrays are divided into illusion array, attack array, and defense array. The first thing you must do now is to comprehend the five elements runes between heaven and earth…”
Listening to Zhen Qingchun’s teaching, Du Shaofu’s face became serious; occasionally nodding, and occasionally in deep thought
Every time when Zhen Qingchun teaches Du Shaofu, the Demon Scale Tiger would lie close to them like it could reap some kind of benefits by just by listening.