Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 70 I Did Not Flirt

“Sou! Sou!”
In less than one breath’s time after the Ye Family’s old man declared the start of the competition, the many silhouettes standing in the battle ring flashed as if each of them had a tacit understanding and preparation. Qin Xiaolu, Cao Qitai and thirteen others from the Qin Family blocked the path of the Ye Family which was led by Ye Zhijin.
It was obvious; that the Qin Family had planned from early on to fight with the Ye Family.
At the same time, thirty silhouettes grouped in front of Du Shaofu, their actions seemed like it was an agreement between the two parties; thirty people stood before Du Shaofu, not one more and not one less.
The Bai and An Family, each had fifteen participants; with Bai Caiyi, Bai Tianming, An Long, and An Hu as leaders, targeting one person – Du Shaofu.
An Long’s gaze fell on Bai Caiyi, his light voice saying, “Settle Du Shaofu together, then decide the winner between us as to not let others take advantage of us, what do you think?”
Bai Caiyi looked at Du Shaofu, then at An Long and lightly nodded. Her answer was a simple word: “Okay!”
In the next moment, swords were drawn. The An and Bai Family’s participant locked onto Du Shaofu.
An Hu and Bai Tianming both exposed a smile that contained killing intent. They have waited for so long, today they have the opportunity for revenge; being surrounded by thirty people, they believed that Du Shaofu could not leave the ring standing straight.
“Shameless! They really gang up!”
On the platform, Du Zhixiong’s palm slammed down on his chair with anger. Even though he had guessed the possibility but he didn’t expect that An Family and Bai Family would be so shameless as to work together to deal with one person.
Du Zhenwu’s eyes also showed a somber color; he started to regret, regret his decision. He shouldn’t have allowed Du Shaofu to go out on the battle ring alone; no matter how strong a person is, they can’t go against thirty people at once ah. Especially with that Bai Caiyi and An Long they were no ordinary juniors.
Up and down, all of Du Clan’s people tensed up, looking solemn.
“Ye Zhijin, I want to know what level have you reached!”
Qin Xiaolu made the first move, a long sword was unsheathed from its scabbard. Xuanqi surged, talisman formed from sword rays enveloping towards Ye Zhijin.
Ye Zhijin glanced at Du Shaofu not far away, being surrounded by An Family and Bai Family, she frowned; a multi-hook long whip snapped out with a twist of her wrist, xuanqi bursted out across the air, wrapping the incoming blade rays.
In an instant, the two women started their fight; the rest of Qin Family and Ye Family’s participants each found their opponent and a large scale fight broke out.
On the other side, Du Shaofu looked at the thirty people surrounding him; his gaze fell on the Bai Family’s group and asked, “Who is Bai Mei?
From the Bai Family’s group of fifteen, a pretty young girl stepped out, around sixteen to seventeen years old. In her hand was a long sword with xuanqi rippling along the body; a little nervous, carrying a baffle expression as she looked at Du Shaofu, “I, I’m… Bai Mei,”
“I will protect you well.”
A faint smile appeared on Du Shaofu’s face when he said that; even him, being surrounded by people from two families, he remained calm and indifferent.
“In this dire situation you still dare to tease my Bai Family’s people; beat him to death!” A Bai Family young man was angered.
“Teach this kid a lesson, no need to hold back.” An Hu took the chance and shouted loudly.
“Beat him to death.” Bai Tianming nodded in agreement.
The young men and women of Bai and An Family rushed towards Du Shaofu with angry faces and surging xuanqi.
This Du Shaofu still had the time to flirt with a young girl at this moment, it's definitely not a good act. Such an arrogant brat must be taught a memorable lesson.
“Dare to tease our Bai Family’s people, you will suffer miserably!” The young man who spoke earlier stepped forward and declared.
“I did not tease.”
“Dare to quibble, you’re fated to suffer.” The Bai Family’s young man shouted angrily; waves of xuanqi fluctuated, preparing to attack.
“So noisy; I already said I did not tease means I did not. Are your eyes blind!”
Du Shaofu’s calm expression darkened. His hand raised and a dazzling pale golden light shone; as his right hand struck forward, his body blurred and appeared in front of the Bai Family’s young man, his right hand hit the young man’s chest.
A loud crash sounded and the young man flew several meters back. The sound of breaking bones accompanied the sound of him landing heavily outside the battle ring; blood spurted out from his mouth, no longer able to stand up.
Whether it was the five families experts, the crowd around the square or the thirty An and Bai Family’s juniors (less one) around Du Shaofu, was all stunned at this moment.
“Bastard, together, get rid of this brat!”
“This kid is a little troublesome; we need to join up to deal with him.”
The participants of Bai and An Family raged, this Du Shaofu actually dared to attack first, disregarding them. Just one exchange and one of them were thrown out of the battle ring; everyone’s hands were clenched into fists.
“Really noisy, if you want to come together then move quickly; So much nonsense.”
Du Shaofu stood calmly, looking at them. He didn’t know why these people talked more rather than acting.
His words made the Bai and An Family’s participant furious, such despising words, not even putting them in his eyes at all.
“So arrogant, everyone attack! Don’t hold back, teach this punk a lesson!”
A young man from the An Family cried out loud, the twenty-nine people around him started to attack; including the young girl, Bai Mei, that was ‘teased’ by Du Shaofu. Xuanqi broke out, weapons hummed, and it was all directed at Du Shaofu.
Twenty-nine people against one, none of them believed that they can’t win against Du Shaofu; they must ‘take good care’ of him.
Twenty-nine people launched their attacks at the same time, sands and dust flew, the ground trembled!
The watching crowd and the Du Clan’s people tensed up; if Du Shaofu fights them one on one he might have a chance to win. But, being ganged up on by so many people, the consequences were not that hard to imagine.
Watching more than two dozen people rushing towards him, Du Shaofu was nonchalant; clear bright eyes became sharp, and a pale golden light broke out from his body.
“Come, you think having more people can hurt me; roll away!”
Du Shaofu suddenly bellowed, his voice was like a thunder, ringing the eardrums of many people. Facing the siege, instead of retreating he moved forward using all of his physical might; moving like a fierce beast, each step caused the ground to crack. Du Shaofu crashed into the fastest person in front of him, a young man from the An Family.
The An Family young man was thrown back in the collision; blood spewed out from his mouth, every bone in his body were broken.
Whereas Du Shaofu continued to bull forward like there was no one blocking his path.
All of this was beyond anyone’s imagination; no one knew Du Shaofu would use such simple, straightforward and powerful way to attack, shocking everyone to the core!