Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 77 Wanna Bet If I Dare?

“Then I would like to see if Cao Qitai dies first or me. Make me angry, and I will kill Cao Qitai; as for myself, I think you still do not have the capability to kill me, at least at this moment.” Du Shaofu looked straight at them; not willing to compromise, his eyes becoming increasingly somber.
Du Shaofu’s heart was very clear, with his Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle here, these two can’t kill him.
Furthermore, Du Shaofu still had his hidden cards, with just one call the Demonic Scale Tiger would dash over immediately. From the earlier attack, he could see that these two won’t be able to overcome the Demonic Scale Tiger in battle.
“Brat, you dare!”
The tall middle-aged man roared but there exist a trace of fear on his face. From the way Du Shaofu fought, he was really afraid that Du Shaofu would do as he said.
“I have people who doubt me the most.”
A smile appeared on Du Shaofu’s face, and before the fearful eyes of the tall middle-aged man, Du Shaofu heavily smashed Cao Qitai’s limp body to the ground that blood seemed to flow endlessly from Cao Qitai’s mouth.
At this very moment, the tall middle-aged man felt like his heart was shattered, his anger rose like a flood and he bellowed,
“Brat, you…!”
At the same time, the Qin Family’s heart was dripping with blood; this move showed that Du Shaofu did not put the Qin Family in his eyes ah. Smashing Cao Qitai to his death; Cao Qitai is the Qin Family Patriarch’s son-in-law, this act was equivalent to slapping the Qin Family’s face.
“You what you, do you want to bet another round whether I dare or not?”
Du Shaofu cut off the tall man’s sentence, and once again picking up the fainted Cao Qitai from the ground, holding him up high with his hand giving the impression that he was preparing to repeat the act.
“Stop, I believe you, so stop!”
The tall middle-aged man was on the verge of collapsing, Du Shaofu’s ruthlessness was a big disparity to his young age, on top of that was his decisiveness; the Young Lord truly cannot take a fall ah.
Instantly, the sharpness on Du Shaofu’s face was replaced by a satisfied smile. Looking at the two, he asked, “Why did you attack me, are you trying to bully me because I am a junior, or was it because you think that I am alone?”
Both men’s face nerve twitched, and the short middle-aged man gnashed his teeth and said, “We were just anxious seeing Young Lord injured. Since the Young Lord had lost, please let him go.”
“I cannot let him go, what if after I let him go, you attack me again. Bullying the weak relying on your strength, bullying the young, more people bullying the less, I’m still young and is not your opponent.” Du Shaofu snickered as if he wouldn’t let this matter rest so easily.
“We guarantee we will not.”
The tall middle-aged man’s voice had softened down, judging from the current situation, they won’t be able to handle the Du Clan’s Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong. Moreover, the Young Lord is still in their hands albeit unconscious and needs immediate treatment that cannot be delayed any longer.
“Not only had you disrupted our Stone City once in a three year Five Families Junior Competition, and also bullied the weak by attacking me. This blatant action clearly showed that you did not put our Stone City in your eyes. You think our Stone City is so easily bullied?”
Du Shaofu looked at the two, his nonchalant voice became increasingly sharp, “You are not promising me, but the Stone City’s Mayor.”
No one noticed the trace of helplessness in Ye Baolin’s eyes after Du Shaofu said that. Obviously, this abnormal Du Shaofu wanted to push the responsibility of injuring Cao Qitai onto the entire Stone City, and him, the Stone City Mayor.
Hearing this, the tall middle-aged man’s face twitched again. He immediately turned around, looked at Ye Baolin, and said, “Mayor Ye, we were just anxious to save people, we hope that Mayor Ye could pardon our rudeness. Our Young Lord needs urgent treatment; can these matters be discussed after that?”
“You are our guests from outside. However, your actions earlier were indeed overstepping the line. Did you think that Stone City has no one?”
Ye Baolin stood up, his calm gaze sharpened as he looked at the short and tall men, “Fortunately, things that we don’t wish to happen did not occur; we should let this matter rest as is.”
“Things that we do not wish to happen did not occur?”
Both men were scolding Ye Baolin inside their hearts; their Young Lord was injured to this extent, was this something they wished to see??
Finished saying this, Ye Baolin’s gaze fell on Du Shaofu, his sharp gaze softened, “Shaofu, they are guests from afar, and our Stone City is the host, we should be more benevolent.”
“Everything follows the Mayor’s order.”
Du Shaofu smiled. Anyway, he had achieved his purpose, thus, with a swing of his hand, Cao Qitai was flung out in the direction of the tall middle-aged man.
He really did want to ‘erase off’ Cao Qitai for he is Liuyun County’s Duke son and the one who had to endure the loss silently is the Ye Family. Even if the sky tumbles down, trouble won’t be knocking on the Du Clan’s door first. Since it was the Ye Family who dragged them into this muddy water in the first place; how could he not reciprocate….
“As water meets the mountain, we will meet again.”
Catching Cao Qitai, the tall middle-aged man wore an ugly expression, after giving the crowd a glance, the two of them leaped off and disappeared from sight.
Several young men that weren’t a part of the Qin Family stepped away, no longer caring about the Qin Family, and they too, disappeared from the square one after another.
Qin Xiaolu returned to the Qin Family’s camp, her eyes blank as she stared at the battle ring.
“We won, Brother Shaofu won!!”
With the people from Liuyun County leaving the square, the Du Clan’s junior broke out in a thunderous cheer.
“Brother Shaofu is the greatest!”
“Finally, our Du Clan won!”
All the Du Clan juniors blood was boiling with excitement, Du Yu, and Du Xue almost could not control themselves.
In the end, many of the Du Clan juniors rushed out to the battle ring and lifted Du Shaofu up, throwing him up in the air.
“We won...
Du Hao, Du Chong, and Du Yan clenched their fists tightly, at this moment, they are rejoicing for the Du Clan. The domineering style of the elders and Du Shaofu in the battle ring made them quiver with excitement; they feel proud for being a part of the Du Clan.
“Du Shaofu, you’re the best!”
The crowds in all four directions also broke out in loud applause, joining in the celebration.
That purple-robed young man, in this round of the Five Families Junior Competition, again and again, shocked the crowd with his domineering and tyrannical style.
Especially the last battle, making their emotions go up and down, unable to calm down till this moment.
In the midst of the applause and cheers, some brave young girls were shouting Du Shaofu’s name, some even courageously confessed their love.
Even the young men were impressed; the power and manliness of sweeping everything in his path, not one male did not desire that kind of strength.
“The Du Clan had hidden real deep ah.”
Among the five families, many strong experts sighed; who would believe that Du Shaofu was the fool young master for ten years. The Du Clan must have deliberately fabricated a story to fool outsiders, a smoke screen to confuse others.

Evening. The Du Clan compound was bustling in good spirit. Oil lamps were lit in every corner, almost going overboard by bringing out the festive red lanterns.
Du Shaofu winning the championship in the Five Families Junior Competition, snatching the win from a Maidong level warrior with his mid-Xiantian strength, shook everyone’s core!
No matter if it is those Du Clan siblings who liked Du Shaofu or those who disliked him, all of them were happy for him at this moment. As part of the Du Clan, as a generation of the Du Clan, they feel proud.