Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 80 The Demonic Tiger's Might

“Punk, in your next life after reincarnation, remember to be smarter, you should not have been so greedy. Our Treasure Descend Firm’s money is not so good to take!” Huang San sneered, and his hand waved lightly signaling the twenty over people to attack.
“Annihilate him.”
Xuanqi fluctuations came from more than twenty people, their hands were holding weapons, and in a heartbeat, one of them rushed out. The knife in the man’s hand swung downwards on the hooded figure.
When the knife came down, the purpled-robed figure disappeared like a phantom under the knife attack.
Low blasts sounded, and before anyone of the attackers reacted, they witnessed the man who attacked just now was thrown off mercilessly accompanied by blood splatters in the air. The man fell some distance away, causing the ground to tremor, and the body stayed motionless on the ground, dead or alive undetermined.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Continuous blasts sounded in the courtyard, and trailing behind them was the sound of bones breaking and screams of excruciating pain.
The purple-robed figure swooped down on the men like a phantom, and the over twenty something men were rolling on the ground. Blood splatters colored a large area of the courtyard red and the thick smell of blood hung in the air.
At last, the purple-robed figure paused in front of the dumbstruck Huang San. Everything barely took more than a few breaths’ of time.
“Expert, this person is an expert!”
Shock was written all over Huang San’s face; his pupils shrunk due to fear, according to his past experiences in the Poison Fog Mountains, the person in front of him is definitely a strong expert. He made the wrong call, this person was far stronger than he had imagined.
The purple-robed figure aimed a hand at Huang San’s throat, the sharp claw-shaped hand could almost tear the space barrier.
Fear filled Huang San’s eyes; still, he was an early Xiantian warrior. Xuanqi bursted out from the bottom of his feet, securing his retreat. At the same time, Huang San was screaming at the top of his lungs: “Third Steward, save me ah, someone’s making trouble!”
Du Shaofu’s hand pursued Huang San like maggots on rotten meat; with Huang San’s early Xiantian cultivation, he was caught just after he had retreated two steps. Du Shaofu shattered the xuanqi protective barrier and pierced through Huang San’s vital point.
Huang San’s scream echoed sharply, his body did not have the energy to struggle away.
The kind of pain that drills into the heart, made Huang San lost all the color on his face as his screams echoed through the courtyard.
“Sou! Sou!”
The commotion in the yard attracted more men. And more than a dozen new faces appeared in the yard, scrutinizing the miserable picture of their companions on the ground. Every one of them had an ugly expression on their face, with a trace of vigilance towards the purple-robed figure. All of them spread out and encircled the perpetrator.
“Release him and I will spare your life!”
A somber voice rang out in the yard, a man that was almost a hundred years old walked out from the inner yard with several strong-looking cultivators who followed from behind.
“Third Steward, save me ah; Third Steward, save me!” When Huang San saw the robust old man, he quickly cried for help.
The purpled-robed figure tilted his head slowly to look at the old man, saying “I came to claim my winnings, a total of five hundred and twenty-eight thousand xuanbi. Just now you wanted to kill me, add another five hundred thousand xuanbi, the odd sum at the back, I don’t need. Pay me and I will leave.”
“One million xuanbi, hahahahahaha……”
The robust old man burst out in a hearty laughter as if he had heard the world’s funniest joke. His laughter stopped just as abrupt, and a horrifying aura gushed out from his body. The strong energy caused ripples in the airflow, and the people around him found it hard to breathe.
“I don’t care who you are, today, you won’t walk out of the Treasure Descend Firm alive. You absolutely must die!”
A stentorian voice came out from the old man’s mouth; a murderous light gleamed dangerously in his eyes.
“Third Steward you must save me ah, Third Steward!!”
Fear was even more apparent in Huang San’s face, trying to get the attention of the Third Steward that simply cared not whether he’s dead or alive.
“Hmm, looks a little stronger than Cao Qitai ah; mid-Pulse Connecting level is pretty good.”
A laid-back voice came out from the purple-robed figure, he looked at the old man and said, “I’m giving you another chance, add another five hundred thousand xuanbi, one million and five hundred thousand xuanbi, and I can pretend that nothing happened.”
“One million and five hundred thousand xuanbi!”
The old man sneered, not to mention the Treasure Descend Firm cannot take out this much xuanbi, the people behind the Treasure Descend Firm also can’t take out this sum.
One million and five hundred thousand xuanbi, probably in the entire Stone City, only the Ye Family had such wealth.
The old man stared coldly at the purple-robed young man, “You were the one who’s looking for death; there’s a way to heaven but you came knocking at hell’s door!”
“Opportunity was given but you were the one who ignored it.” The purple-robed young man’s laid-back voice sounded again.
“Already at death’s door and still so much nonsense!”
The old man sneered fiendishly as xuanqi surged from his body; faint runes whirled out, killing aura pierced the sky. As the Spirit Hunting Group’s third person in charge, and stationed in Treasure Descend Firm, it did not mean that he would not kill.
Someone capable of being the third head of the Spirit Hunting Group that was considered as one of the top beast hunting teams, there was no doubt about his strength and capability.
Suddenly, when xuanqi broke out from the old man, a violent gale swept down the courtyard; a tiger’s roar resounded in the air, shaking the entire Stone City.
At this moment, the entire Stone City was alerted. That tiger’s roar was like thunder on earth, and many experts rushed out from the bigger families.
“A demonic beast’s roar, a strong demonic beast broke into the city!”
“Not good, there’s a demonic beast inside the city!”
At the first instant, those family experts headed towards the origin of the sound; as part of the big families of Stone City, they have the duty and responsibility to guard and protect Stone City.
A huge tiger that has wings on its back appeared above the courtyard. Its body was densely covered with majestic scales, threatening growls issued from its mouth, its large wings spread as it swooped down like it has found its prey, onto the old man.
“A Pulse Spirit Demonic Scale Tiger, how did such a strong demonic tiger appear inside Stone City!”
The abrupt change of situation made the old man felt fear. Seeing the body that was as big as a small hill pounced on him, he had no time to take care of the purple-robed young man. He turned around to escape, possessing no courage to fight the Demonic Scale Tiger at all.
A thunderous roar shook the air; the Demonic Scale Tiger persistently targeted the old man. With a flap of its wings, violent wind slashed across the courtyard destroying it, dust and gravels flew as ‘rumbling’ sounds of crumbling buildings continued.
The old man let out an anguished scream; before he could run too far, the Demonic Scale Tiger had swooped down on him and its front paw was shrouded in runes marked his back. Blood spurted out from the old man’s back, bones fractured, and in less than a breath’s time.
The old man had just screamed, the Demonic Scale Tiger swallowed him whole into its belly immediately.
Perhaps, the Third Steward had never imagined a Pulse Spirit level Demonic Scale Tiger would make a visit to the Treasure Descend Firm on this day, and he ended up being swallowed into its belly.
After killing the old man, the Demonic Scale Tiger ignored everyone else, creating a violent gale in the ruined yard as it flapped its wings and flew away.
The huge tiger came and left just as abruptly, but its oppressive aura lingered in the courtyard.
“Third Steward died just like that?”
When the remaining dozen of people recovered from their traumatic experience, they looked around at each other; their mighty Third Steward died so simply.
Huang San was still held up high by the purple-robed young man; the scene that took place right in front of his eyes made him swallow nervously, cold sweat broke out from his entire body.
“Now, can you take out one million and five hundred thousand xuanbi to pay me?” The figure fixed his gaze on Huang San and asked.
“Guest, no, Lord, I really don’t have one million and five hundred thousand xuanbi to take out ah, there isn’t so much xuanbi in the Treasure Descend Firm even if you search every corner, from top to bottom. But I know that the bets for the Five Families Juniors Competition are still in the treasury, altogether two hundred thousand xuanbi; that is all. Lord, mercy…..”
Huang San cried and begged; the Third Steward was eaten by the Demonic Scale Tiger that appeared out of nowhere, now, he doesn’t have any backup.
“Two hundred thousand is far from enough ah, this debt needs to be collected slowly, aiii.”
The purple-robed young man sighed, and in front of those present, he removed the cloak from his head, and threw it without a care, revealing a sharp, resolute face.
And when those people saw the face under the cloak their eyes almost fell out from their sockets.
“Du Shaofu, how could you be the Du Clan’s Du Shaofu!”
Huang San finally saw the face of the perpetrator, shock slowly changed to hopelessness.
No wonder he had always felt that this purple-robed person was very familiar, from his voice to his silhouette as if he knew this person. In the end, the person who made the Treasure Descend Firm out of business was the very same young man who won the Five Families Juniors Competition yesterday – Young Master Du Shaofu. A tyrannical and terrifying youth.
At this moment, Huang San had lost all hope, he knew that if the dead Third Steward had known that it was Du Shaofu from early on, he wouldn’t dare play any tricks, he would scour enough xuanbi and send it to the Du Clan personally.
Du Shaofu’s expression was not good. The evening before yesterday, he sold off the three storage pouch he had, and enduring his bleeding heart, he also sold off much of his good stuff to the Du Clan’s shop just to pool that thirty-three thousand xuanbi. He planned to ‘invest’ them to lighten his dire financial burden.
The materials for the spirit liquid that Zhen Qingchun would refine became more and more expensive. If he did not look for a solution quickly, he truly cannot afford them.
Human Warrior – Pulse Connecting Realm (previously Maidong realm)
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