Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 87 The Ye Family's Hidden Strength

From the Qin Family’s group where the hundreds of Imperial Knights stood, a tall brawny walked out; a strong energy aura fluctuated with just a brush of his sleeve, compelling runes emerged behind him, condensing into an entirely dark shadow of a black wolf.
The life-like shadow of a wolf howled, shaking the sky and causing the beasts mounts from the four families to tremble and wanting to bow down in surrender.
“Demonic Black Flame Wolf pulse spirit, extraordinary.”
“Who is this person, a Liuyun County expert? Didn’t expect him to be a peak Pulse Connecting warrior….”
The rest of the families were shocked when this man suddenly started to attack; a peak Pulse Connecting level warrior can be considered as a top expert in Stone City.
“I want to see what ability your Ye Family has to resist!”
The armored brawny man snarled, his feet dashing in Ye Baolin’s direction as if he was one with the Demonic Black Flame Wolf behind him. His terrifying aura made people shudder in their hearts.
However, just as the brawny man neared Ye Baolin, a low explosion rang out. A silver beam of lightning runes bombarded onto the armored man’s brawny body.
And everyone saw the armored brawny man flew off and crashed severely on the ground, sliding several meters. The friction between his armor and the hard ground sparked fire, leaving a long deep burnt marks on the surface of the ground.
When the brawny armored man stabilized himself, he spewed out a mouthful of blood. shock was apparent from his face.
“Who was it?!”
The people present were shocked as their gazes fell onto the armored man’s body. Who was the one that pushed a peak Pulse Connecting level warrior back so easily; it seems that person must have at least reached the Spirit Pulse realm.
“Although Stone City is just a tiny town but outsiders like you are not yet qualified to swagger on this land. Morals are degenerating day by day and human hearts were not as it used to be. Until this day, I did not expect that there would be someone who would lead a wolf into their own house[1], Such a pity, such misfortune ah!”
A regretful voice vibrated in the air, at the direction where the lightning beam came from, an elderly silhouette appeared in midair.
Everyone who was present fixed their gaze on the figure walking over in midair, an old man that looked to be in his seventies; his hair was neatly tied into a topknot, and tiny snakes of lightning slithered around his body.
A strong aura did exude from the old man that felt far stronger than a Pulse Connecting realm warrior, his oppressive coercion seemed to drown others like a brutal thunderstorm.
Under such an oppressive coercion, it made the beast mounts of the four families outside the Ye Family’s compound to be extremely uneasy, silhouettes swayed left and right as the riders tried to calm their mounts.
“Walking in the air, that is a Spirit Pulse realm!”
“Ye Guang, he is the Ye Family’s Ye Guang! He was a Ye Family expert that went missing for more than twenty years. Rumors said that he had died long ago, how could he appear here?!”
“The Ye Family had always been prepared; other than Ye Baolin, there is another expert like Ye Guang present…..”
An uproar spread through the crowd, a long time expert was still alive within the Ye Family; a Spirit Pulse realm expert was enough to deter the lot.
“Since some of you were ready to make your move, let’s start. It has been so long, I am sure everyone is tired of waiting, isn’t it?”
Ye Guang stood midair and wasn't bothered by the reaction on the ground. Instead, his eyes fell sharply on a certain spot as his voice vibrated through the air, overbearing and powerful.
“Haha, Ye Guang, you really haven’t died!”
“It’s also good that you are still alive, us old fellows can have a reunion.”
In Stone City’s air space, two different voices sounded as two new figures emerged out of nowhere.
On the left side was an energetic lean old man in a long robe, probably in his fifties. There were also streaks of lightning around his body.
And on the right side, was an older man looking at Ye Guang, and spoke in a low voice: “It is finally here, Stone City had been peaceful for so many years, and it is about to change.”
“Bai Wei, were you waiting all this time? Moreover, holding hands with the An Family, this doesn’t look like your usual style of doing things?” Ye Guang was also looking at the older man on the right that came from the direction of the Bai Family’s residence.
“Not on my own volition.” The old fellow gave four words as an answer as a trace of helplessness flashed across his eyes.
“An Hong, what about you? You once entered the Lightning Pool and received favor from Lightning Ancestor yet today you are repaying kindness with vengeance?” Ye Guang looked at the man in his fifties.
“Bai Wei; he is also an expert that had been missing for a long time from the Bai Family ah. Still alive in this world and had also advanced to the Spirit Pulse realm.”
“An Hong is the legendary An Family’s Ancestor that was said to have lasted for seven days in the Lightning Pool forging his body; according to rumors, he had died outside, didn’t expect him to be alive and in Stone City!”
Many people’s attention was attracted towards the Ye Family, gasping as they saw those legendary figures appearing consecutively.
“Every family has their strengths ah…”
Du Zhenwu lamented. Each of the five big families of Stone City has their own heritage whereas the Du Clan has just risen in the past decade. In the end, they truly cannot rival the depths of the other families.
“What do you mean by repaying kindness with vengeance? The Ye Family had controlled Stone City for so long, it is time for its master to change.” An Hong replied without any changes to his expression, lightning sizzled around his body.
Ye Guang sighed; he no longer pursued this topic, he looked at an empty space and said: “Since you have arrived, what is the use of hiding and sneaking around!”
“Haha, Stone City is truly marvelous, filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. It seems that today would be a very lively day.”
A low hearty laughter rang out, and a figure suddenly descended to the ground, exuding a horrifying coercion. Cracks appeared on the ground as his feet touched the ground.
Suddenly, a violent gale rose as if the spiritual energy on this piece of land resonated.
Once again, the expressions around the street changed for the worse.
The middle-aged man wore a well-fitting yellow robe, a tall stature with thick arms and well-built chest, a sharp atmosphere made the surrounding people tense up.
“Seen the Duke!”
When the man came into view, over hundreds of Imperial Knights dismounted from their Storm Gale Snow Stallion and saluted, their eyes were filled with admiration and respect as they looked at the middle-aged man.
“You should be the outsider the Qin Family requested for, Liuyun County’s Duke, Cao Tianmang right?” From above, Ye Guang’s voice asked.
“Ruling over a small piece of land does not mean it is the capital, nevertheless, Stone City is still part of the imperial territory, and today, you shall submit to Liuyun County!” Cao Tianmang emphasized in a heavy voice.
“Counting by generation, you are just a junior, Stone City had existed for so long and it is not something you can encroach!” Ye Guang said.
This made Cao Tianmang’s expression gloomy, he raised his head and looked at Ye Guang, a tone of warning threat was in his voice: “A wise man knows how to go with the flow, if you submit the Ye Family is still Stone City’s mayor.”
“Just like a clown, Stone City is not the place for your grandstand!” The energy around Ye Guang surged.
“Hmph, Stubborn old fool!”
Cao Tianming scoffed and then his gaze fell on An Hong and Bai Wei, saying “Cooperate? I want half of the Demonic Lightning Lion, the two of you shall share the other half. Otherwise, even with your early Spirit Pulse level, it is hard to trouble this person!”
An Hong and Bai Wei exchanged a look from afar, both of them nodded as if they came to a certain agreement.
“Then, less nonsense and start attacking!”
Cao Tianmang’s eyes were locked onto Ye Guang. A turbulent energy rushed out from his body, and it was clearly stronger than the energy that came from Bai Wei and An Hong, reaching mid of Spirit Pulse level.
Cao Tianmang’s foot stamped against the ground surface and lunged towards Ye Guang in midair.
Practically at the same time, An Hong and Bai Wei formed handseals and an abundant xuanqi broke out from inside their bodies, profound runes swirled, and the dazzling lights of xuanqi was blinding to the eyes.
Behind An Hong’s body, a shadow image of a thirty-meter bird flapped its wings, its body has streaks of lightning running around.
And behind Bai Wei, a white bear roared mightily, exuding a tyrannical oppression at the same time.
“An Hong’s pulse spirit is a Demonic Lightning Vulture!”
“Bai Wei’s pulse spirit is actually the Void Shattering Ice Bear!”
“Both are connecting to their pulse spirit from the very beginning…..”
An Hong and Bai Wei did not hold anything back because they were well aware that the Ye Guang they are up against was a mid Spirit Pulse level, and both of them must use all they have.
Three people attacked at the same time, the sky shook and the earth trembled!
Terrifying energy became a whirlpool.
Ye Guang scoffed coldly, facing a three-pronged attack, a sharp light flashed across his pupils. Up above, thick, dark clouds gathered as if the heaven’s and earth’s spiritual energy were attracted here, lighting snaked among the clouds.
In a spilt-second time frame, Ye Guang summoned the power of lightning and faced against three attackers at the same time.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Under the rain and flashes of lightning, the ones below could only see blurred silhouettes up in the air.
Violent energy swept down from above like waves, shaking the ground as spider web crack lines appeared!
These wave surge is not something under the realm of Spirit Pulse could handle, if anyone on the ground received a direct impact, they would probably suffer severe injuries.
Below, An Qingsong bellowed and signaled with his hand. The brother of the An Family rushed towards the Ye Family.
Bai Jiru nodded his head towards the experts of the Bai Family behind him and everyone from the Bai Family joined in the fray.
Qin Zongqiong waved his hand, the Golden Fur Demonic Wolf under him roared; the warriors from the Qin Family rushed forward together with the Imperial Knights from Liuyun County onto the Ye Family.
“Our Ye Family have no cowards that are afraid of death!”
The generations of Ye Family were enraged, they all rushed towards their enemies; xuanqi clashed and the big war began!
“Aid the Ye Family, guard Stone City!”
Du Zhenwu also waved his hand, and the Du Clan warrior sped in to join the battle.
“Du Zhenwu, your Du Clan should never exist in Stone City; these ten years, did you really think that you stood at the same level as us. Today, your Du Clan will be erased from Stone City.
1. Lead wolf into one’s house – act imprudently making oneself opened to attacks from inside.