Martial God Conqueror
Chapter 90 What Can You Do To Me?

What Can You Do To Me?
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Third release
“Raging Storm Waves Palm!”
Du Shaofu’s palm struck, causing ripples in the space. A peak Xiantian’s atmosphere rushed out from Du Shaofu as waves of overlapping energy from the Raging Storm Waves Palm swept out and hit An Luo’s chest.
“Impossible, he’s already a peak Xiantian!”
The pitiful An Luo had yet to display his Pulse Connecting level strength but he already suffered a second hit.
An Luo vomited another mouthful of blood and his body was thrown back, crashing heavily on the ground. Tremors passed the earth due to the force, and cracked lines ran on the surface. An Luo felt like all of his internal organs had turned into paste.
“Peak Xiantian, did he have another breakthrough?”
Big Elder Du Guangyao was already shocked down to his old bones. As far as he remembered, ten days back, Du Shaofu was still a late Xiantian, but now, in just a short ten days’ time he had advanced to another level.
What made Big Elder Du Guangyao felt miserable was that Du Shaofu relied on his peak Xiantian strength to confront a late Pulse Connecting warrior, this was too fierce!
“Want to kill me, looks like you won’t have the chance.”
Du Shaofu’s voice cut across the distance while his movements were fluid like water; the moment An Lou’s body crashed onto the ground, Du Shaofu had already reached the area where An Luo was. Fingers bent into a claw akin to a hunting goshawk shattering through space and grasped its prey.
And the claw print fell on An Luo’s injured shoulder, An Luo struggled to free himself but it was all in vain; bone breaking pain came from his shoulder; the hand was digging into his shoulder, it felt like his scapula was about to shatter.
Helplessness surfaced in An Luo’s heart due to the grueling pain, an aura of death rose by the second, and at the last desperate moment, An Luo screamed at the top of his lungs, “Uncle An Hong, save me ah, save me!”
“Bang! Bang!”
Up in midair, the four expert’s figure were flashing all over the air, streaks of lightning shot down, thick clouds rolled.
Each time these four figures clashed, energy blasts resounded in the air and turbulent energy shock scattered in all directions.
These intense fierce clashes made the commoners curled up in fear; those with low cultivation were unable to get close.
Ye Guang’s momentum had declined because of fighting against Cao Tianmang, Bai Wei, and An Hong at once for so long. Although he was stronger than Bai Wei and An Hong, Cao Tianmang, on the other hand, was not weaker than him, and with the three of them working together, the situation became increasingly difficult and dangerous for Ye Guang.
Caught in apprehension, Ye Guang was careless and Cao Tianmang’s punch landed, Ye Guang’s body staggered back awkwardly in the air.
“Brat, stop!”
Hearing the cry for help from below, An Hong’s expression changed and immediately gave up on chasing Ye Guang; his silhouette burst out in occasional lightning streak as he leaped towards Du Shaofu.
“If you dare to come one step forward, this old guy is finished!”
Du Shaofu looked at the figure that was coming towards him that was as fast as lightning, he lifted An Luo up from the ground, and his clawed-hand seemed to have dug deep into the bloody shoulder.
An Luo screamed, it never crossed his mind that he would end up in this miserable state today and in the hands of a junior.
The changes here had attracted everyone’s attentions, their gazes were focused on Du Shaofu and An Lou.
“Brat, I have heard about you, a strong talent; able to reach peak Xiantian at your age proved that it is true.”
An Hong had no choice but to stop in front of Du Shaofu as he took a quick glance at An Luo that was held up by Du Shaofu; and then, his cold gaze fell on Du Shaofu saying, “However, do you think you can threaten me because there is a hostage in your hands? I will give you a chance, let him go, and I will spare your life and allow your Du Clan to leave safely, how about it?”
Du Shaofu did not answer, his eyes never left An Hong. This person could walk in the air, proving that he was at least a Spirit Pulse expert, that level was something many could only dream of, and judging from his breath, he is terrifyingly strong.
“Shaofu dodge, quick!”
Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong shouted in panic, their faces tightened just from watching Du Shaofu standing so close to An Hong.
An Hong is a Spirit Pulse warrior ah.
At this time, Du Zhenwu and the rest of the Du Clan were blocked by An Qingsong and the people from the three families, they would not let anyone bypass them so easily to save Du Shaofu.
Pulse Connecting experts summoned their pulse spirit and fought; in a heartbeat, the battlefield drowned in the beast roars of pulse spirits. The killings continued, the smell of blood and strong killing intent awash the battlefield.
“Shaofu, leave quickly, that person is the renowned An Hong, you are not his opponent!”
Big Elder Du Guangyao finally recovered his senses; his old body staggered and came in front of Du Shaofu.
Despite that, An Hong did not even bother to look at the Big Elder Du Guangyao, his cold indifferent eyes stayed on Du Shaofu, and he said: “Brat, last chance, release the person in your hand!”
“Big Elder stay back, and believe me.”
Du Shaofu looked at the Big Elder that was on his side, who was willing to stand in front of him in this kind of situation warmth his heart. Giving Big Elder a rest assured look, Du Shaofu walked a few steps forward and a finger pointed at An Hong, a sarcastic curve at his lips, “Want me to release your people, you are not qualified!”
“A brat that doesn’t know how high the heavens are must pay a price.” An Hong’s face tightened, and his cold calm gaze was nailed onto Du Shaofu’s body.
“Is that right? Then I want to try and see what you can do to me if I kill this old guy.”
Du Shaofu’s bright eyes narrowed, speaking overbearing words. Just as he finished, the right fist that he had formed without anyone knowing, hit An Luo’s lower abdomen.
The punch struck; An Luo was held by Du Shaofu so he had no way to resist, the Shenque located in his lower abdomen shattered just like his internal organs. An Luo coughed up blood and then his breathing stopped.
Watched by the many warriors around, before the An Family’s number one expert, Du Shaofu killed the An Family’s Big Elder An Luo with decisiveness and simply overbearing action.
How arrogant, mad, and provocative was this!
The fighting near Du Shaofu and An Hong stopped and became silent, none of them thought that Du Shaofu would dare to act so in front of a Spirit Pulse expert, especially when that expert belonged to the same family.
“Brat, you are absolutely going to hell!”
An Hong’s face twitched, in everyone’s impression, An Hong’s expression did not change but the killing intent in his eyes were no longer hidden.
Du Shaofu used An Luo’s clothes to clean the blood stains on his right hand and flung the corpse away without a care. Of course, Du Shaofu did not forget the storage bag on An Luo; relaxing his narrowed eyes, Du Shaofu’s clear light voice sounded, “To tell you the truth, from the very beginning I did not hold an old fogey like you in my eyes. That's why i killed An Lou to prove it!”
“Has Du Shaofu gone insane?”
“To actually despise a Spirit Pulse expert like An Hong, such audacity…..!”
Hearing Du Shaofu’s words amidst the killing scene made the warriors around him completely shock.
Instead of getting angry, An Hong let out a thunderous laughter. When he stopped, the trace of laugh on his face became a chilling killing intent that shot through the sky, even the space above seemed to be warped, then, An Hong lunged at Du Shaofu.
Monstrous killing intent filled the atmosphere; many of the present warriors had their hair standing at the back of their necks in place of Du Shaofu.
Obviously, Du Shaofu had enraged that Spirit Pulse expert, An Hong nearly went berserk wanting to kill Du Shaofu.
When An Hong’s xuanqi energy rose steeply, the smile on Du Shaofu’s face became wider. Watching An Hong coming towards him, Du Shaofu did not even blink.
Suddenly, an earth-shaking tiger’s roar resounded in the air, violent gale swirled in the space above and a huge flying tiger swooped down from the air faster than lightning, preying on An Hong that was lunging at Du Shaofu.
A horrifying breath spread out!
The tiger’s sudden appearance made the beasts mounts quiver endlessly in fear, their bodies went limp and laid on the ground.
From the Bai Family’s Ironback Demonic Bull, the An Family’s Stone Splitting Demonic Bear, the Qin Family’s Golden Fur Demonic Wolf or the Liuyun County Imperial Knights’ Storm Gale Snow Stallion to the Du Clan’s Blood Sweat Dragon Horse, all these beasts mounts were bowing down to the ground.
Panic swept through the warriors as silhouettes fell from their mounts.
An Hong’s movement halted; if he didn’t then he will be that terrifying tiger’s target of attack.
The early Spirit Pulse fluctuations that came from the huge tiger’s body forced him to retreat.
An Hong immediately summoned his pulse spirit; runes emerged swirling around him, turning into a shadow of the Demonic Lightning Vulture accompanied by a powerful lightning energy that shot out towards the flying tiger.
The flying tiger roared, the wings behind its back flapped creating a storm gale, a tiger paw struck directly on the Demonic Lightning Vulture pulse spirit.
The collision brought no explosion or lightning strike, that tiger’s paw was actually not afraid of lightning! The paw clawed onto the wings of the Demonic Lightning Vulture, white lightning made ‘chi chi’ ‘bleeding out from its body.
“Deng deng!”
With the Demonic Lightning Vulture’s injury, An Hong was also affected and his body was thrown aback, his face solidified instantly.
The huge tiger roared again, and dived towards Du Shaofu; only now did everyone see the tiger’s appearance clearly. Its entire body was covered in shiny yellow scales with a pair of gigantic wings at its back, mighty and majestic!“