Master of the End Times
Chapter 552 - The Divine Star

Chapter 552: The Divine Star
Even with that Ironvein Tribe powerhouse dead, it did not seem to affect Bai Yu at all. In fact, her group had grown in size since then.
Qin Feng felt a bit of admiration for the woman’s methods.
Of course, besides her methods she also had her powers. She was from the Celestial Tribe and was naturally born with the ability to manipulate light runes. This kind of being, should they exist in the Human Alliance, would be classified as an ability user as well as a different title: a Cleric!
Her light ability was extremely powerful, a single blast of it could scour a man to the bones. The prodigies they competed against were strong but not immortal, they fell in line to Bai Yu’s call and developed a mutually beneficial relationship.
At this moment, the group was not fighting anyone. They had instead settled down to rest.
“These people are all so green. Don’t they remember the most important info about the Perished Lands?” Bai Yu used her consciousness to speak.
A C4-tier dragon-borne snorted in a cold, arrogant fashion and quickly replied with his consciousness.
“The Perished Lands will only exist for 15 days. After 15 days, the space gets locked. Even if you want to get out, you would have lost your chance by then. Today is the last day!”
“By that time, the Sacred Armor would have chosen a new master. What I don’t know is just who will be the one succeeding!”
“Even if we don’t succeed, we’d be fine. If we did succeed then the Sacred Armor would be ours!”
Qin Feng frowned when he heard the exchange. He was among those people that did not know this information.
Bai Li flicked her hand and the two teleported away, disappearing and reappearing in an abandoned building. After scanning his surroundings, Qin Feng was relieved to learn that there was not anyone else around.
“The people from the Dragon Capital are really unreliable!” Bai Li huffed. She had naturally heard the exchange between Bai Yu and the dragon-borne. After all, it would have been difficult for both races to communicate normally, that was why they could only use their consciousness!
“It’s not that they’re unreliable, it’s just that nobody’s made it this far before!” Qin Feng said. “Even though the Dragon Capital has prodigies, they are all D-tier since a C-tier would be impossible. The stuff they found in the outskirts were top-notch compared to the current technology Huaxia has, some of them haven’t even been figured out yet!”
Of course, there would always be some gains once every year. That was why the Dragon Capital was very advanced compared to the other regions.
As for the objects that the other regions receive, they would all be hand-me-downs from the Dragon Capital!
“True. Weaklings will never know these secrets!” Bai Li said plainly. As she grew, Bai Li’s concept of life had been gradually affected. What she inherited from the Spatial Behemoth was just inheritance. What truly changed her was her environment.
By now, she understood what it meant to respect the strong. It was all about natural selection. Survival of the fittest.
“Since we know about this now, I suppose we’re going to have a great show to watch tonight!”
Later in the afternoon, Qin Feng did not go out hunting. He stayed put and rested.
The people who were bustling about would have exhausted most of their energy. By the time they had settled down for the night to recuperate they would not have enough power to be competitive.
The sky eventually turned dark and a strange starry nightscape filled the sky. It was completely different from what Qin Feng would have seen on Earth.
This was a different realm after all.
Even day and night had their differences.
The Shade started to slowly come out in the dark and began wandering aimlessly, unsure of what to do.
Qin Feng stood by his bed and watched the strange scene outside.
It had been half a month since his arrival but he was close to the center. Very close.
It felt as if he would touch that giant Shade if he reached his hand out.
The thing was humongous, reaching up to the clouds above, like a large moving fortress. With how close it was, it was impossible for it to have noticed them.
From where he stood, he estimated that the creature was about one hundred meters in diameter. Humans really seemed like ants in comparison to these things!
This was the being that guarded the true Sacred Armor. It was contained inside its body.
Helmet, chest piece, greaves, sabatons and gauntlets.
It looked like a piece of high-end cutting edge technology from the future. It shone with a silver light, as if it was swimming in energy.
Qin Feng had gone to the center during the day out of curiosity but could not find any sign of the Sacred Armor.
It seemed like the Sacred Armor would only appear during the night.
The huge Shade wandered aimlessly, nobody daring to get close to it. This was a force that the prodigies did not have the power to deal with.
The Shade Behemoth was such a powerful being that it far surpassed all the others of its kind, it had to be at least S-tier in strength.
Qin Feng had dared to challenge B-tier beast emperors with his C-tier powers but he did not dare try to fight an S-tier creature.
It was a massive gap.
He watched it intently, feeling anxious.
Two hours later, a white light suddenly appeared in the dark. It was a light that shot straight down from the sky.
It seemed that this strange realm also had a moon, but it had been covered by dark clouds. Now that the clouds had cleared, the moon naturally began to cast its light.
It was a moon that carried bad omens.
All the Shades were kicked into a frenzy and rushed toward the moonlit area. Qin Feng could even hear them roaring in his consciousness.
“Divine Star!”
“The Divine Star has appeared!”
“Light! I must get stronger. Stronger!”
As they began to swarm toward the light, he noticed that the ones that bathed in it seemed to solidify.
“What is this light? Does it actually enhance the Shades? If they’re composed of consciousness with the items they surround considered as carriers, would that mean this light could directly enhance one’s consciousness?”
Whatever it was, it was definitely something worth checking out.
Qin Feng’s heart beat faster as he watched, not wanting to miss a moment.
Shades of different sizes were fighting one another to get access to the light but none of them could compete with the gigantic Shade he saw.
The terrifying Shade Behemoth.
The huge Shade shoved all the other Shades away and some Shades that were too weak to resist were absorbed into its body.
That meant that the Shade Behemoth did not just carry the Sacred Armor. Its body was holding other things as well.
Finally, the huge Shade stood under the beam of light and as the light seeped inside its body it became motionless and seemed to be frozen in place.
“Now’s our chance!” A voice suddenly rang out from the darkness. What followed was an army composed of prodigies.
These prodigies seemed to not fear death, avoiding the other Shades and dove headfirst into the behemoth’s body.
They did not even try to attack, they just went in.
Qin Feng could clearly see the glowing wings on Bai Yu’s back flapping, carrying her aloft as she led hundreds of prodigies toward the Shades.