Master of the End Times
Chapter 554 - The Top Prodigies’ Plot

Chapter 554: The Top Prodigies’ Plot
Qin Feng realized something when he witnessed this sudden turn of events.
That person was violently shoved forward with enough force that they would cough out a mouthful of blood. Even if they tried to escape, it was already too late. They were being dragged in by a strange attracting force around the Sacred Armor.
The Sacred Armor then turned into a silver liquid and wrapped itself around this person’s body.
Soon their body began to glow with the Sacred Armor’s light.
The person started to wail as if they were experiencing excruciating pain.
Qin Feng naturally knew why that was happening!
He felt pain when he put on the Sacred Gauntlets before, it was due to the energy perfusing* into his body. No matter how talented a prodigy was, the body’s cells would still have their limits.
It was like pouring water into a balloon, but the result of the continuous pouring would only end with an explosion.
Sure enough, the prodigy trapped by the armor only remained alive for five more seconds before exploding!
A bloody mist appeared around the Sacred Armor before it was dissolved by the energy surrounding them. Armor and spatial rune equipment that used to belong to the prodigy flew out before they were added to the circle of loot that spiraled around the Sacred Armor.
The other prodigies gasped out loud.
They did not expect something like that to happen.
The Sacred Armor was too powerful.
Qin Feng believed that once something like that happened, none of the other prodigies would even dare try to approach the armor. It would soon become clear to him that he had underestimated them.
That or perhaps it was the prodigies who were the ones underestimating.
“Go, my thralls! Drain the Sacred Armor of its energy and when it runs out it will be mine!”
Once the command rang out, a person with glassy eyes and a dazed look immediately launched themselves toward the Sacred Armor.
Qin Feng turned his head to the direction of the command.
It was a Wraith Devil, a C4-tier.
That was the Wraith Devil’s name.
There were about three hundred people gathered around him. These people might have been normal before but their eyes were now entirely pitch black. It was obvious that they were all possessed by the Wraith Devil.
Of course, this kind of possession was different from the Wraith Devil that Qin Feng had fought before. A high-level Wraith Devil could separate its soul and take possession of multiple bodies at once!
The act of taking control of three hundred people at once was really shocking!
Such power!
Khui sent someone forward and plunged them into the Sacred Armor. This person was not very strong but he did not feel pain. They might as well have turned into a corpse the moment they were possessed.
It took only three seconds before they exploded and turned to ash. Their equipment proceeded to join the circle of loot.
However, Khui did not continue. It only sneered and spoke through consciousness.
“So, are you all going to just watch? If only I put in all the effort and then wouldn’t it be bad if someone else comes in to scoop up my prize?”
Qin Feng frowned. He had not expected any of this to happen. It seemed like there were things he was unaware of.
At this time, another voice came.
“Then, I’ll go next!”
A being wrapped in black robes pointed its finger at another person nearby, causing their eyes to roll into the back of their head before descending toward the Sacred Armor.
Qin Feng was taken aback when he saw that this being actually had a pair of bony hands.
Not only that, they were clearly another dark ability user.
“Bonewraith Tribe!”
They were a special tribe who was well known for their proficiency in casting abilities.
The person they sent ahead only managed to last for six seconds before dying.
Suddenly, the ones who had the power to decide the life and death of the prodigies around them began to show themselves, using all kinds of strange methods to send fodder toward the Sacred Armor.
What surprised Qin Feng was that even Bai Yu was smiling, her consciousness transmitting the words:
“Are you all willing to walk through the fire for me?”
The people in her team were shocked by what was happening but the moment they heard her voice they had an abrupt shift in thought. Their eyes burned with a fanatic fervor and felt as if nothing could go wrong.
“Of course!”
“For you, I’d be willing to die!”
“You saved my life, so now it’s yours to take!”
Bai Yu let out a loud laugh, her consciousness’ voice no longer holding a gentle tone as she pointed at the Sacred Armor.
“Then go!”
A figure suddenly plunged into the Sacred Armor and the scene repeated.
At this moment, Bai Li took the opportunity to reappear next to Qin Feng when nobody was paying attention to her. She saw Qin Feng’s stunned expression and said, “Those people were saved by Bai Yu’s light runes. The runes remain inside their bodies, changing their emotions and making them trust that woman wholeheartedly in an instant!”
“So, they have an ability to charm people?” Qin Feng asked.
The light ability had many more uses than initially thought.
“Yup. In the other planes, this is called the Divine Word. Those who are considered enemies by the user would be purified and destroyed by the Divine Word, while those considered as friends would be healed by it! It’s all up to how the ability user uses it. That being said, it’s an A-tier ability!”
“Looks like everyone’s been hiding their aces!”
As Qin Feng considered the situation, the other prodigies all began to back off. After all, these prodigies seemed to have made preparations.
Qin Feng and Bai Li also started to pull back. Who knows when these people would turn their attention to them.
The other prodigies of the other tribes began to transmit their consciousness.
“Curses! These people were planning this!”
“Does that mean they’re going to get the Sacred Armor this time?”
“These preparations seem solid. It might work this time!”
“Unacceptable, the Sacred Armor’s going to be gone just like that?”
“No, just you wait. I will be the one who wins!”
Just how many people think so?
Qin Feng knew that although they were using this method, the Sacred Armor was so powerful that nobody would be able to withstand it. However, the moment the method bore fruit, the prodigies who were not in this plan to begin with would start rushing toward their supposed prize.
“This is completely different from what I had thought!”
Qin Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up.
He did not want the Sacred Armor, all he wanted was the energy stored inside it.
“I don’t know how much power the Sacred Armor can generate, if it could let one person take on ten thousand.”
As he thought about it, he made up his mind.
Rather than let people exhaust the energy, why not he go in first? It was an extremely risky move but Qin Feng knew that if he could control the energy inside the Sacred Armor, his strength was destined to soar.
The physical power of a C3-tier was not enough. It was not enough!
He had to get stronger!
In the next moment, Qin Feng let go of Bai Li’s hand and charged toward the direction of the Sacred Armor.
By then, another prodigy would have exploded from contact with the Armor!
Qin Feng took advantage of the split second where nobody was being sent forward and rushed over.
All seven of those prodigies, those who were part of this body snatching plot, were all shocked by what was happening.
Translator’s Note: Perfusing/Perfusion is the process of fluid passing through the circulatory system. (Yikes