Master of the End Times
Chapter 722 - That Qin Feng Killed Someone

Chapter 722: That Qin Feng Killed Someone
To Barten, it was a sign of disrespect when there was a disruption while he was having fun.
He did not care whether it happened by chance or not.
But soon, Barten knew that something was off. The word that came out of his mouth was muted. He could not hear his own voice.
Barten rounded his eyes and realized all his senses—sight, hearing, smell, and touch—had been taken away.
Perhaps his sense of taste was lost too.
‘Dark ability!’ Barten immediately identified the cause of his condition and reacted swiftly.
He was a B-tier, after all. Though he did not know who was so daring to lay a finger on him, he could not care less.
Barten tried to withdraw his internal power. This was when a hand tapped on his shoulder.
“You are right. It’s a dark ability!” A voice rang abruptly in Barten’s head. It clearly belonged to the owner of the hand.
“Who are you?” Barten replied but he did not stop mobilizing the internal force in his body.
However, before he could muster a move, the opponent beat him to it first.
“You don’t need to know me.” The opponent laughed and an irresistible pulling force stemmed from the hand.
Barten, who was directing his internal power, suddenly found that the qi in his body was going in reverse inside the meridian due to the pulling force. That messed up his energy flow and Barten completely lost control over his body.
“Argh! Argh!”
Barten’s eyes were getting bigger. He did not have any internal force to dispel the darkness shrouding his opponent. The only thing that remained seemed to be a hollow resonance that came straight from hell.
Asteroid Assimilation!
Qin Feng could match an A-tier now with his current power. The internal power of a B-tier could no longer resist Qin Feng.
Barten might run amok in the Amazon Alliance but he was just a weakling to Qin Feng.
After Qin Feng had taken in all his internal force, he grabbed his neck and twisted it with zero resistance.
Barten’s neck was snapped and he died resentfully.
Qin Feng finally removed the dark fog. The two beauties were startled to see a man suddenly appear inside the room, especially when the stranger’s hand was on Barten’s neck.
They immediately understood what had happened when they saw the gruesome look on Barten’s face.
The two girls shouted at the same time.
Qin Feng ignored their shrieking and scanned Barten to look for spatial equipment. He soon found and retrieved them.
Someone else inside the bar had run over to the room. They opened up the door and Barten’s corpse was the first thing that came into their sight.
Instantly, they felt a chill down their spine.
Those who came rushing were all C-tiers. They had always relied on Barten. None of them dared to step up after their boss was dead.
Their legs began to tremble uncontrollably as they backed off carefully. They kept their eyes on Qin Feng, worrying that the assassin might jump on them at any moment.
Qin Feng did not have such intentions, at all, though.
The few users turned around after distancing themselves and ran away frantically. It was like a beast was hounding them from behind.
Qin Feng walked into the main hall of the bar steadily. Because the first few who encountered Qin Feng had run out shouting in fear, the others followed them out of the bar in panic despite not knowing what had happened.
Qin Feng worked on his communicator and connected to the bounty hunter network of the Amazon Alliance.
“Barten has been killed. Someone may come over to check on his body. Remember to transfer the bounty reward into my account.”
As he reached the entrance of the bar, he was stopped by three B-tier aptitude users.
They were the high-rank officers who belonged to the Dark Organization of the Death Swamp.
The three users were baffled when they saw the badge on Qin Feng’s chest. One of them talked to him through conscious power.
“My friend from Huaxia, why did you come all the way here to kill Barten?”
“For the bounty, of course.”
The three B-tiers’ faces changed immediately.
They looked at Qin Feng with clear intention to kill.
Killing for bounty meant that Barten had no grudge or whatsoever with this person in front of them. It was not worth it to fight an infamous B-tier for that little bounty money.
There was only one possibility. This person was aiming for the spatial equipment from the start.
“Leave Barten’s belongings and we will spare your life. Otherwise, don’t you even think about leaving tonight.” One of the aptitude users glared at Qin Feng. He was waiting for Qin Feng to refuse so that he could strike him down instantly.
However, Qin Feng was tired of the clamor. He was more of an action person.
“Dark Shroud!”
“Asteroid Assimilation—Push!”
Within a few breaths, all the ancient warriors were killed on the spot.
Qin Feng’s lightning-quick strike shocked the subordinates hiding in the dark. They thought that their superiors would have no problem taking down a single enemy.
After seeing such a terrifying scene, they lost all will to retaliate and fled decisively.
Qin Feng walked to the corpses and claimed their spatial equipment too. He took their pictures and uploaded them to the network as well.
“Another two troublemakers were killed. Don’t forget to include the reward for these two as well. If they are not on the wanted list, I believe you guys will find a way. Don’t try to skimp on it, or I would…”
Qin Feng did not specify what he would do, but that would suffice. He then wandered into the Death Swamp.
The Death Swamp was energy-dense and served as a suitable location to grow certain herbs. This was the reason Barten had chosen to have his headquarters set up here.
Qin Feng had little use of the herbs. It would be a waste of time to collect them one by one. He had several large-scale botanical centers nurturing high-grade herbs established inside Fengli.
But they did still have some uses for him. He would not waste them.
He stood in the middle of the grassland and released his consciousness, as well as the dark runes.
The ability worked like a giant maw and sucked in the energy in the surroundings. As the energy gushed into Qin Feng’s body, the low-grade herbs were the first to wilt, followed by the high-grade herbs.
Qin Feng manipulated and converted the energy into his internal force, which was then fused into his dantian.
Qin Feng’s aura and internal strength were boosted tremendously after absorbing the natural energy for ten full minutes.
He finally left after his appetite had been satiated.
Not long after he was gone, C-tiers that had run earlier returned to the farm. They initially thought that a high-tier like Qin Feng would not pay attention to the herbs so they had turned back to collect the herbs.
However, the scene inside the plantation stunned them.
“It’s… all gone?”
“Who is this guy? He left nothing behind! Such a heartless scum!”
“All, these, herbs! My heart hurts!”