Master of the End Times
Chapter 723 - Choking Out Niel Bol

Chapter 723: Choking Out Niel Bol
Qin Feng returned to Greenlit City and rested in a mostly still intact hotel. The person who came to open up for the day was initially furious, but after seeing Qin Feng they were very flustered. They did not expect a B-tier to come back and stay here.
Moreover, this B-tier was obviously not from the Amazon Alliance.
Meanwhile, the people on the Bounty Hunter Network in Greenlit City were kicked up into a frenzy.
When they were stationed here, it was easy-going. A lot of tasks were impossible to complete but when one of said tasks was completed all of a sudden, it frightened the whole lot of them.
The video made its rounds and was inspected by three at a time. In fact, it had been looked at over ten times!
“Is this video real or fake?”
“I think it’s actually real?”
“Boss, news has arrived. Barten was indeed killed along with three other B-tiers!”
The head of this branch of Bounty Hunters found it hard to swallow.
His power was only C-tier, but nobody in Greenlit City dared to touch the Bounty Hunter Network and at the same time, the bounty hunters were not bothered by anyone else.
“What should we do? Collect the body?”
“How? It’s in the Death Swamp!”
“Didn’t they say even B-tiers got killed?”
“What about C-tiers? You can’t even count the C-tiers that were lost to that swamp with your fingers!”
These people obviously were not willing to go.
According to the rules here, even if there was a video they needed to confirm that there was a body before they could issue the reward to Qin Feng, and at the same time use the accounts of those wanted criminals.
That point was due to the fact that the Bounty Hunter Network was also afraid of retaliation. If only the accounts of wanted criminals could be easily closed and the money retrieved, where would retaliation come from after that?
When Qin Feng was marked as a wanted fugitive he was within the Human Alliance. He was accused of being a traitor and his account was frozen. No one would dare to or could embezzle money from his account.
As such, these bounty hunters found themselves in a complicated situation.
“Move that account, the news means that it definitely isn’t a fake!”
The others were relieved when they heard the news, obviously they were not willing to go to the Death Swamp.
Soon, on the Bounty Hunter Network, the Greenlit City branch announced that Barten had been slain along with several other B-tier aptitude users. Qin Feng’s identity was revealed as well and due to this bounty, his name as a bounty hunter was also rapidly rising.
Meanwhile, where the villas were in Greenlit City, Niel Bol had not slept until this point, afraid of a communicator calling him and asking what was going on in regards to Salbar’s death!
When his communicator rang, Niel Bol instantly jumped up from the sofa but after looking at the number on the communicator he let out a sigh of relief.
“What’s the matter? Why are you calling me at this hour?” Niel Bol sounded a little impatient.
“Boss, not good, the Death Swamp, the Death Swamp has been taken!”
Niel Bol’s eyes widened, almost as if they were going to pop out of their sockets.
“Who did this?” Just before one problem was over, another problem had appeared.
The one who called Niel Bol obviously knew who Qin Feng was.
“Boss, it’s that General Qin from the Huaxia Alliance!”
“What?!” Niel Bol almost coughed up blood from that announcement.
Him again? Why had he not left?
Qin Feng had almost driven Niel Bol insane.
He hung up the call and after thinking about it for a moment he decided to call Qin Feng and dialed his communicator!
At that moment, Qin Feng was in his hotel room absorbing the energy that he had absorbed that day.
The energy from the Death Swamp naturally did not need to be filtered out but the internal force absorbed by Asteroid Assimilation needed to be refined again.
In one day’s time, Qin Feng had slain eight B-tier ancient warriors and one A-tier ability user, naturally the harvest was quite plentiful.
However, when measured with Qin Feng’s internal force, the internal force of the B-tier ancient warriors was only about 10 pools of force.
Combined with the absorption of the spirit herbs from the Death Swamp, Qin Feng’s internal force went from 107 pools of force into 130 pools. He was still far from his current capacity of 999 pools of force!
“When the Dantian can store up to so much, that’s also a problem!” Qin Feng opened his eyes, feeling that it could not be helped.
However, this helplessness he felt was the envy of everyone else and he knew that he would rather have this helplessness and would not give up this quest of accumulation in pursuit of ranking up.
His communicator rang and Niel Bol’s number appeared on his screen.
“Heh, they only just received the news, what’s the point of contacting me?” Qin Feng sneered and turned on his communicator.
Niel Bol appeared on the screen with a smile on his face, but the smile was forced. Seeing Qin Feng, he still pretended to be happy and said, “General Qin, I’ve just heard about your feat!”
Qin Feng put on a humble expression and explained, “In Huaxia, we call this ‘getting rid of evil for the people’. I know that Master Niel Bol would be very grateful for everything I’ve done for Greenlit City. Of course, this was only something I saw as convenient, Master Niel Bol you don’t need to be so moved!”
The corner of Niel Bol’s mouth twitched twice, moved? What did he mean, moved?
But he would not dare make such a rebuttal and he could only nod his head.
“General Qin, I apologize for the lack of good hospitality here. I hope you don’t mind!”
It was best if he did mind, if he minded it that meant he would not be staying very long!
“I don’t mind, those like us who have great power would naturally want to make some contributions. It’s only a bit of hard work after all. Don’t worry, I will definitely work harder. Later I will be rooting out the Dark Coalition hidden within Greenlit City and make this place more peaceful!”
“Master Niel Bol, you don’t need to thank me!”
“Yes, I know what you’re trying to say, Master Niel Bol. Needless to say, I understand!”
“Master Niel Bol, you must be surprised. If you’re so moved by this then maybe you can contact the Human Alliance about the degree of success of my mission. Put in some good words for me!”
Qin Feng gave a small smile, his mouth moved so quickly that Niel Bol was unable to say anything!
More importantly, what Qin Feng said were all righteous and awe-inspiring words. Niel Bol was trying to prevent Qin Feng from killing the people from the Dark Coalition and now needed to find an excuse. The reaction would naturally be slower, and being one step behind he could not keep up with the other’s rhythm!
“Alright, it’s getting pretty late Master Niel Bol. I’ve been fighting for the whole day and I need to rest. If you have anything you want to talk about, we can do that tomorrow!”
Before Niel Bol could respond, Qin Feng had already said good night and hung up on him!
After that, Niel Bol felt that his words were stuck in his throat, unable to gulp them down or spit them out. That almost did to him serious damage!
Meanwhile in the hotel, Qin Feng was in a good mood.
“So you want to lure me into a trap? Then, I’ll make you walk around in circles!”
For the other alliances, perhaps killing the Dark Coalition members was a good thing.
However, for the Amazon Alliance that was obviously the opposite and Qin Feng, this predator, would take away their resources which would just be making things worse!
Qin Feng was not someone to provoke!