Master of the End Times
Chapter 849 - Ayshan’s Madness

Chapter 849: Ayshan’s Madness
To Ayshan, Qin Feng as a B-tier aptitude user was no more than a brat.
A brat that he could kill without reasoning.
In his eyes, the fire dragon that he, an S-tier, breathed out easily would be a disastrous attack to the B-tier. Qin Feng would be powerless to withstand it.
However, the reality was far from Ayshan’s expectation.
“Hydro Dragon Strike!”
Qin Feng triggered all his water abilities in that instance. Not only that but a shade of blue shone brightly in between his brows. It was the Sacred Water Stone he had gotten from Dusk Dragon.
A giant water dragon emerged from Qin Feng’s palm. Its color mimicked the blue of the sea and it emanated a destructive force.
The water dragon roared and twitched forward as if it was riding a strong wave. The two dragons collided in midair.
Water and fire were by nature two contradicting elements—water could put out fire while heat could evaporate water. In that case, the winner would be determined by whose ability had more power.
Apparently, Ayshan’s spontaneous attack was inferior to Qin Feng’s well-prepared Hydro Dragon in terms of power and explosiveness.
Thud! Thud! Thud!
The collision of the two contrasting skills resulted in a series of muffled explosions. Runes continued to be depleted from the two dragons and finally, they both shattered into pieces.
Tiny flames fell around Qin Feng. Probably due to the ice rune remnants left behind by Hu San, the fire was extinguished before it landed on anything. Similarly, Qin Feng’s Hydro Dragon splashed water after the collision. Water droplets rained around Ayshan, with a few drops wetting Ayshan’s shoes.
The proud, twisted face of Ayshan that was filled with jubilance a while ago froze when he saw the water droplet on his boots.
His eyes popped out, all bloodshot. His mouth twitched, baring his white teeth along with the gum. Ayshan was like an uncontrolled beast ready to devour its prey.
The surroundings froze under Ayshan’s unconstrained aura. The entire space seemed to be distorted due to the sudden spike in temperature. The brown soil under them began to melt constantly like molten chocolate. The soil then blended together into lava.
Such an intense aura was the signal of field activation.
The overwhelming force of the S-tier deterred all living creatures within a thousand-meter radius from approaching.
Of course, this place had been void of living creatures due to Hu San’s presence earlier.
Bystanders beyond a thousand meters away watched in astonishment. Someone in between who recognized the S-tiers exclaimed, “The Hellfire Ifrit is enraged!”
“Ayshan, the Hellfire Ifrit! He once drowned an entire city with lava!”
“Who is his opponent? What terrible luck!”
People from various corporations were gathered here to build the fort. But when the two began to fight, most of them rushed to their choppers and fled at once. Gong Ge’s group was the only one who did not and could not leave.
Currently, Gong Ge was standing beside Cleaves and they both gazed afar from the fort.
“The elect is as powerful as our lord. Jeez… Are there a lot like him in your world?” Gong Ge was obviously baffled. Ayshan’s strength greatly surprised him.
“No. Elects of such degree are actually rare here. Qin Feng is out of luck today!” Cleaves said jubilantly.
Gong Ge equally gloated at Qin Feng’s misfortune. “This is great. He should indeed be taught a lesson for being so greedy.”
Gong Ge was delighted. But actually, what had Qin Feng taken away from him? The 100 million power credits? The money had not only kept him alive but also granted him the means to survive here.
Perhaps in Gong Ge’s mind, he was the only rightful owner of the Divine Flame Imperial Robe, as well as the treasures that were hidden underground. To him, Qin Feng was the greedy intruder and he wished Qin Feng the most terrible death.
Gong Ge was truly a weasel.
However, reality did not pan out as Gong Ge imagined it.
Ayshan’s rage suddenly detonated after his ability was nullified by Qin Feng.
His unbound anger materialized into a pyro field as he thrust his hand.
The ground around him had been completely turned into lava. The lava grumbled like waves and rushed violently straight toward Qin Feng.
Qin Feng and Bai Li were petty in front of the lava waves. But they had no fear.
All the way up to this point, they had faced a much more severe predicament than this.
“Water Enchantment: Sea Howl!”
Water spurted out from between Qin Feng’s brows. The skill howled to announce its arrival to the world. Qin Feng reserved nothing and unleashed his internal strength completely. His consciousness starglobe spun madly.
Once again, water waves met with the fire waves.
However, Ayshan’s force won the clash this time. The lava evaporated the sea wave and rolled on.
Qin Feng and Bai Li were situated pretty close to Ayshan. They were going to be engulfed next as the sea waves did not even delay the lava waves for a bit.
But it was too naïve to think that they would be defeated so easily.
“Spatial Switch!”
Bai Li used her ability.
A silver gleam appeared and in the next moment, Qin Feng, Bai Li, and the igloo behind them disappeared abruptly from the spot. A moment later, they reappeared a thousand meters away.
The lava waves continued to rumble but its force was obviously insufficient to travel that far.
Ayshan was again stunned to see that. He glanced at Bai Li oddly, then guffawed at his realization. “A human-form beast. Interesting! I could enjoy this a little longer before the toy is spoiled!”
His consciousness spread quickly and everyone heard him.
Qin Feng gritted in disgust. He vowed to kill Ayshan in the future. It was a misfortune to others for such a scumbag to possess the power of an S-tier.
He was better dead.
Of course, the most important thing right now was to stall him until Hu San had completely assimilated the Blood Crystal. By then, Ayshan could no longer be as haughty as he was now.
Ayshan’s attack was getting stronger and crazier. He did not move an inch but used his ability and consciousness to transform the fluffy clouds into a fiery red. Then, fire began to “rain” down from the sky.
“Earth Enchantment: Motherearth Crust!”
Qin Feng did not sit back. The earth around him flipped up into the shape of a shield and enveloped them in it.
A cunning smile immediately floated on Ayshan’s lips. “Woah! Boom!” Ayshan imitated the sound of an explosion.
Indeed, as soon as the falling fire touched the crust, it casted a massive explosion.