Master of the End Times
Chapter 947 - Bai Li Wakes Up

Chapter 947: Bai Li Wakes Up
Two S-tier ultra beasts were stopped in their tracks by these abilities.
S-tier abilities could directly damage the ultra beast’s body.
However, even with an S-tier ability it would not necessarily mean the beast would get killed by it. An ultra beast’s body was often far stronger than that of the average human’s. If an ability like that hit a human, they would undoubtedly die.
Qin Feng was not thinking about killing both in one go, when the two bursts of power stopped the wolves, his speed surged.
“Rampage Influx!”
In an instant, his form became like the blizzard around him as he disappeared completely with how fast he was going.
Already he arrived in front of the she-wolf, the Verdant Emperor Saber infused with internal force as he slashed down toward her.
The she-wolf was frozen by the Cold Whisper of Death, and having no defenses at all due to her entire body being too stiff to move, she could not escape Qin Feng’s attack.
The S-tier she-wolf was decapitated in an instant.
The weakened male wolf wailed but before he could move, Qin Feng was already upon him.
The male wolf still had the ability to fight back but its overall strength had declined and was unable to withstand Qin Feng’s attacks at all.
“Spirit Chain Rend!”
Qin Feng’s blade glowed with spirits that surrounded the wolf’s body. In this close range, they started to tear into his opponent’s soul and the already weakened wolf struggled in vain before being completely consumed by the spirits, all lifesigns ceasing.
Two S-tier ultra beasts were slain in the matter of moments.
The energy spread into the surroundings and Qin Feng’s ability allowed him to absorb the fleeing lifeforce and integrate them into his body, causing his cells to rank up.
A2 tier!
Qin Feng’s physical power had increased again.
The dark ability could not conceal Qin Feng’s physical power, so from the outside his power was still detected to be A2.
Therefore, Hu San, Beitang Gan and Nangong Zeming were all present to witness an A2 person with their own eyes take down two S-tier ultra beasts in one go.
This was something completely unprecedented.
“You can all go back, everything’s fine!” Qin Feng said.
“Haha, with you here we don’t need to worry. Just came to see if you needed any help!” Nangong Zeming said, but he had other things on his mind, ‘When I go back I need to hold back some of my people. Better not aggravate Qin Feng, nor his people. If he were to come over to cut them down, it’ll just take a single strike! Nobody can stop that!’
Nangong Zeming knew that he would not be able to stop him.
At the same time Hu San and Beitang Gan had the same idea.
With the two wolves dead, all the other white wolves scattered. Qin Feng put his spoils away and began to head back toward the fortress.
In this fight, although the fortress did not get attacked, they had also learned that the terror here was far beyond their imagination.
Therefore, all the A-tiers became more alert. The B-tiers, despite them practicing, did not have any defensive capabilities. If there was another battle and it reached inside the fortress all they could do was start running away.
Being the only C-tier present, Wang Chen was at ease. Although the energy storm outside was powerful, it contained spiritual energy that even raised his consciousness. He focused entirely on cultivating himself so that he could put forth the best of his abilities on the field.
After two months, Wang Chen finally achieved B-tier. His consciousness skyrocketed, allowing him to control multiple combat machines. On Dragon Island, there was not a single being he could not crush at will.
During the past months, Qin Feng had been out hunting.
It was just that Dragon Island did not have those immense kinds of beast waves, so Qin Feng’s prey was limited. It was difficult to find ultra beasts in the blizzard since 80% of the ultra beasts had already been slain by him.
Over the days and months, he had accumulated so much physical power that he was almost at A3 tier. He was just one step away and by that time, Bai Li was about to finish her cultivation.
Moreover, Dark Citadel was hosting its auction very soon. Qin Feng intended to go back to the citadel, the only person that knew of He Tianxing’s death was Voodoo Lord but nobody knew if Voodoo Lord would decide to cause trouble during the auction or not regardless.
Now that Dark Citadel was Qin Feng’s property and it had collected plenty of valuable things, how could he just give that up!
What was more, there was also one more thing that came to his mind.
That would be the super beast wave that the Amazon Alliance suffered. On June 220 of the Great Rift Age, even before the Dark Citadel auction, the Amazon Alliance suffered a massive beast wave. Since they were neighbours with Huaxia, the wave also affected Huaxia’s territories as well.
According to the statistics, more than three hundred colonies were destroyed along with five major cities. The death toll could not be estimated.
Qin Feng was not the world’s savior. He did not plan on going there to save people, but because there were going to be many ultra beasts and that was exactly what he needed.
Kill ultra beasts, get stronger.
That was his way of getting more powerful.
Therefore, after being on Dragon Island for two months, when Qin Feng proposed to leave for the first time, even Beitang Gan was surprised.
Moreover, he had grown to like Qin Feng. When he heard that Qin Feng was going to leave he started feeling listless. However, he quickly put these thoughts behind him as he was an S-tier aptitude user. It was not right that he had to rely on the strength of an A-tier, that would mean that even his mentality as a powerhouse had been defeated! That would not do!
“If you have things to do, then go. You’ve got a large company and all and there’s probably many things to do,” Beitang Gang said.
“Alright, then I’ll leave this place to you. I hope you can take care of Wang Chen for me, Master Beitang.”
“Yes, I will.”
Beitang Gan responded and regarded Wang Chen as a key person to be protected. After all, if Wang Chen actually died, he would not know how to explain it to Qin Feng.
Sometimes, the influence of a powerful person would unknowingly seep into the hearts of every person. If it were any normal A-tier asking Beitang Gan to defend someone, his first reaction would be thinking that they were trying to crack a joke.
That being said, Qin Feng was already strong enough for an S-tier to give face to.
He left Dragon Island and returned to Fengli City.
Just as he returned to his villa in Fengli City, the secret realm key in his hand began to glow with silver light. A spatial tunnel was formed and Bai Li stepped out.
After three months, Qin Feng had missed the little fox very much.
Of course, compared to him missing her, Bai Li had not seen him for a long time. When she was sleeping, she was unaware of the passage of time. To her she had only been asleep for a long time and after coming to, her power had increased drastically.
“Did you miss me?” Bai Li saw Qin Feng and immediately rushed over, draping herself over his neck and nuzzling her small head against him.
“Of course, I did!”
“Hmph, you wouldn’t dare not to!” Bai Li tossed her head before returning to her usual position, brows furrowing. “Then, how did your strength increase by two levels? That’s not right, it’s only been three months. Did you secretly go to Dragon Island without me?!”