Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor

Mechanical God Emperor
Chapter 1131: Suppressing the Fel Creep Race.

Chapter 1131: Suppressing the Fel Creep Race.
Yang Feng said, “You can call me Firmament Holy. What is this place?”
Helei’s eyes flashed with a complex color, and he said slowly, “This is Ansara Star located at the edge of the Eternal Starfield. Firmament Holy, are you a powerhouse from the main world at the other end of the Eternal Ancient Road?”
Yang Feng replied, “That’s right, I’m from the main world.”
Helei’s eyes flickered with expectation, and he said, “I have a request. For the sake of our human race, after you have advanced to the Great Holy step, please help me undo this seal boundary. I can take out two Springs of Immortality as a show of gratitude.”
“Why wait until I promote to the Great Holy step?”
Yang Feng smiled and spread the fingers of his hand, and a black hole shrouded the seal crystal, flickered with countless runes, and erupted with fearsome devour force that enveloped the seal crystal.
At a speed visible to the naked eye, the sealed crystal collapsed, disappeared, and turned into pure rune force that was devoured by Yang Feng.
“The seal was lifted? This was a seal boundary set up with the help of a Great Holy grade secret treasure, yet he broke it just like that? This Firmament Holy is really strong.” Helei was stunned when he saw this.
Helei handed Yang Feng a storage ring without hesitation: “Thank you for your help. There are Springs of Immortality inside, please accept it.”
Yang Feng glanced at the storage ring and saw that there are two Springs of Immortality inside, a Holy grade secret treasure, and some miscellaneous things.
Helei has evidently offered the main storage ring he uses to Yang Feng, not hiding anything. In this way, there is no wealth worth coveting except the person himself.
Yang Feng said, “What are you going to do with those people below?”
Helei sighed slightly, “I’m going to leave here and travel to other worlds. I’ll leave them to you. I have guarded them for more than 10,000 years. It’s time for me to be free.”
Helei spread the fingers of his hand, and a crystal  engraved with countless runes, containing memories he extracted, appeared in his right hand. He handed the crystal to Yang Feng: “This is a data crystal. Maybe there is information you want.”
Yang Feng pinched the crystal, and a stream of information flooded into his sea of consciousness, giving him a general understanding of this starfield and the Eternal Ancient Road.
The Eternal Ancient Road is a huge, almost boundless world, as if another universe.
In the center of the Eternal Ancient Road, legend has it that there is a Wall of Eternity, which has recorded the paths and mysteries of Eternal Sovereigns birthed by the world of Warlocks.
In the world of Warlocks, except for those true spirits who are favored by the universe, are the embodiment of some laws of the universe, and have a Warlock Emperor rank cultivation base since birth, the rest of the Warlock Emperors have been to the Wall of Eternity. They viewed the paths of the Eternal Sovereigns and experienced the mysteries of eternity.
The Eternal Ancient Road is built from countless starfields. The Ansara Star is located in the outermost part of the Tai Yuan Starfield. It is an extremely remote celestial body.
In the Eternal Ancient Road, there are countless powerful races, the most powerful of which are some eternal remnant races created by Eternal Sovereigns.
The most powerful eternal remnant races are even called empyrean races. It is said that these eternal remnant races have quasi-Empyrean step existences. If it wasn’t for the fact that this universe’s energy level is insufficient, these quasi-Empyrean step powerhouses would even be able to promote to the Warlock Emperor realm.
The situations of the human race in the Eternal Ancient Road isn’t encouraging.
The eight Warlock Emperors of the human race once entered the Eternal Ancient Road and suppressed countless powerhouses, even forcing the empyrean race powerhouses to swear not to actively make things difficult for the human race.
However, after the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race left, the empyrean race powerhouses, who are the masters of the Eternal Ancient Road, encouraged the other races to keep suppressing and massacring the humans.
Humans are almost unable to move a single step in the Eternal Ancient Road, which has enemies everywhere.
Yang Feng’s eyes glimmered with a scorching shade: “It seems that it’s not so easy to reach the Wall of Eternity! Before that, I’d better suppress the five powerful races on the Ansara Star and gain control of the entire celestial body first.”
Although the Ansara Star is only a celestial body located on the edge of the Eternal Ancient Road, it supports more than ten Holy Spirit Warlocks. It is extremely rich in resources. Yang Feng naturally wants to gain control of such a celestial body.
Whether it is to attack the Great Holy step, the Warlock Emperor realm, or the Eternal Sovereign realm, a massive amount of resources is needed. Only those who seize every opportunity and make the most of them can crush all enemies and climb to the top.
Yang Feng took a step, his figure blurred, and he disappeared.
The fel creep race’s headquarters, the Fel Creep Mountains.
In the Fel Creep Mountains, towering trees can be seen everywhere. Each tree is more than 1,000 kilometers tall, and there is no lack of trees  that are 10,000 kilometers tall.
There are thick black fel creeps wrapped around the huge trees, which are the main body of fel creep race powerhouses.
Wrapped around a 100,000-meter-tall tree, which seems to be the king of trees, a golden fel creep is emanating immortal Holy might.
“The connection with Fel Creep 13 has been severed! Who the hell was it? To dare attack someone from the fel creep race, I must tear them to pieces and use them as fertilizer.”
Suddenly, a violent roar came from the golden fel creep, and wisps of frightening Holy might diffused.
“It’s another Holy grade Ghost Moon Creep! Awesome! As expected of the Eternal Ancient Road, it has so many rare treasures of heaven and earth.”
Ripples welled up in the void, and Yang Feng walked out of the void, looked at the golden Ghost Moon Creep with excitement in his eyes, and exclaimed.
“A damn human came!”
“Kill him!”
“Let’s turn him into our fertilizer!”
The Ghost Moon Creeps below transmitted words of malice, and fearsome wills gathered together and soared into the sky.
“Human, to come here alone, how foolish. I’ll grant you death!”
The golden Ghost Moon Creep wrapped around the king of trees transmitted a frenzied will. Suddenly, a terrifying rattan containing the essence of crushing soared, tore the void, and stabbed towards Yang Feng.
“Interesting. For a mere golden Ghost Moon Creep to try to resist, how reckless.”
With a faint smile on his face, Yang Feng grabbed the rattan of the golden Ghost Moon Creep, and then countless runes appeared, poured into the golden Ghost Moon Creep, and directly suppressed it.
The golden Ghost Moon Creep shrunk to the size of a palm and fell into Yang Feng’s hand.
“The ancestor was defeated!”
“How could this happen?”
The Ghost Moon Creeps below transmitted alarmed wills, shone, and fled in different directions.
Yang Feng extended his hand, and a huge hand appeared out of thin air, grabbed three Warlock Monarch rank Ghost Moon Creeps, and sealed them. Then he took a step, entered the void, and disappeared.
A 20 million-strong mechanical legion fell from the sky and engaged the Ghost Moon Creeps.
The earthen headquarters, in a mountain range covered with countless boulders, there is a huge city and various nests full of earthen style.
Stone wolves, stone giants, stone lions, stone snakes, and other extraordinary life forms born from stones can be seen everywhere.
Ripples rose in the void, and Yang Feng stepped out and appeared above the mountain range.
“Earthen powerhouses are top-shelf minerals.”
Yang Feng smiled and willed, and a swarm of Blade Rulers flew out and poured towards the earthen city like a tide.
Wherever the Blade Rulers pass, earthen powerhouses are cut in two, their cores are extracted, and they collapse.
A furious voice transmitted from the mountain range, and a 10,000-meter-tall mountain was lifted by a stone giant emitting immortal Holy might and hurled at Yang Feng.
With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng brandished his fist, and his fist evolved into a star and knocked into the 10,000-meter-tall mountain.
The mountain splintered into countless pieces.
“Human Holy Spirit Warlock! So you’re the one who slaughtered the earthen army and slayed an earthen Holy? Since it’s you, then there’s nothing to talk about! Everyone, give me your strength so that I can kill this enemy!”
A 1,000-meter-tall stone giant emanating immortal Holy might stared at Yang Feng, his eyes shimmered fiercely, and he barked.
Countless mysterious runes appeared all over the stone giant, and abstruse breaths following a mysterious law poured into all earthen powerhouses on this celestial body.
“Lend me your strength to kill this enemy!”
A voice echoed in the ears of all earthen powerhouses on this celestial body.
“Giant Stone Holy, I offer my strength to you! Suppress our race’s enemy!”
The earthen powerhouses silently recited this prayer and poured their strength into the Giant Stone Holy.