Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Chapter 1529 - Hard To Find

Chapter 1529 Hard To Find
As they spoke, they heard the voice of the employee: “Manager Leng.”
When they heard the voice from outside, Leng Hua said to Feng Jiu: “Master, I will go out and take a look.” After Feng Jiu nodded, he turned around and walked outside.
“Manager, there is a customer outside who presented this and requested to see you.” The employee handed over a piece of black wooden token that was the side of two fingers wide.
Leng Hua took it and had a look then walked outside. When he came outside, the employee pointed out the customer and he saw a middle-aged man looking at medicinal herbs in the shop with two servants behind him.
After dismissing the employee, Leng Hua stepped forward and smiled: “My surname is Leng, and I am the manager here. How may I address you sir?”
The middle-aged man looked at Leng Hua and scanned over him. When he saw that the young man in front of him had a gentle aura and his cultivation level was Foundation Formation stage, he was secretly surprised.
He hadn’t expected to see this in the young man, and to be a Foundation Formation cultivator as well. How could his Master entrust him with the business trading of the drugstore with such low strength?
However, he didn’t look down on the young man because of this. Instead, after he glanced at the black wooden token he had handed out earlier, he smiled and said: “My surname is Ni.”
Leng Hua nodded with a smile and gestured: “Master Ni, please come over here.” He had invited him to come further inside the shop where there was a table and two chairs for customers to sit down and take a break.
After he sat down, the middle-aged man noticed that there weren’t many customers in the shop, so he asked: “Manager Leng, I want a bottle of fourth-rank Spirit Gathering Liquid.”
Leng Hua’s expression remained unchanged, and he asked warmly: “Do you know the price of it, Master Ni?”
“Yes I do. One bottle costs one million gold coins.” The middle-aged man replied and motioned to the servant next to him. The servant stepped forward and placed a cosmos sack on the table.
“There are one million gold coins inside. I wonder, when can I get the fourth-grade Spirit Gathering Liquid?” He stared at Leng Hua. The fourth-grade Spirit Gathering Liquid was very rare, even outside of auction houses, but it was actually available here.
This news had already spread from the bottom upwards, and unfortunately, if you wanted to buy a spirit liquid or pill, you had to have the black wooden token issued here. Otherwise, even if you had offered the highest price you wouldn’t be able to buy what you wanted.
He had approached with the mentality of trying his luck. What he hadn’t expected was for this young man to remain so calm. It seemed that they did indeed have the fourth-grade Spirit Gathering Liquid here.
Leng Hua took the cosmos sack and placed his hand over it. His spirit intent swept across the bag and he smiled and said to the middle-aged man: “You may have it now.”
He then took a bottle of Spirit Gathering Liquid from the cosmos sack around his waist and placed it on the table. At the same time, he put away the cosmos sack that contained the gold coins.
The man named Ni was taken aback as he looked at the bottle of liquid that was placed on the table in front of him. He picked it up and took a closer look, then smelt the liquid, and his eyes lit up: “It really is the fourth-grade Spirit Gathering Liquid, and it’s top quality stuff too!”
He looked at Leng Hua, unable to hide his excitement, and said: “I’ve heard that there are many kinds of pills and medicines here?”
Leng Hua smiled warmly and replied: “Master Ni, for each wooden token you may only purchase one bottle.” He implied that he was unable to buy anymore.
The man named Ni was taken aback as he watched him take the wooden token back. After a while, he collected his thoughts and said: “I wonder if Manager Leng would do me a favour and sell the black wooden token to me?”