Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Chapter 1904 - The strong exponent’s mighty pressure

Chapter 1904: The strong exponent’s mighty pressure
“Hahaha! Do you want to come up? It depends on whether you have the skill.” Someone above laughed, followed by some oil being poured in and spilt on them. It was somewhat pungent. Then, a cluster of flames flew in.
Without opening their mouths, the people inside worked together to extinguish the flames. But, no matter how fast they worked, there were still fires scuttling towards the oil and burst into flames.
One of them was set on fire. The heat made him cry in alarm. The person next to him yelled quickly, “Take off your clothes!”
Those devilry cultivators watching the people below set ablaze were laughing uproariously. “It’s fun watching their antics.” As soon as their laughter rang, a chilly voice came from behind them.
“Is it that fun? Why don’t you go down and have a try?”
As soon as they heard that voice, those devilry cultivators were startled and looked back abruptly. They saw a figure in azure swept towards them. Before they could even see the person’s face clearly, one of them had his throat cut. His blood spurted out and he fell to the ground twitching.
“Damn it! Where did this brat come from? Kill him!”
Another man cursed in a rage and attacked with a sword, but he was kicked out before he got close. Looking at the black iron cover covering the mouth of the cave below, Feng Jiu took out Blue Edge. A fierce sword intent came out with a whizz and blue glints of the blade flew out. The black iron cover was cut into two.
As she stepped forward to take a look, the crowd below looked up. Surprise emerged in their faces when they saw her.
They were so excited. They had never thought that their captain would come so soon when their lives were on the line and without any hope. When they saw his delicate and handsome face, they were surprised, moved and stunned.
“Come on up!”
As she spoke, Feng Jiu glanced back at those devilry cultivators wielding swords on their hands. She saw that these people were similarly Celestial cultivators, except that many of them belonged to the peak level as well as being able to set up such exquisite arrays in this forest. It seemed that there were people highly proficient in arrays among them.
“Ancient Sword Blue Edge?”
Those devilry cultivators had the know-how about the goods. How could they not know that it was the Ancient Sword Blue Edge when they saw the black iron cover cut open by the young man in azure and the blue glints coming out from the blade?
“Kill him! Take his life and hand it over to Mo Zun. We’ll definitely earn a great reward!’
One of them shouted with greed in his eyes. Such ancient swords should fall into their hands. He believed that as long as this sword was handed over, they would be rewarded aplenty!
“Do you want my Blue Edge Sword? It depends on your ability!”
With her lips curled in a sneer, Feng Jiu turned Blue Edge in her hand and the blue sparks from the blade attacked the devilry cultivators with whizzing sounds. The blade sparks were as sharp as bamboo leaves. They were fierce and frightening. Each of the sparks carried the strength of an Immortal Sacred at the Peak level as well as the killing intent. Its speed was also as fast as light.
“Damn it! This young man turns out to be an Immortal Sacred Strong Exponent!”
The devilry cultivator was so surprised that he turned around and was about to escape. However, the killing intent approached from behind. The strong exponent’s mighty pressure enveloped him in an instant…