Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Chapter 1976 - Dare To Fight

Chapter 1976: Dare To Fight
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The expressions on the faces of the three people changed when they heard this. They looked at Feng Jiu with fear in their eyes. The red-clothed woman and the black-robed man hadn’t even made a move and they were already at such a disadvantage. If they were to fight against them, it would be hard to say whether they would be able to leave alive.
After hearing Feng Jiu’s words, the gray-clothed old man’s expressions also changed. He was a cultivator with peak-stage Immortal Sacred strength, how could he be belittled by a woman like that?
At this moment, if for nothing else other than his own pride, he had to fight with this woman. Otherwise, even if he lived, he would never be able to stand with dignity.
“In that case, owner of Heavenly Pill Tower, do you dare to fight against me?”
As soon as those words had been spoken, everyone exclaimed in surprise: “This old man is shameless, what is his cultivation base strength? He actually dares to challenge the owner of Heavenly Pill Tower? Not to mention that the owner is a woman, and she is so young too. How can she be his opponent? He is really shameless.”
The people who said such words were ordinary cultivators and people. As for the patriarchs and strong powerhouses in the crowd, their hearts shuddered when they heard those words. The peak-stage Immortal Sacred strong exponent was provoked to challenge the owner of Heavenly Pill Tower to a fight, could her cultivation base be comparable to his?
When they thought of this, their hearts beat in excitement, they really wanted to see the fight between the two of them.
In the crowd, Patriarch Nalan who had arrived late couldn’t help but look at his older son when he heard that: “Mo Chen, what cultivation strength has Feng Jiu reached? If she accepts the challenge, will she be able to beat the peak-stage Immortal Sacred cultivator?”
Upon hearing this, Nalan Ziyan who was next to them couldn’t help but look at his brother. He was curious too. After all, Feng Jiu was very young . Did she have such a terrifying cultivation base?
“Just keep watching and you’ll find out.” Mo Chen said slowly and stood back in the crowd and watched calmly.
Patriarch Nalan felt suffocated when he heard his son’s response. His older son was not as attentive as his younger son, he knew that he was anxious to know the answer but he had refused to divulge any information.
Feng Jiu’s mouth twitched slightly. She needed an excuse to kill them and this old man had given her just that. In that case, how could she not seize the opportunity?
“I am more than happy to accept the challenge!” And as she said that, her red figure swept forward and her body suspended in the air.
Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood quietly at the front door of Heavenly Pill Tower and didn’t stop Feng Jiu from taking action. When things have stabilized here, he will leave. Today’s incident would give her the opportunity to shock everyone. He believed that after today, anyone who had any ideas on Heavenly Pill Tower would weigh their options carefully before they made a move.
Everyone watched as the red figure leapt up to the sky, her dazzling red dress flew in the air and opened up like a flower around her. She stood in the air and stared at the old man in front of her. Her body exuded a confident aura and a dazzling light. Everyone couldn’t help but be stunned by the sight before them…
This woman was truly stunning. Such an outstanding woman needed an equally outstanding man to be worthy of her!
Their gaze shifted to the black-robed man in front of Heavenly Pill Tower. They were a little surprised at that point that the man hadn’t stepped forward and instead let the woman deal with the matter by herself!