Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Chapter 2277 - Shock

Chapter 2277: Shock
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“Thank you Master for saving our lives!”
The cultivators collected their shocked expressions, then they knelt on one knee and bowed to Feng Jiu.
Feng Jiu was very satisfied upon seeing this and said: “Alright, get up! Deal with the injuries on your body first.” She gestured.
“Yes.” The cultivators helped each other sit down and tore off the clothes on their bodies to bandage their wounds.
Feng Jiu frowned when she saw this: “Do you not have medicine?”
Upon hearing this, the cultivators were stunned momentarily and couldn’t react for a while: “What medicine?”
“Medicines to stop the bleeding and prevent infection! Medicine for the wounds! Do you not have any?” She had a weird look on her face. Those people were Immortal Sacred cultivators after all, how could they have muddled along like this?
The cultivators smiled bitterly upon hearing this: “Master, even if we had medicines in here, we would have used them up a long time ago. Usually we just gather some herbs to use, but it’s too dangerous here, and medicinal herbs are not easy…” Before they could finish speaking, a few medicine bottles were thrown at them and landed in their arms. When they saw this, shocked expressions appeared on their faces.
“Take it! Clean up your wounds and bandage it to prevent inflammation.” Feng Jiu said. She paced around and released her spirit intent. She was checking if there were any fierce beasts approaching because of the scent of blood here.
The cultivators held the bottles of medicines, there was shock in their hearts. This place was sealed off, there was nothing here. They had been living like wild people in this place. Spirit herbs were just too precious to people like them here, yet the Master they had just acknowledged had given them a few bottles? Did he know how precious these were in here?
They suppressed the shock in their hearts and treated their wounds with the medicine, then bandaged them. The two least injured cultivators collected the two beasts that had been killed.
Finally, they handed the remaining medicine to the elder, who took the medicine and came to Feng Jiu’s side: “Master, there is one and a half bottle of medicine left.”
Feng Jiu glanced back and when saw that there were actually one and a half bottles out of the three bottles of medicine she had given them, she knew that they had used the medicine sparingly. So she said to the elder: “Keep it!”
The old man was stunned for a moment, then he said: “Yes, thank you Master.” Initially, they had acknowledged this youth as their Master in the hopes that he would save them. However, now, the old man actually felt gratitude and admiration for this youth.
“How did you come in here? Did you not catch any prey after you came in? Why do you all look like you’ve been starving for a long time?” She asked inexplicably.
Upon hearing those words, the cultivators looked dejected and didn’t speak. The old man said: “Master, we came in through a tunnel, but due to insufficient physical strength, in addition to the powerful fierce beasts we encountered earlier, we have been chased for days and when we finally got rid of them, we encountered the group of fierce beasts just now, that’s why…”
“In that case, find a place to rest first. Roast one of the prey from before to eat before we leave!”
“Yes.” They responded and followed Feng Jiu and left this place that had a dense smell of blood.
When they arrived at another place, they worked together and roasted the two fierce beasts. While they were eating, Feng Jiu noticed that those people were obviously very hungry, but they only ate a small portion and stopped eating.
“Eating so little?” She raised her eyebrows and asked a little strangely: “Why are you keeping the meat for?”