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MMORPG: Martial Gamer

MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Chapter 1056 - Frost Blade Conspiring To Defraud

Chapter 1056: Frost Blade Conspiring To Defraud
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios
“This… What is going on…”
Feng Yun Realm and Tiger were inexplicably rooted to the spot and they were in a state of panic. They hurriedly sent out a distress call, “All retreat, we are being ambushed!”
Glancing over at the duo, Fearless smiled to himself, “The two of you are probably calling for reinforcements…”
“Ah? How did you know?” Feng Yun Realm eyes widened as he exclaimed.
“Haha!” Fearless chuckled and replied, “Of course I would know. I even know that they won’t be able to arrive promptly!”
Sure enough, once Fearless made his declaration, Feng Yun Realm and Tiger received a message from Ratty and the others that confirmed it. “This is not good. We are also caught in an ambush. The strength of the ambushers is extremely high. We will need some time before we can get to you.”
Hearing the message, Feng Yun Realm was completely dumbfounded as he stared blankly at Fearless. He opened his mouth in a terrified manner and asked, “You… Who are you guys?”
Feng Yun Realm was asking a question that the other party clearly did not want to answer. They were clad with equipment that could hide their identity.
“Hehe!” Fearless, “We are your father!”
Feng Yun Realm was easily riled up by these insults as he started hurling back his own.
“Bullsh*t! I am your Grandfather then!”
“Look” Fearless continued, “Since you don’t trust me then don’t ask anymore… Just stand there obediently, and we will not hurt you.”
Fearless clasped his palms and a thick pink fog enveloped the crowd.
Boson and Crotch Lord stepped forward and each one of them snagged Feng Yun Realm’s arm as they pressed him against the wall.
This time, Frost Blade joined in the fun as his hand probed around Feng Yun Realm’s chest.
Being taken advantage of a woman was still acceptable but being caressed by an old man like Frost Blade was a completely different experience.
Feng Yun Realm’s hair on his back stood as he reacted in shock. He shrieked loudly, “F*ck! What are you trying to do?”
Frost Blade looked at him wryly and smiled, “Don’t be afraid. You will know soon enough!”
As his voice fell, a coat appeared in Frost Blade’s hands.
Feng Yun Realm felt that the coat in his hands was very familiar. On closer inspection, he looked down with a look of horror as he realised that his coat was gone.
Feng Yun Realm burst into uncontrollable tears as he saw that Frost Blade had stolen his upper garments. “Didn’t you say you would not violate me?”
“Violate you? You think too highly of yourself!” Frost Blade scoffed at him coldly as he slid his hand down Feng Yun Realm’s chest.
Feng Yun Realm only felt a gust of cold wind as he realised that even his pants were gone.
Someone would definitely be labelled as a streaker if they were seen without pants.
Even if this was in the game, getting caught for streaking was extremely embarrassing. Even Boson and Crotch Lord could not bear to watch as they turned their eyes away.
Damn, my eyes, my eyes!
Fearless questioned curiously, “Damn you, Frost Blade, are you doing this on purpose?”
Frost Blade casually stuffed the equipment he stole into his bag and shot back, “Screw you. I didn’t do this on purpose. The skill effect is completely random.”
That being said, the one that was in the most agony was Feng Yun Realm.
Feng Yun Realm cried out pitifully, “I have money… I have money. How much do you guys want?”
“Shut up. Who wants your pathetic money!” Frost Blade gawked at Feng Yun Realm emotionlessly as he continued searching Feng Yun Realm’s body.
Gold coins was a commodity that Quan Zhen Sect was not lacking in. Furthermore, equipment was a far easier commodity to trade with others.
Although Feng Yun Realm was a Knight, under the strict hold of Boson and Crotchy Lord, he was not even able to move an inch.
Tiger was at the side as he watched the scene unfold desperately. He could not make a move because Ling Longmeng was closeby to keep him in check. He could only watch on as he saw Frost Blade taking liberties with Feng Yun Realm.
To eradicate sexual harassment behavior in-game, the system had introduced some relevant guidelines to protect female players… The male players were assumed to not require such protection.
There was no such equality in the treatment of males and females after all.
After Twilight City went through that fateful battle to protect their city, the players had increased by five levels.
Thus, the players from Quan Zhen Sect could be said to be the top players in their respective classes.
Furthermore, Frost Blade had completed his awakening and his skills and attributes were upgraded. The success rate for his skill was additionally increased.
Every time he executed his skill would result in a successful stolen equipment.
Under the game boundaries, Frost Blade’s skill could steal anything from another player’s inventory other than gold coins and binding items
In a flash, Frost Blade had almost emptied out the contents of Feng Yun Realm’s inventory.
Just when Feng Yun Realm was almost at his wits’ end, Frost Blade once again executed his skill and a squarish object appeared in his hand.
Seeing the item in Frost Blade’s hand, Feng Yun Realm’s heart almost lurched out of his body. F*ck, it turned out to be the City Lord Seal.
The City Lord Seal was a priceless object in Feng Yun Realm’s eyes Even one million gold coins was not sufficient to convince him to sell it.
Feng Yun Realm and Tiger were aghast at the realisation that they had lost the seal.
The expressions of Fearless and the others also darkened.
The City Lord Seal was something that Wang Yu had previously auctioned Thus, he knew what fishy business these duo were up to… How could it be so easy to obtain the position of City Lord…
Frost Blade was also momentarily overwhelmed but Feng Yun Realm broke the silence and exclaimed, “Big… Big brother, you can keep all of my equipment but would you so kindly return that object to me…”
The stolen equipment could be repurchased again but the seal was priceless.
“Ah? Do you want it?” Frost Blade replied him absent-mindedly.
“It’s expensive…”
Feng Yun Realm was afraid that Frost Blade would not give it back as he nodded back at him.
“Here you go!”
Frost Blade did not even take a second thought and he abruptly pushed the seal into the hands of Feng Yun Realm.
“Are you really doing this?”
Feng Yun Realm could not believe that Frost Blade was so easily agreeable and returned him the seal.
There was an unwritten rule in the game that the more precious the item, the harder for others to steal them away. Since even such a valuable item was uncovered by Frost Blade, there should be nothing left in Feng Yun Realm’s bag.
Frost Blade turned to the Tiger but Fearless interrupted him, “That’s enough for today. Let’s withdraw.”